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How Do I Use LEMON for ACNE Scars Removal – TOP 9 Methods



It has seen that those people who infected with ACNE or pimples can get scars because the bacteria started to spread and kill skin tissues in every way possible, for this, there are many solutions you can find but according to new search LEMON for ACNE SCARS has proved to be very helpful. There is a difference between ACNE and scars. In some cases, scars faded away in some months but it will take too long, but if you want quick results that can heal the speed process more then there is no better alternative than using home remedies as your first choice of interest.

There is a fact that using home remedies cannot vanquish ACNE scars in just one night. You have to take some time and observe to see the significant results for some weeks. Now there are many natural home ingredients you can pick like, ALOE VERA, honey, COCONUT OIL, and LEMON but at this moment you are about to learn everything related to LEMON in complete details?

Is LEMON great ingredient to cure ACNE Scars and Pimples?

  • LEMON has vitamin C that can stop the production of vast amount of oil on skin
  • It is also a bleaching agent naturally that helps to decrease the dark marks and ACNE scars
  • LEMON can also repair the skin cells and converts them into making new one
  • LEMON has citric acid that can eliminate the dead cell skin and open pores
  • It can also make your skin tight thanks to its astringent making it shinier and soft
  • LEMON is also known to be antibacterial that destroys bacteria which causes the breakouts of ACNE

What remedies are excellent of LEMON to fade away scars of ACNE eventually?

LEMON can use in many forms, but best form is in its liquid shape most of you know the as the juice of LEMON. It can be great if you use it and as a standalone remedy. But if you want exceptional results then you need to combine it with other ingredients to have potential results. Some people have their doubts about ‘’how long does it take LEMON juice to fade ACNE scars’’ to see all these results you have read all the below remedies to find out.

1) Use HONEY with LEMON:honey with lemon for acne scars

HONEY can make the skin soft and also keep the skin hydrated for a longer time. It is an antioxidant that can prevent any damage caused by ACNE.

  • First, add two tsp of honey with two tsp of juice of LEMON fresh and mix
  • Use your fingertips to massage it on the scars
  • Let it dry for 9 minutes and wash it
  • Repeat this remedy two times in one day

2) Use ALMOND OIL with LEMON:almond oil with lemon for acne scars

ALMOND oil contains vitamin E and K that can reduce the dark spots and make your skin in healthy position.

  • Take one tsp of juice of LEMON and mix it with one tsp of almond oil
  • Use cotton ball to apply on the area
  • Let it dry for 18 minutes and wash it
  • Do this remedy on daily basis to reduce the scars of ACNE

3) Use BAKING SODA with LEMON:baking soda with lemon for acne scars

Using BAKING SODA can eliminate the cells that are dead the in the skin and balance the PH level of skin as well.

  • Add and mix two tsp of juice of LEMON with 2 tbsp of BAKING SODA
  • Now use a cotton ball dip and apply on the scars
  • Let it dry for one day
  • Wash it next morning
  • Do this process three times in one week

4) Use juice of LEMON:lemon juice for acne scars

  • Take some juice of LEMON fresh
  • Now dip cotton ball in it and apply on the scars of ACNE
  • Let it soak for 4 minutes and wash it with hot water
  • Repeat this process every day

5) Use EGG WHITE with LEMON:egg white with lemon for acne scars

EGG WHITE has the proteins that can help to build new skin cells and tissues. It also absorbs the high amount of oil coming from pores.

  • Mix one tsp of juice of LEMON and one EGG white and blend them
  • Use your fingertips and gently massage on the scars
  • Let dry for one night if possible
  • Wash it with cold water next morning
  • Repeat this remedy every day

6) Use ALOE VERA with LEMON:aloe vera with lemon for acne scars

To, see the great results of using LEMON for ACNE scars Treatment you can also combine it with ALOE VERA that cab nourishes skin and reduce the irritation as well.

  • First, add two tsp of gel of ALOE VERA with two tsp of juice of LEMON fresh squeezed
  • , Use your fingertips to apply on the skin
  • Gently massage it in round shape
  • Let it dry for 16 minutes
  • Wash it with cold water
  • Continue this process for four times in one week

7) Use sugar with LEMON:suger with lemon for acne scars

Sugar can maintain the skin tone of skin thanks to its glycolic acids that can help to produce new growth of skin.

  • Add and mix both juice of lemon and sugar both with one tbsp
  • Use your fingertips to apply gently on the area of scars
  • Massage it for 6 minutes
  • Let it dry for 17 minutes and wash it
  • Repeat this process three times in two weeks

8) Use cucumber with LEMON:cucumber with lemon for acne scars

Using CUCUMBER can certainly tighten the skin and shrinks the scars of ACNE very quickly.  Some people might think ‘’LEMON juice for dark spots before and after, ’’ but it is best to use it some top natural ingredients.

  • Chop and peel CUCUMBER
  • Make smoothie of the CUCUMBER
  • Now add and mix two tsp of juice of LEMON
  • Dip cotton ball in it and apply on the scars
  • Let it soak for 25 minutes
  • Wash it cold water
  • Repeat this remedy on daily basis

9) Use LEMON (OIL):lemon oil for acne scars

  • First mix six drops of oil of LEMON with some any other oil of your choosing
  • Use cotton ball and apply on the scars
  • Let it dry for 35 minutes
  • Wash it with cold water
  • Do this process every day for seven days

Some important precautions you should follow before using LEMON for ACNE Scars:

  • Try to use LEMON it recommended quantity so you can avoid dryness, redness, and itching
  • Never go outside while applying juice of LEMON for least 50 minutes
  • Only use juice of LEMON in small amount so that it won’t disturb skin’s pores
  • Those people who are has sensitive skin should avoid it, or you can experience burning sensations frequently

If you haven’t tried any of these remedies of LEMON for ACNE scars, then this is a good time to do. Also, keep me informed about our experience with each one.

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