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What Side is Your Kidney On – Kindney Pain Relief, Causes and Treatment


What Side is Your Kidney On – Kidney Pain Symptom And Treatment

The bean shape body organ that is used for the cleaning of our blood, as well as digestion of water, is present in our body known as the kidney. They are two in number, one on each side of our abdomen. The primary purpose of kidneys is in the excretory system. The main filtration of our blood is done inside this organ, and then that blood is circulated in our body which is now waste free. If you think that you are having pain in your kidney, the first thing to consider is what side is your kidney on. After you are sure about this, you should draw a conclusion about your situation. There is multiple kidney pain treatment nowadays being carried out in the market to keep yourself from the failure of this important part of our body.

Where are your Kidneys Located on Your back

The nature of kidney is of a kind that the exact location of the kidney do not feel the pain when you have it. Be sure that where is kidney pain felt, and then take the precautionary measures. You can easily mistake the kidney pain for the pain in your liver or stomach. If you are feeling pain on the lower back side of your ribs can be the cause of pathogenesis of kidneys. To make a right diagnosis, know what side is your kidney on. Distinguish correctly that whether it is a muscle pull or kidney pain. The location of your kidney is left and right side of upper quadrant under the ribs.What Side is Your Kidney On

7 Most Common Symptoms Related to kidney pain you should know

You can know correctly about the kidney pain location by some symptoms. Some of the important symptoms that should be noticed and taken account of are as follows.

Some of the people complain that they have pain in the upper back area of their body. This pain is not taken seriously, but it can be due to the problem in your kidney. Distinguish between Kidney pain vs. back pain; it will help you to diagnose the real issue at the right time. Whenever you feel a stabbing pain on the upper side of your back, it is necessary to consult your doctor instantly and get the tests done about any problems in the kidney. You may also feel some vomiting and symptoms of nausea in this situation. Near the kidney location, the back and abdominal part are also present so that you can misunderstand the pain on both the body parts.

  • Urinary issues

You may experience some problems with your urination. The urine will frequently pass than normal when you are facing kidney pain. On what side is your kidney on, you can have some irritation and disturbance at that point. The color of your urine will also change the type of problem you are facing. Sometimes Kidney pain dehydration is also the cause of kidney pain, when you are taking less amount of water in the previous days, you should know that some problem may occur in your kidney. So keep your water content reasonable to avoid this kind of challenges. The pain while passing out of the urine is also an alarming situation. If you face any these problems, it is recommended to contact your doctor immediately and see the real cause of the problem.

  • Change in normal body routine

When a person is facing any problems in the kidney, he will observe various changes in his body during the regular life. There will be swelling in the body and face. The legs will hurt. These symptoms may also indicate towards Kidney pain after drinking alcohol. This is the factor that should be observed keenly, and if you have kidney pain due to this, then it is good to quit alcohol otherwise, it will cause some long-term damage to your system. You will also experience the loss of your appetite; weight loss is a common symptom, fever and weakness are also observed in these scenarios. So, observe acutely on what side is your kidneys on, and see the general changes that are taking place in your body.

  • Causes of pain in the kidney

Multiple reasons can be the reason for pain in your kidney. When you observe the symptoms mentioned above, some of the following reasons can be behind the occurrence of these symptoms.

  • Kidney stone

It is one of the most common kidney problems. Many people face this and the natural treatment that is used these days is the removal of kidney stone by the laser treatment. Some people also prefer to have surgery or removal through medication. Your rock is present on what side is your kidneys on and will cause frequent pain. If the stone is not removed at the right time, it can result in the failure of renal. The cause of having a kidney or renal stone is some imbalance in your diet and fluid and mineral intake. During the cleaning of blood in your system, the stone may arise.

  • Infection in Kidney

Pain in the kidney can also occur because of infection in your kidney area. Another problem here is the renal vein thrombosis that will cause issues in the kidney. Urinary tract infection is also known as UTI is also one of these matters. After having the UTI, the infection enters your kidney and damage it. The kidney is a sensitive organ, and if not properly taken care of, it will fail in a small period. The treatment of this infection should be done immediately.

Many other causes such as polycystic kidney, hydronephrosis, and kidney cancer and alcohol abuse can be the reasons behind the kidney pain. To deal with all these problems, one should have a comprehensive idea of what side is your kidneys on. Once you know the exact location, proper diagnosis and tests can be conducted by this judgment.

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