Why Do I Feel Like Throwing Up – Causes And Treatment


 Wondering why do I feel like throwing up?

The urge to throw up or suppressing the feeling to vomit (which is known as a condition called nausea) is not a disease or health problem. In fact, it is the indication or symptom that alerts you that there might be something else which is wrong with your health. It is not normal to feel like throwing up but can’t! Hence, wondering why do I feel like throwing up in the morning or regularly throughout the day should make you explore all possible causes.

It is strongly recommended never to overlook the fact that you are feeling nauseous and tired without any known reasons or causes. There is always a reason for an action. It is best to reach the core of the problem and get proper treatment as soon as possible. Nausea without vomiting is a common symptom that is associated with several health diseases serious in nature. However, it is unlikely for nausea to be a severe health concern and is mostly temporary!

Feeling or suppressing the urge to throw up

Wondering why do I feel like throwing up is a visible sign of curiosity in humans. This indicates that a person is not unaware of his/her physical changes or needs. Several factors are common and can make you feel like vomiting, but nothing comes out!

Common reasons for feeling nauseouswhy do I feel like throwing up infographic

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If you have been wondering why do I feel like throwing up, but I don’t, there is going to be a reason behind it. However, it is not necessary that every reason is alarming or of serious concern. Many things are frequently happening with our body but are of no serious concern. However, one physical condition leads to another, and that is entirely natural. The following are some common and non-alarming factors that might be the reason behind making you wonder why do I feel like throwing up!Why Do I Feel Like Throwing Up

  1. Acidity and Indigestion

A common problem that we might experience is indigestion as a result of overeating! This leads to acidity, stomachaches and many other digestion-related health concerns. This is a positive factor that explains why do I feel nauseous all the time or why do I feel like throwing up after I eat!

  1. Seasonal flu and fever

Catching flu or falling sick is another minor reason that might make you feel nauseous. This can be attributed to the use of antibiotics that are taken for treatment purpose.

  1. Vigorous Physical Activity

Excessive physical activity for somebody who is obese or not prone to physical movement on a daily basis might lead a person to feel like throwing up without actually vomiting! Although in such a case feeling nauseous is not a serious concern, yet the fact that you are so overweight that slight movement makes you feel so is an eye-opener. Hence, the next time you wonder why do I feel like throwing up, and vigorous physical movement is the reason – take action!

  1. Hangover

Enjoying a drink or two every once in a while is nothing wrong. People often indulge in drinking behavior over the weekends or on special occasions with friends and family. However, excessive or binge drinking can lead to major hangovers. These hangovers can leave one feeling extremely sick temporarily. In such a case of nausea, it is best to know how not to throw up when sick or feeling sick!

  1. Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a natural phenomenon that is important to recreate life. It is a blessing of God like no other. However, pregnancy is not an easy job for women! It is 9 months of sickness, pain and many other physical as well as hormonal changes to the body. One of the earliest signs and conditions in pregnancy is vomiting and feeling nauseous. Increased levels of estrogen in the body are thought of as being common reasons for feeling the urge to throw up. It is known as ‘morning sickness’ when you are pregnant. This condition can cease after the first few weeks pass by or may persist throughout the pregnancy. Using B3 vitamins is believed to help with nausea in such a condition.

Morning Sickness At Night – Possible Causes And Treatment

  1. A migraine

If you complain about having a migraine, it is unlikely you will ever ask why do I feel throwing up! People who experience a migraine are aware that this is a form of a headache that causes severe intensity pain that spreads throughout the head or is restricted to some areas of the head. It is believed to be one of the most serious and painful forms of head pain. Many symptoms are associated with a migraine and nausea is one of the most common ones!

  1. Chemotherapy

As mentioned above, the urge to throw up or feeling nauseous is not a problem in itself. In fact, it is a sign that indicates towards some other serious health condition that might require immediate medical attention. Nausea is also a common symptom associated with medical treatments such as chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is a medical procedure that is used to attack and kill the cancerous cells inside the human body.

Trusted ways to control feeling of nausea

Since it is obvious that you might wonder why do I feel like throwing up more often than you think you would, there should be reliable ways to overcome these urges as well! The following are some quick and trusted ways to control the feeling of nausea.

  • Many relief drinks instantly help to cure nausea. Try using ginger and honey detox drink or simple lemonade will work too!
  • Nausea can happen over an empty stomach as well. It is best to consume something solid to fight this urge immediately,
  • Try relaxing in the fresh Breathing in fresh air is also very helpful to combat this condition.

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