Pro Ana Diet for Beginners – Become Anorexic in 4 Weeks


With the growing impact of technology and thanks to the “so-called” hectic lifestyle, more than half of the human population is suffering from physical and mental health issues. These problems include, but are not limited to, stress, mental agony, diabetes and heart-related issues, leaving the statistics of other diseases, out of the count. Even though, this situation can be dealt with, if one takes proper care of his lifestyle and diet, in particular. For the purpose, you can follow a few “Pro Ana diet for beginners” plans to speed up the recovery process.

Just what is “Pro Ana diet for beginners”?

Pro Ana diet plans for beginners, just as their name suggests, are an aggressive type of diet plans that can help one to lose his/her weight, pretty quickly, but in an extremely safe manner. With the rise of a lot of websites sharing pro Ana tips and tricks, it is one of the fastest growing diet plans and has gained enormous popularity.

Pro Ana Diet for beginners, in fact, promotes the behavior related to Anorexia Nervosa (an eating disorder in which a person gets obsessed with getting as thin as possible by losing weight). In other words, it favors the willingly mimicking the behavior of people suffering from this disorder. For some people, pro Ana has become more of a lifestyle than just a simple dietary plan.

What inspires people to follow “Pro Ana diet for beginners”?

According to experts, of all the people who diet, only 10 – 20% gets actual results, and even lesser percentage gets satisfied by the results, they get. These diets are excellent for enthusiastic, food lovers who love to get their hands on new type of food, every day but are facing weight gain issues. The same goes for food bloggers, who research by trying different types of food at different places and then publish their findings on the internet.

You can’t deny being slim and fit, especially if you are a young, beautiful girl and are losing your curves and the beauty of your body to obesity. But losing weight is not a child’s play, particularly if you are not one of those people who take diet seriously. So, if you want to get off the gained weight and the extra body fat, then do follow the plans given below.

Pro Ana Diet for Beginners Level

Here, we are going to give you a pro Ana diet plan for a week (or two), designed to help you lose your weight in less time. But before you go ahead and start following any meal plan, we recommend you to consult a health expert, as they can better understand your current health situation and whether you should follow it or not.

Every plan, based on pro Ana diets that worked, focuses particular things, which leaves and adds some supplements and vitamins to your food routines. Therefore, it introduces a factor of risk to it because depending upon your present So, don’t forget to perform an in-depth research about any plan and ask your family doctor or health expert.

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The Vegan Model Diet – Diet 1the vegan model pro ana diet 1 for beginngers

  • Breakfast

For breakfast, take in a slice of bread (prefer reduced-calorie bread) with 1 or 2 cups black coffee without sweeteners. You can also use no-calories sweeteners for your coffee. This diet introduces just 40 calories and half a gram of fat to your body.

  • Lunch

For lunch, eat a medium or large sized apple. It introduces 120 calories to your body, along with half a gram of fat.

  • Dinner

For dinner, eat 8 small carrots (40 calories worth). So, the overall calorie and fat intake per day, for your body, is 200 calories and one-gram fat.

The Mixed Carb 400 Diet – Diet 2he mixed carb 400 pro ana diet for beginners

  • Breakfast

Compared to vegan model diet, this diet focuses on somewhat higher calorie intake. For breakfast, you need to eat 1 cup of sugar-free and fat-free yogurt (120 Cals.). You can choose any flavor, you like.

  • Lunch

Make sure the intake of 2 slices of low calories bread (80 calories) and one medium-sized apple (100 calories).

  • Dinner

The lowest calorie consumption in case of mixed carb diet occurs at the time of dinner. Eat 3 TBSP fat-free Italian Wishbone, 8 small carrots and 3 cups of shredded iceberg lettuce. The overall number of calories consumed by the body is 400.

The Special Pro Ana Diet for Beginners – Diet 3special pro ana diet for beginners

First Week

  • Limit your diet to just 700 calories for day 1, 2 and 3
  • Don’t eat pasta, cereal or bread (keeping 500 as the calorie limit) for day 4, 5 and 6
  • Focus on the consumption of fruits for the 7th day of the week

Second week

  • Limit the calorie content of your diet to just 500 and don’t eat any cereal, pasta, and bread

Third Week

  • Eat fruit for the third week. In case if you want some extra calories, then you can drink coffee and tea.

Fourth Week

  • For the first, second and third day of the fourth week, fruit fast and drink a cup fruit juice every day.
  • For the fourth day of the fourth week, eat fruits.
  • Drink soup on the fifth, sixth and the last day of the week. Don’t include any high calorie or creamy content to your diet.

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Tips for the Maximum Effectiveness of Pro Ana Diet for Beginners

Just as we told you before, following a Pro Ana diet plan isn’t so easy as it requires a lot of dedication and care. To get the best out of your efforts, we have also provided some general tips. These anorexia tips lose weight fast and safely.

Follow a proper time tableFollow a proper time table

Organize your daily tasks in the form of a proper time table and try to follow it without any exception. These rules that you set for yourself are essential to improving your physical health as well as mental, as you teach your mind to focus. A few examples that you can follow are: Never eat before 3:00 and after 6:00, no matter what happens. Bite your food into small pieces and chew them for some times. Never eat anything that exceeds the daily limit of fat over 3 grams.

Track the amount of calorie intakeTrack the amount of calorie intake

Tracking the number of calories that you take throughout the day is important. You can do so using gear, or any online tool to calculate depending on the food you eat. This helps to ensure that the number of calories that you are taking in doesn’t grow greater than those you burn. If it means that you are not following the Pro Ana tips to avoid eating things that are not intended to eat while keeping up the diet.

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Drink plenty of waterdrink plenty of water

Your body needs lots of water for its proper functioning and maintaining its temperature. It is usually said that water is the natural medicine for the body, particularly for lower level illnesses. Doctors recommend consuming at least 2 liters of fresh, drinking water. It is an important part of any pro Ana diet, as it keeps the body hydrated and active, throughout the day.

According to various studies, if you drink water before your meals, then your stomach fills up faster than usual, which leads to the less consumption of calories and fats. Moreover, keep in your mind that it is better to drink small amounts of water after every few minutes rather than drinking a lot of in a single run. If your stomach fills too rapidly and quickly, it can lead to various health related issues.

Never forget breakfastsNever forget breakfasts

The major portion of our energy comes from our breakfast, which makes it extremely necessary. Furthermore, it helps in making better decisions and keeps you active and healthy. Experts recommend preferring the intake of high energy elements in the breakfast. It is just as a famous quote goes which says that you should eat your breakfast like a king, lunch as you are a prince and dinner as if you are a beggar.

Take small mealstake small meals

Pro Ana diet suggests its followers take various small meals rather than a big meal once a day. In other words, it is better to eat three small meals providing you 100 calories, each, instead of a single 300 calories meal. It satisfies the brain and stomach and keeps up the illusion that you are consuming enough to fill up your stomach.

Avoid oil and butterAvoid oil and butter

I know! I know! You have been listening to that from everyone, and we are saying the same thing, too. It is only because this is a matter that most of the people forget or want to forget that butter and oil are one of the main factors leading to obesity. So, avoid oily foods, if you want to save from looking obese and don’t want acnes and pimples on your skin.

Even though the remedies and tips, which we have mentioned above, work for almost everyone but we still recommend you to consult your diet specialist, as they know about your nutritional requirements better than you. All you need to do is to follow the any of the above-mentioned Pro Ana diets for beginners while following the guidelines and leave the rest to it.

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