Fordyce Spots- How to Get Rid Of Them Fast


Fordyce spots are the form of skin mutation, where white, red or yellow spots started appearing on different parts of the body. They are not- transmittable but can affect the appearance of the skin. This article will help you know further about these spots.

Fordyce Spots – Small Granules

Fordyce spots are tiny hoist yellowish or skin colored pimples typically found in grouped on the shaft of the lips and other parts of the body. These spots commonly appear on mucous membranes, such as the Vermillion layer of lips and cheeks. Fordyce spots are like small granules which are formed as a result of sebaceous glands which help moisturize the skin and hair. They are not itchy; if they are, they can be contagious. 50%-80% of the human population is affected with Fordyce spots.

Causes of Fordyce Spots

Fordyce spots as stated earlier occur due to the sebaceous glands. Sebaceous Glands are responsible for producing hormones that maintain moisturizer level in the particular part of the body; sometimes due to some mutation, the sebaceous glands may present in the wrong position where they are not required which results in Fordyce spots. Sebaceous glands are mainly present in the hair follicles for keeping the balance moisturizer level. Therefore, the presence of sebaceous glands and the production of sebum in the places where they are not required is the primary cause of Fordyce spots.

Fordyce spots on lips and other parts of the body usually occur during puberty and adulthood. The changes in the level of hormonal activity cause different glands to alter the secretion of hormones.

Symptoms for Fordyce Spots

Sometimes pale red, yellow or white spots started appearing on the Vermillion layer of the lips, cheeks and genital area of the body. These spots are the main symptoms of the Fordyce Spot. These spots are usually not itchy; if they are so, then they can be dangerous. The less number of Fordyce spots are not contagious and transmittable. They can go away quickly with medication and home-based remedies.Fordyce Spots

Are Fordyce Spots bad?

Fordyce spots are bad regarding only one thing, which is appearance. Most people are conscious about their looks, although few and non itchy Fordyce spots are nothing to worried about their presence on the lips affect the beauty of the person. The elegant and smooth look of the skin diminishes by these spots. Also, their presence in the genital parts of the body makes you and your partner worried that it might be transmittable. Therefore, Fordyce spots are bad because, it affects your beauty, raises stress and anxiety among you and your partner.

Fordyce Spots in women Genitals

In women genitals, Fordyce spots appear on labia or inside the vagina and in the oral area. The presence of Fordyce spots on the vaginal area of women makes them stressed as they felt that it may affect their partner’s life. Women think that during intercourse, their partner may also get infected but it is important to understand that Fordyce spots are nontransmittable or infectious. It is just a type of simple skin disorder. Talk to your partner about it and let him know that its just due to the sebum and nothing else.

Fordyce Spots can affect the women with all age groups not necessarily the adult or teens only, but it tends to decrease with menopause. After menopause, hormonal activity in the female body drops which lowers the water retention in the body. Anyhow, this may not always be the case. Sometimes, women counter other changes in them during menopause which results in different hormonal imbalance. It may be possible that the number of Fordyce spots can be increased.

7 Natural Remedies for Fordyce Spots

Generally, doctors don’t advise patients with Fordyce spots to remove the Fordyce. Also, some of them don’t prescribe the treatment even. It does not mean that you try to get rid of them by your own by squeezing them as this can cause the spots to develop into some infection and leave the skin irritated. With some people, according to the skin type, the spots may go away without any treatment at all.

Fordyce Spots can be treated with home remedies as well. But home remedies are less effective and time taking than the latest technology used by dermatologist to cure Fordyce spots. Some of the home remedies include:

  • Taking healthy nutrition
  • Increasing the intake of water and vitamin-rich foods
  • Use of tea tree oil and coconut oil on the affected areas
  • Use of Apple Cider Vinegar on the affected lips.
  • Use of petroleum jelly and aloe vera on the skin
  • Maintaining healthy hygiene
  • Avoid coffees and hot drinks to cure Fordyce spots on lips.

These home remedies are not always advisable; it is necessary to consult the good dermatologist. Dermatologists use the following medication and treatments to treat Fordyce spots:

  • Excision

This treatment begins with making holes in the affected regions with the machine and then manually removing the spots. This is a surgical way of removing Fordyce spots.

  • Cauterization

This is the form of treatment which uses the electrically heated instrument, to burn the Fordyce spots. Cauterization is less expensive and cures the spots within a week or two. Two to three settings may also be possible if the size of the Fordyce spots is bigger than ordinary.

  • Laser Vaporization

It is the form of cauterization; the hot beam of laser light reacts with spots consequently, burning them.

Fordyce Spots are nothing to be worried about. But sometimes, they may get worse. Therefore, it is better to get them treated before they get worst. Better and healthy lifestyle is a necessity to prevent many cosmetic infections and diseases. Although Fordyce Spots are not the form of the infection and cannot be transmitted, they are the result of water retention and vitamin deficiency. It is, therefore, suggested to have the balanced diet and increase water intake.fordyce spots

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