How To Become Anorexic in Easy Steps – The Secret Anorexic Diet


How to become anorexic Fast – TOP 5 Anorexic Diet Plan

Anorexia Nervosa is an eating disorder mostly related to people in their early teens. This occurs that patient avoids eating much to maintain their weight and body figure. In a sense, a person can ask himself a question that how to become anorexic to lose weight efficiently. This particular disorder is often considered the best way of dieting if done methodically. Most people suffer from it naturally while some adopt it on their consent. The method is taken in a controlled way over a little period for valid results. We will study here on the techniques and some of the quality tips to ensure the success of this method.

 How to become anorexic – Backgroundhow to become anorexic

The idea of becoming anorexic is related to the Hollywood celebrities. Concerned about their perfect and ideal figure, most of them have also been anorexic sometime. They have done this to lose weight and retain the ideal body shape.

Most of the teens nowadays and back some time ago, tend to follow the footsteps of their favorite superstars. Some teens are naturally victim of the disorder, but now most of them are taking it as the efficient way to lose weight. They follow on how to become temporarily anorexic to lose weight in short period.

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 How to become anorexic in perfect way

Most people seem to jump to the method and try to get the results quickly. Some people do not focus on the plan they are following resulting in adverse outcomes. To get the required and perfect results, one needs to develop a specific timeline. You have to follow the particular guides and follow some exercises to get it done rightly. So go through each of them if you are searching for a way to lose weight effectively.

  1. Prepare yourselfprepare yourself to become anorexic

The very first step to becoming anorexic is preparing your mind and body. You must learn to adapt your mind and body towards a new change. In simple words, you must make up your mind about becoming anorexic and must force your mind into doing that.

Same is the case with your body that it must be ready to adapt to the new food. You must also make sure that whether you are in a condition that your body can hold on. A person can adjust to the anorexic behavior for some days, but if you are willing to go longer, your body must be strong enough.

Start at a slower pace for the starting days so that you can get used to having smaller portions of the meal. This will get your body and organs to get to know of the resources available and proper utilization of them. It also gets low energy and fats to your body, so the process of weight loss gradually starts with a good pace.

  1. Dietingdieting to become anorexic

This is the central part of how to become anorexic. Simply just stop eating anything or reduce it to a minimum. A proper mini diet in a day can ensure enough energy and calories for you to stay strong for several hours. There are many plans in becoming anorexic from which you can choose but here are few of the recommended ones.

  • The air weight loss plan recommended by most of the anorexic people is thought to be the practical and easiest of all. The idea behind this is to refrain from substantial intakes and just merely rely on liquids. This solves the problem of not taking in much calories and fats which you will again have to burn. One must only get liquid recipes reliable enough to serve as fuel for your body for some hours. At the time of eating get something in liquid form and don’t get any substantial thing to eat. Use a spoon to get the eatable to your mouth instead of gulping it down. This is probably the easiest method but requires lots of strength. It is evident that you will probably starve in days, but it is the quickest method to get it done.
  • Another easy way is the five bite weight reduction plan. This method states that you can take five bites of every meal you take. It doesn’t strictly indicate any listings about the type of food. But to get more reliable and wanted results the food must be healthy. One must keep this in mind that the food must not contain significant amounts of fats and calories. However, on the other hand, there is no restriction on how much liquids you consume. You can intake any liquid, stated that they are not heavy concerning fats and calories. Follow this method carefully and become anorexic in two weeks’ time.
  • The baby food weight loss plan was once the secret anorexic diet. Now due to the advancement in innovation and new methods, it’s no longer a secret, but still, it is useful. The anorexic person must stay away from any other foods and just get baby food to eat. The food comes in jars and is readily available at almost every store. The reason behind choosing this as a useful diet alternative is its softness and effectiveness. One jar per meal is enough for your body.
  • In case if you find it difficult to get a right plan for yourself, ask from an expert. Most of the experts will recommend you with the perfect and adjustable diet plans for your proper plan workout.
  • Consult your doctor before trying anorexia. You just need to be medically fit and suitable for the methods to try out. Ask your doctor for a proper prescription about your diet. It is highly advisable that you try the exact diet that your doctor asks you to take. This will probably be the best way to get more efficient and desired results.
  1. Exercisesexcercises to become anorexic

To get benefits from the method and efficiently becoming anorexic in a month, try out some exercises. This doesn’t mean that you will have to work out and do stuff like that. Directly just along with refraining from heavy food, try simple and easy light exercises. This ensures the proper release of fats and burning of calories. Doing light yoga can efficiently help in consuming the calories taken in.

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  1. Get Plenty of Sleepget plenty of sleep to become anorexic

Instead of sitting idly or getting yourself indulged in other works, try to get yourself some right amount of sleep in these days. This will keep your body from involving in extreme condition. It will effectively help your body and mind in working efficiently in lack of energy. Perhaps sleeping is also considered as a type of exercise in anorexic periods.

  1. Drink Plenty of Waterdrink plenty of water to become anorexic

Most people think that stopping eating also means to stop drinking water. This is a wrong concept and the people doing it can suffer severe consequences. The lack of water can cause severe damage to kidneys, and instead of losing weight, a person can become sick. Stay hydrated while on anorexic period and after that consider consuming pure fruit juices to regain the lost energy. Drink plenty of water to keep a good supply to your body organs for proper functioning in less energy.

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How to become anorexic- Precautions

Most people are asking how to become anorexic and often mess up the things and get sick instead of becoming anorexic. Several things must be kept in mind before, during and after an anorexic period to ensure good health. Following them can proficiently work out to give the person desired results in shorter time. Here are some of the precautions you must remember to keep yourself healthy and good in the anorexic period.

  • Don’t start at a rapid pace instead do it slow way
  • Make a diet chart for controlled intake
  • Don’t think about it if you are already slim and handsome
  • Don’t get into this if you are suffering from this disease
  • Refrain from oily eatables
  • Don’t consume energy drinks as food replacement
  • Stop right at the moment you think you can’t take it anymore
  • Consult your doctor if you face any problem
  • Don’t try heavy exercises
  • Refrain from doing heavy and hard work

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