How Can We Use LEMON for Asthma Patient – Lemon Juice for Asthma


How to Use Lemon for Asthma – Lemon Juice for Asthma Patient – Best 9 Home Remedies

In case you haven’t noticed there are many types of chronic pain but the most life-threatening are asthma where you suffer from shortness of breath, and it can swell your air tubes as well. For years people have tried different supplements and medications, but none of them were so good but home remedies like Lemon for Asthma Patient which indeed works incredibly to help you. When you develop asthma, you will see many changes in your body and your lungs filled with air get trapped and whenever a cough you felt so much pain and inhaled the airways. There are very few people who know the symptoms of it like, allergies, tobacco smoking, having stress, moisture, and wrong chemicals of perfume. These are just a few, but you can eventually neutralize it to stop these symptoms from spreading.

You always don’t need to waste so much money on the treatments because it will not go that easily instead you can counter it and decrease its breakouts for a while. The best thing to do is to use LEMON which is a natural home ingredient and has been tested all over the world that has benefits beyond your imaginations. It can stop asthma attacks and prevent them all, you need to do is to use it with other available home ingredients and treat it.

Is Lemon for Asthma Juice truly efficient to cure Asthma patient for the time being?

  • Lemon contains vitamin C that can help to suppress the inflammation production in the airways of lungs
  • It can also reduce the histamine that can trigger the signs of allergies from environments
  • Lemon can give strength to your immune system and prevent asthma attacks which are caused by viruses
  • It is also antibacterial and antiseptic that can fight and destroy bacteria which can cause lung infection

What are the Best 9 Home Remedies of Lemon for Asthma?

There is no denying that LEMON could be used in its liquid form or raw form as the standalone remedy but to treat this kind of health problem you need to combine it with other home ingredients. Many can’t figure out ’lemon asthma trigger, ’’ but in the end, it will give you the desirable benefits you always wanted.

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1) Use GARLIC with Lemon for Asthma:garlic with lemon for asthma

Garlic has the property of anti-inflammation that can help to relieve from the early stage of asthma.

  • Take 5 cloves of garlic and crush and make paste in thick form
  • Now add and mix one tbsp juice of lemon
  • Stir well and drink
  • Repeat this process 3 times each day

2) Use Turmeric with Lemon for Asthma:turmeric with lemon for asthma

The healthy properties of turmeric can be beneficial for asthma disorder

  • First, crush and peel some turmeric
  • Add and mix powder of turmeric one tsp with one tsp juice of Lemon
  • Stir, them well and drink
  • For best results drink this with empty stomach in morning

3) Use Radish with Lemon for Asthma:radish with lemon for asthma

Radish is known an antibacterial agent that can reduce lungs problems and cleans the stomach by eliminating the phlegm and also heal the infections of asthma.

  • First cut and make 6 slices of radish
  • Crush to make paste of it
  • Now add 2 tsp juice of lemon in it and mix
  • Drink this 3 tbsp every day

4) Use HONEY and Lemon for Asthma:honey with lemon for asthma

Honey has the high amount of vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants to help the mucus in the air tubes.

  • Boil one cup of hot water
  • Add and mix 2 tbsp of honey and juice of lemon equally
  • Drink this on daily basis for 2 times in one day

5) Make a juice of LEMON (fresh) Asthma:lemon juice for asthma

To use Lemon for Asthma Patient, you can use it in many ways, but the most efficient one is to make juice of it.

  • First, take one lemon and, squeezed fresh juice from it
  • You can add some pinch of pepper and salt in it
  • Stir well and drink before eating any meal
  • Repeat this remedy until you reduce asthma attacks

6) Use Ginger with Lemon for Asthma:ginger with lemon for asthma

We all know that ginger has powerful anti-inflammation properties that can soothe the air tubes in lungs and also reduce coughing and wheeze as well.

  • Take 2 tbsp juice of LEMON
  • Boil it in one cup of water
  • Crush and peel ginger and also add in water
  • Let it steep for 6 minutes and drink this tea slowly
  • Repeat this method one time for 8 days

7) Use licorice with Lemon for Asthma:licorice with lemon for asthma

Licorice is a very efficient agent that can reduce the swollen the air tubes and also remove the significant amount of mucus in lungs.

  • Boil one cup of water
  • Now add one tbsp root of licorice
  • Let it steep for 8 minutes
  • Strain tea and add one tbsp juice of LEMON
  • Drink these two times every single day

8) Use safflower with Lemon for Asthma:safflower with lemon for asthma

Safflower work excellently to remove a high amount of mucus and make your breathing more quickly. There are some people who still have their doubts about ‘’is lemon juice not good for asthma’’ but eventually can prove to be very helpful.

  • First mix 2 tbsp powder of safflower with one tsp juice of lemon
  • You can add water and stir well
  • Drink this 3 times for one week

9) Use essential oil with Lemon for Asthma:essential oil with lemon for asthma

  • First, boil one cup of water
  • Add some drops of juice of lemon with 2 tsp of essential oil
  • Now inhale this steam
  • Repeat this procedure when it feels necessary

Some solid TIPS that can be very useful if you follow before using Lemon for Asthma Patients:

  • Always remember to use lemon in fresh form mostly in juice it will give you extended benefits
  • If you drink too much juice of lemon, then it can cause heartburns
  • Only use it in the small quantity
  • It is a highly acidic so never consume it in raw form always add a little water, or it can damage your teeth
  • Never to expose to the extreme cold or hot or around furry pets or it will trigger asthma signs
  • Do some yoga and breathing exercises to increase the airflow

You have to use it to believe it. All these incredible remedies of Lemon Juice for Asthma are truly splendid, and you can do it without consulting your doctor. There are no Side effects just make your mind and start using them.lemon for asthma

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