How To Use Avocado For Acne Scars Treatment – Top 7 Methods


Avocado for ACNE Scars Treatment:

It is not very easy to deal with the irritation of acne you can become so much frustrated and also end up making it worse for you. If you are suffering from stubborn acne, then you need to make some decision that helps you in it. More than 85% of women all over the world have faced this type of problem one time in their lives. The vast amount of oil produced in culprit develops acne where oil gets trapped in the pores and give bacteria a chance to grow it can lead to many issues from redness, swelling and many other signs of acne.

Most people don’t know where it came from and mistakenly do not take care of their health during a hormonal change in teens, not having proper hygiene, feeling stress, and other factors can trigger the production of oil. The only way to get rid of acne naturally is to maintain a perfect nutritional diet that you follow a long term and take care of your skin in every way possible. If you are a person who trusts only natural home remedies including, ACV, banana, ALOE VERA, and avocado, then you are in the right place to get knowledge about hope to banish it forever. Now we will talk about AVOCADO for ACNE in depth with  complete details.

How using AVOCADO is ideal for treating ACNE?

  • It has vitamin E that kills bacteria which causes acne
  • The oleic acid available in avocado can nourish your skin
  • Avocado is an antioxidant that eliminates radicals and repair cells (damaged)
  • Avocado is also a includes anti-inflammatory to give you relief from pain
  • It can lower the production of vast amount of oil in glands
  • If you consume it on daily basis, then it can make your sugar level balance in body

Which are the perfect methods you can use AVOCADO to cure ACNE right at your home?

You may have tried different ways in form of home remedies to cure acne, most people have also read that ’AVOCADO bad for ACNE’’ but the reality is if you use it in right way by combining it with other ingredients then it can prove so much beneficial t, o treat it and results could be fascinating. Let’s check out some of the methods.

1) Use LEMON with AVOCADO: lemon with Avocado for acne

Lemon has acidic properties that can definitely shrink those pesky pimples and open pores of skin. It can cleanse the great amount of oil and if you use it by making a mask then it is very effective.

  • Crush 1 piece the of ripe AVOCADO and separate lump
  • Now add 2 tsp of fresh juice of lemon with 4 tsp of hot water and one tsp of honey
  • Mix them well and massage it on the face where acne is located
  • Let it dry for 10 minutes and wash it with water
  • Repeat this process by making mask for 3 times in one week

2) Use white egg with AVOCADO:white egg with avocado for acne

White egg contains vitamins and proteins that can make skin glow. It can make your skin tights and shrink pimples.

  • Mix one white egg with 2 avocado
  • Make a creamy paste of it
  • Now add one tsp of fresh juice of lemon
  • Stir it well and massage it on your face
  • Let it dry for 10 minutes and wash it with water
  • Repeat it every day until pimples are gone

3) Make simple mask of AVOCADO:mask of AVOCADO for acne

  • Take one pulp of avocado cut it and take out limp inside it
  • Now use the pulp right on your face or any place in the body where the acne signs are
  • Let it dry totally
  • Wash it with water
  • Repeat this process on daily basis

4) Use honey with AVOCADO:honey with avocado for acne

You can use honey with avocado and see how this new combination works in your favor. It can decrease the production of oil in skin and also moisturize it as well.

  • First wash your face with water
  • Then mix one tsp of honey with 1 pulp of avocado
  • Mix them well and apply them on the acne area
  • Let it dry for 14 minutes and was it with water
  • Repeat it more than three times in one week

5) Use TTO (TEA TREE OIL) with AVOCADO:TEA TREE OIL with avocado for acne

TEA TREE OIL is an antifungal that can help to make the infection go that causes acne. Also it can stop the production of oil in glands.

  • First add 5 pieces of avocado with 3 drops of TEA TREE OIL
  • Make a mixture of it and massage it on the face in round motion
  • Now take a hot steam by pouring hot water
  • Wash our face with any antibacterial soap
  • Try to use this method every day to get better results

6) Use oatmeal with AVOCADO: oatmeal with avocado for acne

When you talk about using AVOCADO for ACNE Scars then you can also combine it with oatmeal that can eliminate the skin dead cells and make your skin moisturize in perfect way.

  • Take 3 piece of avocado and mash them in to paste
  • Now add one tsp of oatmeal and mix them well
  • Carefully apply on the face and let it dry for 8 minutes
  • Wash it with hot water
  • Try to repeat this process one time a day

7) Use banana with AVOCADO:banana with avocado for acne

If you use banana and avocado and make a face mask and then apply it then you will see great results because banana has the essential vitamins that can soothe the pain and stop production of oil in pores.

  • Take one ripe banana with 3 piece of avocado and make a paste of them
  • Mix them together by adding one tbsp of yogurt and 2 tbsp of olive oil
  • Apply it on the face and let it dry for 20 minutes
  • Wash it with hot water and then with cold water
  • Try to repeat it daily to treat ACNE

Are there any safe tips you need to follow before using AVOCADO?

  • If you are allergic to AVOCADO try to avoid it using any of the methods above
  • You can use wheat grain, banana, and avocado to make a mask and apply on the face to treat ACNE
  • Always make sure you wear dirty or old clothes while apply any treatment using avocado
  • For better results try to take a hot steam facial before applying, any remedy it can help to open pores
  • You can also store avocado made mask or mixture in refrigerator but for 4 days maximum
  • Always consult with your doctor or dermatologist if you still can’t get any relief using AVOCADO for more than two weeks

Do try out any of these incredible home methods of AVOCADO for ACNE Scars Treatment and share your valuable experience with me that which one you find most helpful.

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