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What Side Is Your Appendix On And What Are the Symptoms


What Side Is Your Appendix On The Body And What’s it Work?

Some Key Facts about Appendix OR what side is your appendix on

Appendicitis is a disease that is caused because of inflammation in the appendix. It is a common disease that can occur to anyone at any time. The symptoms of this disease are pretty common in elders. The treatment should be performed within the early hours of pain. You can treat this by removing the appendix with surgery. It is not a dangerous disease, but for the right cautions, one should know what side is your Appendix on? If it is not treated in the proper manner, there can be severe outcomes. It can also prove to be fatal if not treated on the right time.

The organ is pouch like which is linked to our intestine. If there is any blockage in the part of an appendix, it is the primary cause of appendicitis and should be immediately treated. The prolonged delay may cause the appendix to rupture which will cause a threat to your life. The surgery should be performed at the right time, and the doctor should have complete knowledge about what side is your appendix on male? In this article, very comprehensive details about the causes, symptoms, and treatment of appendicitis are given.

What is the purpose of the appendix?

There are multiple long debates about the worth of appendix in our body, but they do not reach to an end from many years. Millions of people remove their appendix every year, and they do not have any harmful side effects shown afterward. So, many researchers and experts are performing research on this topic for several years. There are some of the studies that demonstrate the purpose behind the presence of appendix. Most researchers think that the bacteria which are being flushed out of our stomach because of the illness, they are gathered in the appendix. These bacteria are then used for the health and fighting infections in our body

Many researchers have also conducted a lot of research on what side is your Appendix on? And have gathered consistent results. The shape, presence, and location of the appendix are pretty standard and known by almost every doctor. Mostly, it is considered that if you do not have an appendix in your body, you have more chances of having infections. It is because of the loss of healthy bacteria in more amount. The bad bacteria have more chance of attacking your body because it lacks in healthy bacteria.

What side is your appendix on?

To be precise, the exact location of the appendix is the lower right side of your abdomen. The right side of your hip bone is close to this point. The point where the small and large intestine is separated is near the point of appendix presence. Its valves are close, but one must be able to distinguish the pain in the belly and appendix. Mostly, people confuse this pain with the pain in the belly because this is almost near the point of the belly button. So, you must be conscious enough at the time of pain and know what side is your Appendix on?

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The occurrence of Appendicitis

Appendicitis is a disease. The disease is mainly caused because of inflammation in the appendix. The inflammation occurs when there is a bacterial infection in this area of due to the oversizing growth in the appendix. The blockage in the line of the appendix is the leading cause of all these issues. The accumulation of unhealthy bacteria cause the blockage, or there can be any other certain ways. The pain in your midsection is aroused because of all these issues. If you know what side is your appendix on? You can quickly identify this. The pain in this disease generally start from the right side, and spread to the whole are of the abdomen.

Age group most likely of getting appendicitis after upper left abdominal pain under ribs

Most commonly this issue is aroused in the people of age group from 12 years to 35 years old. Mostly, the people who are more like of getting this are in their early teenage. Because the unhealthy food is taken by the kids mostly in their adolescent, so they are usually the target of this disease. In addition to unhealthy food, physical disturbance, internal problems and tumors are also some of the major issues. What side is your Appendix on should also be known if you are facing the symptoms of this disease?

Appendicitis Test  and Symptoms

Mostly people suffer more or less same type o symptoms in case of appendicitis. These symptoms should be observed clearly and precisely to get the right diagnose. First of all, you should decide whether it is the right side of the appendix or not. For this, you should make it clear that what side is your appendix on. Some of the most common signs that are faced by most patients are as follows.

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Pain on left side of stomach

Most patients complain pain in their lower abdomen area on the right side. The pain is mild at the start but by the time is start to increase a lot and this makes the patient feel more uncomfortable. If the treatment is not done at the right time, the pain reaches the extreme.


Because the appendix is present right next to the digestive system and the food passage is near it, there are certain issues like constipation that occur. The food has to pass through the proper passage and the appendix I cause because of the blockage at some point. Until the blockage is removed, the person faces obstruction in food passage resulting in constipation.

Sickness and fever

Due to the high level of pain, the person starts feeling fever and high illness. The patients have a fever because of tolerating the high pain. Also, the absence of healthy bacteria and attack by unhealthy bacteria create these health issues.

Issues in movement

On what side is your appendix on can easily be determined because of the problems faced by the movement. When the person is suffering from appendicitis, it will be uneasy for him to move from one place to another. Also, it is good not to go just to avoid any discrepancy any further. The blockage is caused in the appendix, and it is a sensitive area, any movement will cause a lot of pain and further complications for the surgery.

Repeated urine passing

The inflammation that is a brought about in the area of the appendix will cause irritation in the ureter. The tube that is between the kidney and bladder is affected by this affected by this irritation resulting in frequent passage of the urine from your body. This also causes a lot of anxiety for the patient because he is already facing difficulty in moving so it should be kept in mind that what side is your appendix on.


It is the most common symptom of appendicitis. The first thing that occurs when anyone is facing this problem is the occurrence of inflammation. The area near the right side of the abdomen starts to inflame causing a lot of pain for the person.

These were precisely some of the symptoms that are most commonly observed in the patients with appendicitis. If the person is not having the obvious symptoms and still facing any uneasiness on what side is your appendix on, you should consult the doctor immediately, and he will perform a different test to ensure that whether the person is suffering from appendicitis or not.

In case of Burst

The burst in the appendix is usually a point of great concern. This issue causes a lot of problems. The first effect that occurs due to break is the occurrence of severe pain the whole area of the abdomen. The person will not be able to move at all. The burst will cause severe pain and infection in the line of the abdomen. Even having a cough at that point is unbearable. The stiffness is experienced in the belly area. In women, it may be difficult to identify what side is your appendix on in the days of pregnancy because it moves in the upper area of your abdomen. You cannot eat anything in this condition that results in more weakness and anxiety. This condition is mainly known as peritonitis.

Diagnosis of Appendicitis

In the case of normal symptoms, the surgeon easily diagnoses the appendix and perform required operations. But, in some of the cases, the symptoms are not so obvious. No particular test can find out the proper occurrence of appendicitis. Mostly the doctors could not make a judgment even if the patient is feeling pain on what side is your appendix on in those cases, some of the patients perform surgery just to find out the real cause. It is done to eradicate any severe outcomes at the end. Sometimes a urine test is helpful in the diagnosis because a particular kind of protein is secreted in the urine of the person is facing appendicitis. Some of the imaging tests can also be conducted to make a diagnosis. These imaging tests include CT scan or Ultrasound. But these scans are performed only if they are having difficulty in the diagnosis if your symptoms are pretty clear the doctor will take you straight to the surgery room because any delay will result in the rupture of the appendix.

Appendicitis in children

Because children are most likely to have this disease and the problem they have is that they cannot particularly describe the main issue or the place of pain. If you tell them at what side is your appendicitis on, they will show you the location of pain by touching the area, but it is not obvious that it is the right place. A clear judgment id needed for the proper diagnosis. Mostly the appendix in children is taken as UTI which is urinary tract infection and is pretty common in people. So, the parents should be cautious and think about all the possibilities whenever your child complains about the pain in the belly area including the abdomen. Some of the common symptoms generally caused in small children are vomiting, nausea and tightness in the belly area.


The problem in the digestive system results in the vomiting. When suffering from appendicitis, the food is not digested properly, and as a result, the person starts puking. Also, the lack of appetite because of the high uneasiness will cause the patient to suffer.

The pain of appendix starts with a pain I middle of your tummy, and then after an hour, it will travel towards the lower right-hand side where your appendix is located. On reaching the point of appendix pain will become severe and constant. Pressing the area of pain, walking or coughing will make the pain worse. If you have an appendix, you may feel some other symptoms as well with the pain on the lower right side of your tummy, but first, you need to know what side is your appendix on in a female, Symptoms of the appendix are as follow.

  • Feeling sick: you will feel sick without any reason Loss of apatite Diarrhea high temperature or fever

What side is your appendix on

Symptoms of appendix

Appendicitis occurs when a worm-shaped pouch attached to your large intestine becomes inflamed. That worm-shaped pouch is called appendix. It can be a matter of life if appendix bursts it does not matter that what side is your appendix on a girl. But doctors with the help of surgery remove the appendix before it becomes dangerous.

It is very common illness, and many people have it do not it yet. Many people might not face the classical symptoms of the appendix, for that doctors need to put their hands on the belly of the patient. Treatment of appendix is tricky, and doctors need practice for operations. You need to see a doctor if you have following symptoms

Belly button pain:

The first sign or symptom of that you might have an appendix is a pain in the lower right corner of the belly. It starts from belly button that’s why this pain is called belly button pain. Some people, children or pregnant women might feel pain in the different side of the belly. Pain will get worse if you cough or sneeze or go for a bumpy ride.

Rapidly worsen pain:

Doctors say that once pain reaches to the lower abdomen it starts to increase, and it became so worse that you would never felt that kind of pain before. Appendicitis pain is severing enough to wake someone up from sleeping. Once it starts; it can increase in several hours.

Low-grade fever:

What side is your appendix on left or right? Appendicitis symptoms may include stomach problem and low-grade fever and illness. Doctors say that if you have 100 fever and pain in the stomach than its ok. But if you have 103 fever and pain in stomach that would not let you stand up, then it can be appendicitis.


You won’t have projectile vomits, but you can face a couple of days where your apatite is little vomiting and nausea. But what side is your appendix on in the human body that can also be caused by any stomach problem? If you recover in day or week, then you are probably fine.If it continues to get worse, then you need medical attention. It can be appendix causing all these complications.

Constipation or diarrhea:

Just like other symptoms may be it would not start severely that what side is your appendix on a woman? But you can face this problem just after you have experienced the abdominal pain.But if you have mild diarrhea with pain in lower abdomen for a day or two then you must pay a visit to your family doctor.

These are starting symptoms of the appendix. It does not matter what side is your appendix on and where is it located if you face these problems do not hesitate to go to a doctor. It must be treated before it gets worse because it can be a matter of life and death.

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