How To Solve the Pain in The Back Of The Knee And It’s Fracture


What is The Pain In The Back Of The Knee Or A Fracture?

When there is a pain in bone, there are chances of fractures, but a pain in the back of knee can also be caused by other factors. Sometimes it develops gradually underlying and indicating the bad knee condition and sometimes because of injuries. Some people have general achy back pain in the knee, and other feel a restriction in the movement of the leg because of swelling or may be a sharp pain in the back of the knee. Fractures are also the cause of pain behind knee and calf, but if there will be a fracture, the pain will be so severe that you would not bear it so maybe it’s not fractured if you are reading this.

When to visit a doctor?

We are going to discuss simple and common causes of pain in the back of leg behind knee by thinking how your pain started and other symptoms after reading this you will be able to select your problem. As you will read the article you will be able to decide whether it is your problem or not; you need to visit a doctor or not. If you do not feel like it is your pain, then move on to next type.

Pain in The Back Of The Knee

Meniscus Tear/ Posterior knee pain

What is it?

Tear at the back of your knee or cartage lining the joint

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  • Pain behind the knee
  • Locking
  • Swelling
  • difficulty straightening the knee
  • instability

these are the signs of the meniscus tear or posterior cartilage.

Aggravating activities:

It will cause difficulties in running, squatting, walking and climbing stairs up. It can occur because of knee bending or applying sudden force on the knee. It can take months to heal because it lowers the supply of blood to the knee and that’s why it improves slowly.


What is it? Changes in bone caused by osteoarthritis or sometimes because of Rheumatoid arthritis or inflammation.


Aggravating activities:

You would not be able to do normal activities normally after this pain. The Pain will be worse, after prolonging rest and cold weather. Symptoms come after the age of 50 or later. This disease is common in senior citizens.


  • Exercises
  • Weight loss
  • Acupuncture
  • Ice
  • Walking aids
  • Knee brace or gel knee pads
  • Medication and injections

These are the treatment for this disease, but they would not promise that disease will be cured completely, these can only provide relief to the pain for some time Because changes in the bone can not be undone. But treatment can reduce pain and prevent deterioration.

Baker’s cyst

back of knee pain treatment

It is an inflammation of the fluid filled with sac at the back of the knee. It is the common cause of the pain in the back of knee when straightening leg.

  • Swelling (like small water balloon)
  • Tightness
  • pain behind knee blood clot
Aggravating activities:

Walking, kneeling and straightening the knee or leg are significant aggravating activities caused by bakers cyst and it is the most common reason for pain behind knee when straightening leg. It is due because of arthritis fluid flowing back to the knee and causes the swelling. That liquid starts gathering they’re and makes a packet of water like water balloon which is called bakers cyst.


Treatment for bakers cyst is surgery or electrotherapy. Ice and exercise can reduce the pain. It can take a month to heal the pain of the knee, but if not treated properly it can cause more complications.

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