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What Side Is your Heart On ? – Do You Know About it

what side is your heart on


The heart is the vital part of your body, and it is the reason you are alive and move around. So, you should at least know some of the important facts about your heart so that you can take care of it in a better way. The foremost thing about your heart to know is what side is your heart on. You should have a clear idea about the position of your heart. It will help you to allocate the exact location and make a judgment that is it the right place in case you are having pain. If you feel Chest pain on the right side, it doesn’t mean that you are having a heart pain because it is a known fact that the heart is positioned on the left side of the human body. So here are those must-know facts about your heart.

Difference in Men and Women Heart

You may want to know where is your heart located on a woman. The place and positioning of the woman’s heart are same as of male, but if we observe minutely, there is a small difference in the inward structure. There is a little difference in the weight of men and women heart. The small size f women’s heart is compensated by the fast beating. In men frequently, the beating of the heart is 70 beats in a second while in women this number increase to 78 beats per second. So you should not worry about where is the heart located in a woman.What Side Is your Heart On

Heart attack without pain in the chest

Yes, it is the fact that you can have a heart attack even if you do not have chest pain. Symptoms of a heart attack in men show that it is necessary to have a pain before having a heart attack. There are many Heart attack symptoms warning signs that can determine you are going to have a heart attack. Those symptoms include the presence of fatigue, pain in the neck, shortness of the breathing, sweating, and nausea. All these are the clear symptoms that can cause a “silent heart attack.” This problem is mainly common in the patients with diabetes. The person who has diabetes should know what side is your heart on.

Effect of stress and emotions on your heart

The stress ha a significant effect on your heart. Due to tension, certain kind of hormone is released in your body that is responsible for paralyzing your heart. These things can also cause the disease named “Broken Heart Syndrome.” This disease is usually common in women in post-menopausal phase. There can be multiple reasons to trigger this hormone in women. Such incidents can be the death of someone they love or financial problems. This is a sensitive hormone, and it can also be triggered because of the fear and anxiety of performing on the stage. This pain can arise on what side is your heart on. But by taking proper precautions, you can cure this syndrome in a short time because it is just a temporary issue.

The size of your heart and its issues

Some people have a large size of heart due to a certain problem, and this is not a good thing to have. It is not healthy to have a large heart. If the muscles of your heart are large then due to the muscle fatigue there can be signs of a mild heart attack. When your heart is healthy is weightless, and the actual size of your heart is equal to the size of your fist. Because the heart pumps every second the muscles should be strong and the smaller the size of your heart, the better it is for it because it has to travel a long race.

To make it ready for such a long effort it should work efficiently in the best manner possible. Because the size of men heart is naturally a little large, the Symptoms of a heart attack in men should be observed properly and not be mistook in the shape of any other disease.

The color of your heart

The heart you draw in the diaries and messages is not the same shape and color of your original heart. The real heart is of different shape, and its color is not completely red. The blood pumped by your heart is red. However, the color of your original heart is basically of dark than the blood color that is pumped through it. There is also some amount of fat on the surface of your heart. The color of the facts mixes with the color of your heart as a result giving the surface a light and yellowish color.

You must know what side is your heart on the right or left. When we observe our heart beat, we place our right hand on the left side of our chest, but to be precise, the hand should be located on the little mid side of your chest. This is the original place where your heart is located. The proper knowledge should be obtained on what side is your heart on.

The heart will beat even after the removal from your body

The continuous moment of heart that takes place throughout your life make the muscles of your heart to move in a particular pattern even if it is removed from your heart. Sometimes it is observed that after the removal the heart continues to beat. The electrical energy that makes your heart pump is natural. If you face mini heart attack symptoms, it is necessary to get a checkup from the doctor at the right time. This will save you from further complications.

With all these important facts you can analyze your heart condition in a much better position. It is necessary to have information about what side is your heart on. You should never oversee the chest pain especially if it is on the left side; this will decrease the chances of having a heart attack.

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