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Head lice are a major problem, and sometimes it becomes very embarrassing. Your self-esteem and personality are significantly affected by it. It can be very itchy and problematic with school-going children as well as in adults. Lice are just small insects, and they feed their self on human blood. They need a warm place to survive. The question which we will discuss here is that can black people get lice? This problem is very common in Europe and the USA. Only 0.3% individuals in these two continents get lice in their head, and the ration reaches to about 10.4%. We will also find the reasons for this problem.

Why don t African Americans get lice – Some Facts

The simple answer to this Can Black People Get Lice is yes they can get lice. In Europe and America, black people get fewer lice as compared to other people. Researchers have carried out studies, but they don’t have a confirm reason why the dark skin people get fewer lice as compared to light skin people. Some studies were conducted to find out the cause. The most important fact that they found was the structure of their hair. The black people in UK and Canada have hair structure that is mostly similar to black race. On the other hand, their hair structure is entirely different from white people.  Lice usually are designed to crawl well on the oval-shaped hair, and when they don’t find themselves to crawl efficiently, they get to die, or they fell off.Can Black People Get Lice

Another main reason is that the black people have a particular type of treatment hairstyle. Most of the young black boys get their head shaved when they found the signs of life in their head. It only means that this is the quickest method to get rid of lice. For young black girls, they get their hair straight which provides ultimate heat to the head lice, and it eventually kills them. This is also the quick method to solve the problem.

Preventing Head Lice in Black People

The answer to Can Black People Get Lice  Will be different if you get a view of people from other countries. People from Brazil, Nigeria, and Africa also have the problem of head lice, and this is because of the shape of their hair. The insects in their hair are desperate to wash out and also to comb out. Once they are in the head of one person, they can easily be transferred in the heads of children in the school and other family members. So it becomes a problem for entire family and people around you.

There are many products available in the market that can be used to treat lice problem. Some of them are oil-based products, and some have coconut oil in them. Tea tree is also the best option. If you use pomades and hair wax, then it will cause lice to breathe hard in your head, and they suffocate and die. These oils also loosen the grip of new lice on your hair. If you use these products daily, then there are chances that you will get rid of lice in a few days.can black people get lice

Educate Yourself and Know Can White People Get Lice

Educating yourself about Can Black People Get Lice is paramount, and it will become your success also. All the families no matter what is their skin color should have an excellent knowledge about head lice. They should know that it is seriously a big problem and it transfers from one person’s head to other person head. All the people should take preventive measures to stop spreading them in the heads of other people. All those individuals who are having lice problem should not share their comb with other people. Also, they keep their clothes and personal items to themselves. These things and clothes should not touch the heads of other people.

If someone got the problem of head lice, then it is essential to check the head of other people in the family and community on daily based. If your hair got little signs of insects then immediately start preventive measures.

Removing Lice from Curly Black Hair

Girls and boys with curly hair get unfriendly methods to treat head lice. Head lice are also called as capital by most of the scientists. They live in human hair, and they usually feed themselves by sucking the blood from your scalp. Their size is same like a sesame seed. They lay eggs, and they have about ten legs. Their legs are also calls nits. They produce a glue that sticks them with the hair shaft. They hatch in 4 to 6 days and grow up in 12 days. They can mate, and the cycle continues.

Some black people believe that they don’t get lice because lice prefer straight smooth hair as compared to curly hair. But the fact is that they can attack anybody’s head no matter what is the size and shape of their air. Lice can live for three to four weeks in your hair. One method to cure them is that you should not share your brushes and hair accessories with other people. Some people use lice combs that have small teeth, and they quickly lose the nits to remove them from your hair.

Some Lice Removal Methods and Do pets carry lice

There are many shampoos available in the market that can be used to cure them. Can Black People Get Lice? They contain unique chemicals and oils that stop their growth. After applying these shampoos, you can comb your hair to remove them. Wet hair is perfect to remove lice as their grip on wet hair is less intense. If you feel that your hair get dry during this lengthy process, then keep a water bottle you and spray your hair immediately if they get dry.

You can also smooth your hair with an oil like olive oil and mayonnaise to get rid of them. This is preferable for dry black hair. Vaseline can also be used for this purpose. Olive oil was tested in the lab, and it was found very useful in treating lice. If you allow olive oil to stay in your head for one night, then it will be handy. It can be messy, but the result will be impressive. You can comb your hair deeply before shampoo so that you can get rid of dead lice and the eggs.

Blow Drying the Head Lice

By using a blow dry, you are giving direct heat to the head lice. In this way, you will be able to get rid of lice by 55% and nits by 98%. Do not use shampoo if you are using this method as it can have flammable ingredients. You should do it on clean, dry hair and sometimes you can combine it with smothering method. High heat is not a very necessary thing just keep it too warm. Do not use a bonnet dryer as it will be less efficient. Try using a hand-held dryer.

Some home Remedies to Treat Head Lice

When you want to treat head lice, some people use chemicals, and some prefer to use ingredients from their kitchen. It is highly preferable to use home remedies to treat your head lice. They are very cheap as compared to some commercial products, but they are also safe for your hair. You can put them on your kid’s head with no fear. You will not have any risk and side-effect after using these remedies. These remedies are also known as your grandmother recipes. Some of these treatments are proved the solution for treating head lice. Some scientific studies and trials even prove them efficient.

Parent Prefer Home Remedies to Treat Lice

Anti-lice shampoos were very useful a few years before, but they are not much effective now. The reason is that the head lice has now more resistance against these shampoos and remedies. The significant disadvantage of using these shampoos is that they might contain some pesticides that are harmful to your health to a greater extent.

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Applying these pesticides on your scalp is very dangerous, and it can cause severe illness and problems. If you think that using these shampoos and chemicals are safe, then read stories of the people who were severely harmed by these chemicals. You will remember twice to use these chemicals on your head to treat lice. Many parents all around the world are using these home remedies, and they have found them effective, but cautions are very important anyway.

How to Eliminate Head Lice Eggs and can black people get crabs

An exciting way to get rid of the head lice eggs is to dissolve the protective layer of the eggs that is called the shell. They will die if they don’t find their outer skeleton is there to protect them. It will be easy for you to remove them from your head through comb because the glue that sticks them with the hair shaft will be loosened. The best method to dissolve their outer shell is to use some acid like those which are present in lemon juice and vinegar. You will quickly comb them out as they will no longer stay in your head. You will find this method very effective, and you can not overlook it.

How to Check For African Head lice

Finding the head lice is a challenging task. Most of the people don’t have the time for it, and they also don’t want to do it. However, you should know how to check them. If there is a notice from your kid’s school that there are head lice around then immediately search to get rid of them as fast as possible. It will also help you to find out that your child is not transferring it to others. Make sure that you have lice and it is not dandruff or anything else that is causing itching.

You have to examine the scalp of the affected person carefully. Try to find out the adult lice or lice eggs. The most common symptom that you have head lice is that you have continuous scratching. You will also find some dandruff-like flakes very close to the scalp. An itchy scalp is the most common symptom of head lice. It is the saliva of the lie that causes itchiness on the spot where he sucks the blood.

How to tell if you have lice Like Head Lice and Body Lice

Can Black People get Sun Burns?

After the question Can Black People Get Lice, It is true that black people also get sunburn. Some people have a higher level of pigments in their body so they look darker and it also protects them against sunlight. These dyes are unable to block the sunlight by 100%. Our body produces a skin pigment called melanin consist of specialized cells called melanocytes. These cells affect your skin from ultraviolet rays.  A Higher level of these dyes in our skin means that you will get less sunburn. Same is the case with black people as they have more pigment in their skin and get less sunburn.

Do Black People have Smaller Brain?

Scientists have a view that black people have smaller brains on average. It is also mentioned in the encyclopedia that white people have large brain size as compared to black men. According to a study, the size of the white brain is about 1347cc, and the size of the black brain is approximately 1267cc. Another most common difference is the shape of the brain. Ancient people slightly larger brains as compared to modern people.

Vinegar for Treating Head Lice

Vinegar is considered as most effective for treating head lice. Sometimes people misuse it. Most of the people think that it can remove both eggs and adult lice from your head. Some people sold products that contain vinegar to treat this problem. It is not true that vinegar handles the head lice problem as it doesn’t have the properties to do so. It contains an acid that can kill only the eggs.

It is very effective to kill eggs of the lice. You can combine with it to get more fruitful results. If you want to kill big head lice, then you can use olive oil and some other techniques. White vinegar is present in its distilled form. This vinegar has a hash flavor, and it is also strong. You can use it to treat lice as it is easily available in most of the stores and it is also economical to use.

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