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How to Cure Acne Scars Using Tomato – 8 Natural Methods


How You Can Use TOMATO for ACNE Scars Removal:

When you see that your skin has become infected and the pores are filled with clogs because all the skin cells are dead, then you might have ACNE. Usually, there are many top class remedies to deal with it, but nature has given us more to protect it. Most people also use TOMATO for ACNE Scars that can put a stop to this health problem. So when you see too much oil coming out from the pores don’t panic it is probably bacteria which is causing it. But the main thing is that those who become a victim of it fail to notice the symptoms like, having an inadequate diet plan, hormonal changes, and not having proper hygiene. ACNE appears on the body in different locations like chest, back, neck and face.

With so much going on as many commercially successful medicines are available it is very hard to choose one of them, but at the same time they are also very expensive and has short effective range. It is better to turn your attention to vegetables, and most favorite is TOMATO which has genetic effects and can provide so many benefits to your overall health.

In which way TOMATO looks perfect to cure ACNE Scars?

  • TOMATO can easily balance the PH level of skin
  • It can close the pores and prevent any bacteria or dirt to go in skin cells
  • TOMATO is antioxidant that can protect your skin from radicals
  • It can also repair the damaged skin and reduces scars of it
  • TOMATO has many natural acids that can restore the natural beauty of skin
  • It can certainly make your skin soft, smooth, and natural
  • TOMATO has all the vitamins that can help to shrink the ACNE
  • It is a great source for getting potassium, iron, and nutrients that can make skin’s health better

What methods are proven to be beneficial in stopping ACNE Scars?

Many of us have used TOMATO in our eating habits in the form of salads and eat it. It can prove great as a standalone remedy, but if you combine it with other natural home ingredients, then you can say goodbye to ACNE. Some people are new to this methods often thinks ’can we apply TOMATO on face daily’’ instead of consuming it each day. For that, you need to read all the ways that will make your mind clearer.

1) Use AVOCADO with TOMATO:avocado with tomato for acne scars

  • First, boil one cup of water
  • Now take one pup of AVOCADO and one TOMATO and blend them
  • Wash your face before using it
  • Apply this paste in the area of ACNE skin
  • Let it soak for 45 minutes
  • Wash it with water
  • Repeat this method on daily basis

2) Use LEMON with TOMATO:lemon with tomato for acne scars

  • Blend one tomato
  • Now add 4 tbsp of juice of LEMON fresh
  • Store it in refrigerator for some time
  • Use cotton ball to apply on face
  • Let it dry fir 16 minutes
  • Wash it with water
  • Do this method three times in one week

3) Use OATMEAL with TOMATO:oatmeal with tomato for acne scars

OATMEAL can eliminate toxins which cause ACNE, and also destroy bacteria from breakouts.

  • First, take 2 cups of oatmeal with two tomatoes and blend them
  • If you see the paste is too thicker then adds a little water
  • Apply this on the ACNE area and let it dry for 25 minutes
  • Wash your face with hot water
  • Keep doing this every day

4) Use JOJOBA OIL with TOMATO:jojoba oil with tomato for acne scars

  • First, take two tomatoes and mash them
  • Now add two tsp of JOJOBA OIL and paste of TOMATO and mix
  • Apply it on the skin and let it dry for 13 minutes
  • Wash it with clean water
  • Continue doing this remedy to shrink ACNE

5) Make a mask of TOMATO:mask of tomato for acne scars

To, see the excellent results of TOMATO for ACNE it is great to use it alone so it can give you all the nutrients for your skin.

  • Take one tomato in blender and blend it
  • Apply this smoothie on the face
  • Let it keep that way for 19 minutes
  • Wash it with cold water
  • Repeat this method on regular basis

6) Use HONEY with TOMATO:honey with tomato for acne scars

  • Taken one or two TOMATO and mash it
  • Now add two tbsp of honey and mix well
  • Massage it in gently position
  • Let it soak for 14 minutes
  • Wash it with water
  • Repeat this remedy each day

7) Use yogurt with TOMATO:yogurt with tomato for acne scars

  • Cut two tomatoes and make juice of them
  • Now mix it with 2 tbsp of yogurt
  • Stir well and use your fingertips to apply on the area where ACNE located
  • Leave it for 25 minutes
  • Wash your face with water (hot)
  • For better results do this method three times in one week

8) Use MILK and TOMATO:milk with tomato for acne scars

  • Make puree of one tomato
  • Now add and mix 2 cups of milk
  • Apply this on the ACNE skin and let it dry for 11 minutes
  • Wash it with water
  • Repeat this remedy four times in two weeks

Some regular tips you need to follow before utilizing TOMATO for ACNE Scars:

To, achieve great results and quickly where many people have their doubts that ‘’tomato for overnight’’ you need to follow these tips which will help you in every way,

  • You can add tomatoes to your diet plan which ever you see fit
  • Only drink juice of tomato in fresh and smoothie
  • If using these methods does not give you results in 2 to 4 weeks then contact your doctor
  • You can also apply any oil free creams after the treatment
  • You can also make and store all these remedies in refrigerator for more than four days
  • Leaving these treatments of tomatoes for too long can cause irritation and dryness on skin so avoid doing that

Do take some time and experiments any of these natural methods of TOMATO for ACNE Scars Treatment if you do it in the right order you will see results also let me know what you think about this.

tomato for acne scars treatment

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