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As all of us know that brain is an important part of us but have you ever think about it that how it works? The answer to most of the people will be NO. You may have been listening from some people that I am left brained, or I am right brained. It is a time to ask yourself a question that what side of the brain do I use. What does that mean? The story of the brain is divided into two hemispheres from the middle. One portion performs some tasks which are different from the functions of the other half portion of the brain.

There are lots of theories about the working of the brain which depict that both the hemispheres work in coordination up to a certain level, but most of the time, both parts work independently. But working independently doesn’t mean that both regions don’t need to communicate.

Have you ever think that what side of the brain do I use? If you don’t have ever thought about it, you need to know now that what side of the brain do I use. What does it tell you? For this, you need to know left brain right brain characteristics. Knowing this will let you know about which part of your brain is more efficient and you will get the answer of the question that what side of the brain do I use.

Left brain Vs right brain characteristics

The way to process information of the left brain is entirely different from the way of the right brain. But it is very common as well as somewhat natural that all of us have a tendency to one approach thinking. The shape of the both parts of the brain is almost similar. Where the difference lie? The difference lies in their functionality. The left brain is also termed as the digital brain, which is considered responsible for the reading and writing abilities i.e. this part of the brain is somewhat logical. On the other hand, the right brain is considered as the analog brain. It is somewhat related to artistic abilities of a person. All of this is discussed in the section below. This is the primary reason behind what people say that they are left brained or right brained.What side of the brain do I use

Left brained Vs right brained community:

First, you need to ask yourself what side of the brain do I use but this is possible if and only if you know what traits to identify that are? The modern world has made this task very simple for you, but this is discussed in the later section. The people who use their left brain on a frequent basis are considered to be analytical, logical and methodological. On the other hand, right brained people are considered disorganized people but the creative ones. These people are supposed to have an artistic mind.

What Does The Left Side Of The Brain Control?

This question was considered necessary that what side of the brain do I use, but now, left brain right brain theory has been disproved. Now it has been proved that all the people have both hemispheres in their brain and with this fact, how one can utilize a single region when both hemispheres of the brain work in coordination with each other. Both the sections function altogether that allow a human to perform in a healthy manner.  But the left brain right brain myth persists, and lots of people believe that this is truth.

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What is brain test quiz?

Previously, to get the answer to the question what side of the brain do I use, you must have to know how about the characteristics of left as well as the right brain. You may have listened about brain test quiz. You know what does it tell you? It informs you about the answer to the question what side of the brain do I use. It is a sort of personality test which tells you exactly about how your brain functions. When you take a test, you will get to know about which part of your brain is more efficient and what sort of person you are i.e. left brained or right brained?

There are some websites on the internet which offer you the free brain test. It won’t takes more than 30 minutes and will ask you some simple questions and will judge the functionality of your brain. If you need to know the truth, select any source, answer all the issues one by one with the assurance of honesty and you will get to know about what sort of person you are. When the test ends, you are given the correct answers as well as your result of the trial which will reveal about the functionality of your brain and will make you the answer what side of the brain do I use.

What Does The Right Side Of The Brain Do – Get Your Answers Now !

What does brain test quiz measures?

In this trial what tells you what side of the brain do I use, there are no right or wrong answers. It merely assists in knowing about the functionality of our brain.

What does the idea of brain test come from?

A lot of people claim that there is no truth behind brain test and this is intended merely for fun. On the other hand, some people believe and argue that brain test exactly tells the answer of what side of the brain do I use means, it accurately tells you about the what sort of thinker you are. The people who believe that it is a truth argue that the inspiration of brain test comes from the judgment that the different parts of the brain of a human are responsible for various functionalities and test reveals all those merely by asking a few simple questions.

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