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Why Do Orgasms Feel So Good? This is What You Should Know About It


Everyone who engages in sexual intercourse is aware of what an orgasm is. It is the highest point of maximum satisfaction that one achieves during sexual intercourse. But the question that that lingers is why do orgasms feel so good? In this article, we talk about what are orgasms are and why do they feel so good!

What is an Orgasm?

For people who wonder why do orgasms feel so good, it is first important for all these people to realize what an orgasm is. An orgasm is a maximum satisfaction one can attain sexually. We all humans have a sexual response cycle which is stimulated through sexual stimulations. Just like any movie, we reach a point during our sexual intercourse that we term as being the climax. This climax or ‘peak point’ is known as orgasm. Orgasms never happen on their own alone but are always accompanied with genital muscle contractions.

What happens when you get an orgasm?

There is a reason why do orgasms feel so good, and you can understand that by knowing what exactly is going on in the body when you get an orgasm. During a sexual intercourse with your partner, you experience the sexual excitement that gradually begins to build up within your body. This sexual stimulation is also termed as ‘sexual energy.’ This energy is released by your body via muscle contractions. The muscles that contract in the process are the pelvic and genital muscles. The contraction of muscles is a reaction of your body to the sexual stimulations it receives.

The sexual energy inside your body becomes a reason for maximum blood flow throughout the body muscles towards the pelvic region. A person experiences an orgasm when the blood flow that is higher due to building up pressure is released instantly towards the sexual organs i.e. penis in men and vagina in women. This is the moment when you enjoy maximum pleasure which is scientifically termed as an ‘orgasm.’ Orgasms are the different experience for both men and females.Why Do Orgasms Feel So Good

Orgasms in Men

Men will only experience orgasms when they ejaculate following sexual intercourse. This means a person needs to reach his climax by releasing sperms through his penis as a result of sexual stimulation.

Orgasms in Women

If women wonder why do orgasms feel so good; they should also be aware that it will be a different experience for them altogether. A woman experiences an orgasm as a result of clitoral stimulation. This can be achieved in many ways; through masturbation, penetrative sex and non-penetrative sex.

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Physiological changes that accompany orgasms

If you wonder why do orgasms feel so good and want to get answers to that, you should also know that it is not always important to engage in sexual intercourse to get this maximum peak of pleasure. There are two ways of getting orgasms; penetrative and non-penetrative. However, regardless of the way you get an orgasm, several physiological changes accompany it.

  • A feeling of immense warmth spread throughout the body
  • Breathing changes
  • Sweating, mostly in men
  • Sleepiness or drowsiness
  • Happiness as a result of release of endorphin hormones in the body

These changes are of course the ones that are most commonly reported by people. Nothing definite can be said about orgasms, however since they are a very personal and subjective experience for all.

Helpful tips to get better orgasms

For everyone who wonders why do orgasms feel so good, you should also know what you can do to get better orgasms! There is no better feeling than to reach the climax point during your sexual intercourse. With the following tips, you can make your orgasms even better and increase the pleasure you experience.

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  1. Never fake an orgasm

The one way to make sure that you never have a bad orgasm and experience ones that are better than the present is to never fake it. Faking an orgasm during sexual intercourse is equal to cheating on your partner. This is the reason why it is so important to have open communication with your partner so that you can let him/her know what your body needs are and ask him or her to act accordingly. It is never advisable to suppress or fake pleasure during sex because this way you will never be able to reach the maximum peak of pleasure.

  1. Use your genital muscles more

Kegal exercises during intercourse help to improve the genital and pelvic muscle movement. By engaging the muscles more during intercourse, you can also boost the pleasure you achieve.

  1. Practice delayed orgasms

To increase the pleasure during sex, you need to practice and master the skill of delayed orgasms. This can be done by making sure that as soon as you are about to achieve one orgasm, you slow down before reaching the peak point. This builds up the pressure inside the body and increases the intensity of the next orgasms. Hence, you will experience more pleasure during intercourse this way.

  1. Learn to stimulate the G-spot

Both men and women have a G-spot. Mostly, women are known for having a G-spot while men have a prostate. This is the point in your genitals that can be rubbed and stimulated to achieve pleasure like no other. Learning how to stimulate the G-spot during intercourse is another guaranteed way of improving your orgasms.

  1. Breathing

While many people are unaware of why do orgasm feel so good, they are certainly also unaware how breathing can help to experience better orgasms. As it is already known, one experiences an orgasm when the body’s blood flow is increased due to high pressure. An automatic reaction of the body to increased blood flow is rapid breathing. Breathing fast makes the blood reach the genitals sooner, and this makes orgasms come and go very quickly. To make your orgasms last longer, you need to breathe slowly during sexual intercourse.

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