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How to tell if you have lice Like Head Lice and Body Lice


What are the lice How to tell if you Have lice?

Before telling you symptoms of lice first, you need to understand what lice are. Lice are tiny parasites in your hairs that feed on your blood. They spread with personal contact and sharing hair brush. Lice mostly spread because of kids because kids play in dust and get lice in their hairs and they share them with every one they make personal contact. Some people especially girls feel shy and don’t know how to tell if you have lice on your body or in the head. Lice may cause irritation in your body can it can mentally disturb you. So don’t feel shy to tell your problem with lice.

Types of lice

There three common types of lice you might have. They are from different spices, but they are all the same, parasites.

  • Head lice
  • Body lice
  • Public lice

Head lice mostly found in your hairs, head, neck or shoulders. Body lice start from beds and clothes, and with time it reaches to skin and feeds blood. Public hairs are also called carbs; you can find them publically on hair and skin they do not hide.

how to tell if you have lice

lice symptoms but no lice

So you want to know how to tell if you have lice by yourself, here are some signs of lice you might face if you have live.


Most common or the first symptom of having any kind or type of lice is itching because lice bits to feed which cause an allergic reaction with your skin and you feel itchiness on that particular part of the body or head. If it is a small infestation, then you might not feel itchiness right away. You may face your first symptom of lice after 6 to 7 months after you have lice.


You will have a tickling feeling in your head like something is moving or walking in it. If you have body lice, then you will have a tickling feeling on your arm, neck and other parts of the body.


You will see scores after you scratch the place lice bits, you will have to itch, and you will scratch that part with your nail that will make scores on your skin and increase itching.

Other symptoms

  • Irritation: you will feel irritation
  • Difficulty sleeping: your sleep will be affected by lice
  • Red bump: you will have red bump on your skin, neck and other parts of the body
  • Lice eggs: lice will lay eggs in our Tiny small white dots in your hairs

what do lice eggs look like

Lice eggs are also called nits. They appear on the hairs shafts, and they are desperate to brush out of your hairs.

How to know if you have lice or dandruff

Head lice can cause itchy scalp, and so does other-other skin problems like anemia, dandruff, or even energies to shampoo and oils. Therefore, it is important to know that if it is because of lice or other skin problems you are facing.

  • First of all wet hairs with water that will slow down the speed of lice and it will be easy to track it down.
  • Use a fine-toothed comb to part hairs and put a bright light on the scalp.
  • You will see small insect of the size of sesame walking in the head if you have lice.
  • Nits and lice are difficult to comb out of hairs because of their size and color.
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