How Long Do Opiates Stay In Your System?


Opiate is a drug that is derived from a plant that is known as Opium Poppy Plant. Some of the drugs are derived from this plant directly while some are further resulting in other products. Mostly, these products hold a great importance in the medical field because of the benefit they provide to our body. This article will lead you to the answer of how long do opiates stay in your system?

Manufacturing of many drugs contains opiate as a key ingredient. This drug accumulates itself in the fats of our body and then enters in our blood stream slowly, making us addictive of this product.

It doesn’t matter that in what form you intake opiate, the prolonged use in a large amount is always addictive. Once you become addicted of this drug, it is not easy to get rid of it.

If you want to be free from this addictive drug, then you have to take special help. Because long do oxycodone stay system has a key effect on our brain, they are dangerous for us. In this article, we will discuss some of the important facts regarding the use of opiate, and for how long does it takes to stay in our system and what are the ways through which it gets past our system.How Long Do Opiates Stay In Your System

Detection of how to flush opiates out of your system by using tests

Opiate can be easily detected from our body by conducting different tests. Different tests that are conducted or the detection of opiate are as follows.

Saliva test

This test for how long do opiates stay in your system is conducted by taking a sample of your saliva and test it against the opiate. If the results are positive, this shows the usage of opiate. The time duration during which the opiate is detectable by your saliva is between 1 to 4 days. It means that the signs of opiate remain in your saliva after the four days of intake. After that, the opiates effects are not shown in your saliva.

How long do opiates stay in your system for a urine test

The signs of opiate are also shown in your urine. Opiate is passed out from your body in the form of urine and it can b easily detected by conducting a urine test. By using the urine test, you can check the presence of opiate from 2 to 4 days. It is how long does it take for opiates to leave your urine.

Do you know how long do opiates stay in urine for chronic users? Before two days of initial intake, the signs of opiate are not shown in your urine test. While within four days, the signs of opiate are completely removed from your system.

Blood test for how long do opiates stay in your system

When we intake this drug, the amount of this drug is attached and stored in our fats and then by the time this drug starts to release in our blood stream. Through the blood stream it reaches our mind, and there it causes problems and makes us addict. So, it is pretty easy to detect the amount and presence of opiate in our blood stream. The detection can be done in the blood stream within the 6 hours of usage. After the six hours, your blood does not show any signs of opiate in it.

Hair test and how long do Percocet stay in your system

Through the hair test, opiate can be easily detected. Because of the secretions in our hair, the signs of opiate is present there too. The period in which the opiate can be found in your hair test is more than all other tests. If you have taken opiate long before the current time, you can take this test. The actual time within which opiate can be detected from your hair is 90 days. The presence of opiate in your hair remains for almost three months.

The factors that affect the opiates detection

The estimated duration for how long do opiates stay in your system is given above regarding all the tests is general. It is the behavior that is observed in most humans after years of research and reasoning. It is no hard and fast rule; the time may differ according to the body and system of each human being. Some of the factors are present in every person’s body that has a lot of effect on the period of detecting opiate. Some of those factors are as follows.

General Physical Health and how long do opiates show up in urine test

The overall health of the body is really important in this scenario. If the person is in good physical health, then the body will have a greater chance of excreting opiate from the system in less time. The weak system indicates that the system works slower than the normal and as a result, the body will contain opiate for a longer period.

Metabolism rate

The person who has good metabolism rate of the body will consume the opiate in less time. With a healthy metabolism, the opiate is removed from the body fast. The process of how long do opiates stay in your system metabolism cleans your body and keeps it in good health. If the person has a slower metabolism rate, then the opiate will not be excreted from the body in less time which is not good for your health. So the presence of good metabolism system will affect the presence in a negative way.

Age factor for answer of how long do opiates stay in your system

Age is an important factor in keeping your body in good shape and fighting against the disease is pretty fast in less age. As the age of a person starts to increase, the metabolism system slows down, and the opiate will stay for a longer time. While in younger people it is more likely that the opiate will stay for less time in the body. So the change in your age will have an effect on the time in which the opiate stays in your system.

Body fat amount

This factor matter a lot. The size of the body determines that the amount of opiate intake is sufficient or hot and how much effect it will have on the body. As the body that has a larger size has more fats in it, and the opiate is present in your body fats. So, the opiate will stay in your system for a longer period and will continue to add in the blood stream over a longer run. Also, the increased body mass will have an effect on the metabolism level of the body resulting in a slower release. However, when the fat level is less in your body, the opiate will not be absorbed into it, resulting in presence in the body for a small amount of time.

Quality of the drug and how long do opiate withdrawals last

It largely depends on the type of the drug you are taking in. The medication includes a small amount of drug, and it is not addictive unless the intake is done for a larger period. When you do not take consistently for a long period, it does not have a large effect. However, if you are taking it in the pure form, it will have a significant impact on your body. The heavy dosage of high-quality opiate can be dangerous for your health. Also, the amount of time will differ with different qualities of opiate. The good quality product may take a longer period for removal from the body. However, if the quality is not so good, then the drug will pass out from the body soon.

Amount of the water content in your body

The amount of water in the system has a large impact on the opiate. More water will cause more urine to pass out resulting in the removal fast. However, if the amount of water is less in the system, the metabolism also slows down, and the opiate will stay in the system for a longer period. So the amount of water should be sufficient in our system for the immediate removal of opiate.

how long do opiates stay in your system also depends on Health of your kidney and liver

Liver and kidneys are the body parts that have direct and frequent contact with the blood in our system. If the kidneys do not work properly, the blood will not be able to clean at the right time resulting in the contamination of the blood with an opiate for a longer period. Moreover, the liver also has a connection with blood, and if it is not in the right position, it will not be possible to clean the blood from an opiate. However, if both these body parts work properly and do their function in a healthy manner, it will be a lot easier to get this drug out of your body in a shorter period. So take care of your liver and kidney for the better functioning and keeping your system clean.

The amount and frequency of usage

It is the key factor in determining the period of opiate stay in the body. If you intake more amount, it will take a lot more time to get it through our body while the less amount will get past really easy and early from the body. However, if you take it in routine, your body will become addictive to the use of opiate and some traces will always be found as a result of conducting the test. If you are not addicted and take this drug once in a while, then the amount will be removed after some time of the dosage and traces would not be found after a longer period.

Stimulators for how long do opiates stay in your system

There are certain things that can be helpful in removing the opiate from your body quick. These things stimulate the metabolism and your body in a way that the excretion from the system becomes quick. These important factors are as follows.


There are some of the products that can increase the process of urination. With the help of in taking such material, your body will pass through the opiate quick from the system. Passing more urine will not result in the opiate detection in your urine test, and the maximum amount of opiate will be removed from the body. The products that stimulate the urine flow include cranberry juice, tea, and coffee, etc. these products contains a special amount of material that will make the kidneys work faster and make urine flow to increase. Moreover, we all know that the maximum amount of metabolism takes place when the person is sleeping, so due to the whole night working, the amount of opiate in the first time urine will a lot more than the rest of the day. So, in the testing procedure, the starting amount will have more opiate. Take the sample later in the day to eradicate this issue.

Exercise daily

When the body is active, it will perform all the functions easily. So taking exercise daily will boost your system and takes it into better working position. Exercise will also increase the metabolism of the body. Also, fat level is the key factor that increases the time interval of opiate stay in our body, taking regular exercise will also decrease the fats in our body and as a result, the opiate will not be able to absorb in our fats. It will cause it to leave the body is a less time than the usual. Try to take aerobic exercise more than once in a single day will also cause the fat level decrease and increase in the metabolism level.

Drink more water than the usual

If you want to remove the opiate from your body in less time, then you have to take in more amount of water than you take normally. As we have discussed before that the urine is the passage through which opiate leaves our body and taking in more amount of water will excrete more urine from the body. If you consume a heavy amount of this drug on a more frequent basis, it will be of no use to take more water, because the storage of opiate in your body will continue to pass out over the longer period. Another important technique you can use to reduce this problem is the usage of capsules of vitamin B.

These were the important factors and limitations that help us to understand the time interval in which the opiate stays in our body.

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