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What Side is Your Bladder on Infection: Diagnosis And Treatments?


The question what side is your bladder on infection is a paramount question to ask yourself for the reason that it is the delicate part of your body. The bladder is a sort of empty pouch that is used by the body to store the urine, collected by kidneys. If you feel like you are suffering from a bladder infection, you must act quickly in this regard. The reason is that the bladder infection can get worse with time. So, you need to work quickly before it spreads towards the kidneys. When the bladder infection spreads towards the kidneys, it causes the damage for the long time periods. This is the major for which it is recommended that you must take quick steps in this regard.

How do I know that what side is your bladder on infection?

The answer to the question that what side is your bladder on infection matters a lot. The answer to the question can be found merely by a urine test. Additionally, to make sure that your kidneys are safe from the infection, you must go for a CT scan to detect it on time for the reason that kidney disease must be treated on time.

How do you feel that you are suffering from painful bladder syndrome?

What side is your bladder on infection can be well judged by a few symptoms? There are several symptoms of bladder infection from which you can get to know on time that you are suffering from a bladder infection. The most obvious symptoms of bladder infection may include the following:What Side is Your Bladder on

  • One of the most common symptoms of the bladder infection is that you feel burning while urinating. If you feel like that from a few days, you must go to the doctor immediately in this condition.
  • The everyday urge to urinate.
  • Bladder spasm.
  • Bladder pain.
  • Cloudy or bloody urine.
  • Strong urine with a foul
  • Chills or fever; this means that the bladder infection has spread over to kidneys.

What side is your bladder on infection can be well judged by symptoms, listed above? Though the bladder infection is usually found in women, this is not that men can’t suffer from a bladder infection. The signs of the bladder infection in men are not very different from the signs of a bladder infection in women. For instance, bloody urine, trouble in urinating or frequent urination, tingling sensation while urination or merely after that, etc.

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Though some conditions may be an indication of increased bladder infection, for instance, stones in the kidney, enlarged prostate, etc. The treatment of the bladder depends upon the condition as well as the causes behind, but frequently can be treated with antibiotics.

Bladder infection VS UTI

UTI stands for Urinary Tract Infection. These two terms don’t belong to the same meaning; there are differences. A kidney infection or bladder infection can be a UTI. On the other hand, UTI may or may not be an infection in the bladder. A bladder infection is a sort of infection that is in the bladder while the UTI is a type of infection in the ureters or urethra. The treatment of the both doesn’t have many differences in them.

How can a bladder infection be treated?

After the diagnosis of a bladder infection, the first and foremost thing to ask yourself is that how to get rid of a bladder infection? This question is critical to ask yourself as soon as possible. As mentioned earlier, a vast variety of bladder infection can be treated merely with the antibiotics. For instance, if your bladder infection is not much complicated and you have diagnosed it in early stages, you can get rid of it within three or four days of medication. However, if the infection has spread over to kidneys, it may take longer periods of the treatment.

After you are done with the bladder infection treatment, you need to make sure that you have got rid of it and for this purpose; you are supposed to go for a urine test again in this regard. A simple urine test will assure you that you do not have any infection signs anymore.

Some natural bladder infection treatment:

The painful bladder syndrome can be eased with the help of medications as well as with a few effectual home tonics, a few of them are listed below:

  • Drink plenty of water:

Drinking the plenty of water may help you to get rid of bladder infection within the very short period for the reason that water helps you to flush out the bacteria, which is the primary reason behind the bladder infection. Also, water dilutes the urine, and the process of urination becomes less painful for you.

  • Frequent urination:

How frequent urination helps you to get rid of a bladder infection? Yes, it does in a way by eliminating the bacteria out from the bladder. If you don’t go for the frequent urination, you will allow bacteria to increase in the bladder.

  • Antibiotics:

As mentioned above, lots of bladder infections can be eliminated merely by antibiotics. Bladder infection antibiotics help you to get rid of bladder infection by killing the bacteria inside. So, antibiotics are prescribed based on the condition of your bladder infection.

  • Heating pads:

Lots of people wonder how heating pads help you to get rid of bacteria inside your bladder? But it does. When you put heating pads on your back or your abdominal region, it may soothe the ache as well as helps you to get rid of the bladder pain that is caused by a bladder infection.

  • Appropriate dressing:

When someone is suffering from a bladder infection, appropriate dressing can help you a lot in this regard. The reason is that bacteria increases in the moist and warm environment. So, you need to avoid tight clothing in this regard, for instance, tight jeans. It is recommended to wear loose clothes in such a condition to make your skin breathe, and this will resultantly help you to get rid of bladder infection very soon.what side is your bladder on

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