Blister On The Lips And Its Effect On the Skin and Body


Are Cold Sore And Blister On The Lips Same?

Yes, blister on the lip is also called the cold score. These small blisters are rather very painful and are caused because of a virus called herpes simplex virus type 1. They are some also called fever blister or oral herpes. Cold sore or blister spread like a virus by skin contact or share a glass of water or other things. There is no special cure to blister on lip from the sun, but they usually go away on their on after a week or two. Medication can only help in reducing pain, but the total cure is not possible with medication.

Blister on lips not herpes

Not everyone become infected with herpes or HSV virus but once you get infected it stays in your body for a lifetime. They cannot be removed from the body, but they are usually inactive. When they get active, you start feeling cold sore and blister.

Blister on the lips causes

Not every infected person gets blisters, and it isn’t necessary that infected person must get a blister or cold scores. Even aftercare and medication, many things can trigger blisters for example

Symptoms and diagnose of HSV

Symptoms are different for a different virus, and it also depends on whether you are having it the first time, or you have already had them before. Most people usually face blister in childhood or when they are in are of 12-15.

First-time cold score blister usually include

  • Painful blood blister on the lips, mouth, nose or face
  • Mouth or throat pain
  • swelling in the neck
  • body aches and fever
Are fever blisters contagious

After first time if your virus again breakout then you will feel pain on lips or nose or mouth, but other symptoms are not likely to come again and again. First-time blisters may take 10 to 14 days to heal, but after they that would not last long, they will usually go in 8 to 9 days. A blister can also be inside your mouth. Some people can feel cold score before one day of blisters attack.

The sensation can have pain, burning, tingling, and itching.You will need to visit a doctor if your symptoms are severe but you if they are mild you may not have to spend money on a doctor.

Prevention/fever blister treatment

To prevent blisters and cold sores in children you need to take some serious steps. Like you need to prevent other people from kissing your kids if they have blisters because of blister spread on touching and skin contact. Most of the children get infected till they reach to adult life, there are vaccines for HSV virus, but I think they are only for those who are not infected by HSV virus.

 Blister on the lips Home remedy

Using sunscreen can also prevent blister because sun or wind exposure can also cause blister for the first or second breakout. Sometimes your doctor or dentist will prescribe you medicine in advance when you feel cold score because the advance medication can decrease the chances of blisters and cold sores.Care is better than medication and pain. We hope you got all the necessary information you needed about a blister on the lips.

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