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6 DIY Home Remedies of BANANA Peel for ACNE Scars Treatment


BANANA Peel for ACNE Scars – Remove Acne Instantly:

There will always a time come when you struggle with your skin, and eventually, you try many remedies but the best way to eliminate dead cells is to use BANANA peel for ACNE, it is our duty to take care of our skin just like we do it to make our health in perfect position. Skin is a very sensitive part of your body and if anything happens to it can ruin our lives, where one of the common health problems is ACNE that mostly appears on the face, and you have to suffer from pain and swollen for no reason.  It can also appear in many other parts of your body like legs, back, chest, and shoulders. In some cases, people who undergo hormonal changes also get a victim of it.

In case you don’t know anything there are many kinds of medicines are available commercially then can treat ACNE but they are quite expensive and have the very short amount of effeteness. So why give yourself too much trouble instead look for the genuine alternative using home remedies and today we will talk about using the BANANA peel with complete details.

What type of properties BANANA Peel Acne contains as a home remedy?

  • It contains Vitamin A, B, and C that makes skin in healthy position
  • It also contains iron, manganese, and zinc to prevent any irritation on skin
  • BANANA Peel considered as fantastic source to get antioxidant
  • It also makes a perfect in eliminating toxins in pores of skin
  • BANANA (Peel) is an antiseptic by nature and kills all the infections which ACNE comes from
  • It can make your skin dry and absorbs all the oil
  • BANANA peel destroys germs which are the causes of ACNE
  • It also is anti-inflammation that soothes and stops irritation from having any breakouts
  • Using BANANA Peel can make skin glow, and soothe

Which are the excellent home remedies of BANANA PEEL to stop ACNE?

Using BANANA Peel as standalone treatment is very beneficial but if you want to cure ACNE and have your doubts about ’side effects of BANANA Peels on face’’ then you are mistaken. You can use with other available home ingredients to have better results and stop evolving it from one person to another. You will see improvement in no time and choose anyone from below.

1) Use TURMERIC with BANANA PEELS: turmeric with banana peels for acne

Turmeric contains anti-inflammation properties that can help to decrease redness from the skin and stop germs from spreading.

  • Make a thicker paste of BANANA Peel by mashing it
  • Add the equal amount of the powder of turmeric
  • Now pour water into it and stir
  • Apply this on face and ACNE spots
  • Let it dry for 9 minutes
  • Wash it with water and repeat on daily basis

2) Use simple BANANA (PEEL):simple BANANA PEELS for acne

  • First, wash your face with cold water
  • Cut peel of Banana into tiny pieces
  • Now take this and gently massage it on the skin for 8 minutes
  • If piece turns into brown shape throw it and take new one
  • Wait for skin to absorb its nutrients from inside
  • Wash it water and repeat it 2 times in one day

3) Use Oatmeal with BANANA PEEL:oatmeal with banana peel for acne

Who said oatmeal is just good for eating as cereal for breakfasts or dinners? You can also use it and prove great to clean skin.

  • Take one blender and add 2 cups of oatmeal, one peel of banana, and 2 tbsp of sugar and blend it
  • Take the paste out and use it on the skin
  • Let it soak for 8 minutes
  • Was it with water and use any moisturizer
  • Use this remedy each day to stop ACNE

4) Use LEMON with BANANA PEELS:LEMON with banana peel for acne

While you are using BANANA Peel for ACNE Scars you can also use lemon with it to cure it permanently. It is also known as naturally perfect to stop redness and reduce scars on the face.

  • Take one peel of banana and make a paste by mashing it
  • Now add fresh juice of lemon with an equal amount
  • For this, you need to sue cotton ball and apply it on skin
  • Gently massage for 12 minutes and wash it with water (hot)
  • For better results repeat it regularly

5) Use honey and BANANA Peels:honey with banana peel for ance

Using honey can certainly provide you antibacterial properties and make your skin soft and also cure ACNE.

  • Take skin of one banana and make paste of it by mashing it
  • Now add one tbsp of HONEY and stir
  • You can use cotton ball and massage it on the face in round shape
  • Let it soak for 9 minutes
  • Wash with hot water
  • To get best results use it every day

6) Use baking powder and BANANA PEEL:baking powder with banana peel for acne

For many people who has no idea about that using ’BANANA Peel for ACNE overnight’’ they can achieve the results they desire then you just got to stick to the right path. When you talk about ACNE then there is one remedy you can use is the baking powder which can clean pores in no time.

  • Take one peel of banana and make paste of it by mashing it
  • Add one tbsp of baking powder with one glass of water
  • Dip cotton ball in it and massage on skin
  • Let it dry for 3 minutes
  • Wash it with water
  • Repeat this process three times in one week

Are there any safer TIPS you need to follow before using BANANA PEEL?

To achieve better results of using BANANA PEEL for ACNE before and after, there are some major safe tips you should follow to prevent any side effect from happening.

  • You need to first consult with your doctor before using peel of banana
  • It works better as standalone remedy but mixing it with other can be beneficial
  • Never overuse it, or it will cause irritation on skin
  • Remember to massage in gentle position
  • You can also rip BANANA
  • Try to use organic type of BANANA Peel

Do try out any of these amazing remedies using BANANA Peel for ACNE, and also share your precious experience with me that which one you find more reliable treating it.

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