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What Side is The Pancreas On – Causes Symptoms And Treatments


Pancreatitis causes symptoms and treatments

As you know well that pancreas is an important part of our body, any pain and harm to this organ may make you suffer. You may also know about what side is the pancreas on, if not, we will we will let you know about this. Pancreatitis is a disease that is present in our pancreas, and it involves the inflammation and swelling of the pancreas. This disease is further classified into two types that are chronic and acute pancreatitis. These types of disease can be cured by using multiple ways especially by taking a change in your diet plan. You should stick to a proper diet whenever you are facing this problem because it is an important part of our digestive system.

Purpose and Location of pancreas

First of all, the place in your body where the pancreas is present is behind your stomach. So, the pancreas pain location is right beside your stomach, and sometimes you mistook it as the pain in the stomach. So you should know properly that what side is the pancreas on to make the right diagnosis. The purpose of the pancreas is to secrete the pancreatic juice that plays a significant role in the digestion of your food. That enzyme secreted by the pancreas is of particular help in the breaking down of your sugar intake. The sugar bonding is broken down and when the digestion of food takes place. So the right working of the pancreas is necessary for this scenario.

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Types of pancreatitiswhat side is the pancreas on

Mostly it is a sudden pain that can determine your pancreatitis problem. It is the kind of pain that can occur in your body and then suddenly disappears. But it happens only sometimes, mostly it stays and requires proper treatment and hospitalization. The inflammation in this disease remains for many days and takes the time to be cured. The main types of pancreatitis that have been observed by the doctors worldwide are as follows.

  • Acute pancreatitis
  • Chronic pancreatitis

These types have further classifications that make them more severe and less harmful for you. Whenever you feel pain on left side of abdomen, you should not take it lightly and look for a doctor immediately for the treatment.

Acute Pancreatitis

As being the most common type of pancreatitis, it is caused by the presence of some solid material in the bile. There is a duct between your gallbladder and pancreas that is the passage of bile juice and other enzymes that help in digestion. Any stones can produce inflammation at that place, and this is known as acute pancreatitis. This type is caused due to the frequent intake of alcohol. Knowing what side is the pancreas on is not enough, proper care should be taken.

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Chronic pancreatitis

This is the type of pancreatitis that is sudden and caused by the inflammation that repeatedly occurs at frequent time intervals. The pancreas has a chance of permanent damage in this disease. The tissues are damaged due to the inflammation over the longer period.

This also causes the change of pancreatic juice being produced in our pancreas that will ultimately affect the digestive system in many ways, affecting the working of other body parts also. The fats will not be digested properly, and you will face pain in left side under ribs. Excessive use alcohol is also the reason behind this disease. In some patients, it is caused due to the genetic problems.

Symptoms of pancreatitis

There are multiple obvious symptoms through which you can access that whether you are suffering from pancreatitis or not. There are also some of the pancreatic cancer symptoms that will keep you away from any serious issue in the future. The most obvious symptoms of pancreatitis are nausea and vomiting, hiccups and bloating that will happen along with the inflammation in the stomach.

On what side is the pancreas on, you will experience persistent redness and irritation. The continuous pain will be felt in the upper portion of your body and the band on the back of your body. You will also have the problem of indigestion. Your abdomen will become tender, and you will feel uncomfortable after having fat rich food. Weight loss is also a visible symptom of pancreatitis.

In chronic pancreatitis, because enough juice is not being secreted, you will observe some fatty clogging on the pancreas location. As your body is not absorbing all the essential nutrients that are required by it, it will have some issues with the maintenance. You can feel numbness, and the pain may last for a smaller period of a long time. Pain on left side of the back is frequently observed and will not go even after the initial treatment at home. So it is necessary to see the doctor for the right diagnosis and treatment.

Treatment of pancreatitis

After the correct diagnosis of the physician by the test and the inflammation on what side is the pancreas on, proper treatment should be carried out. You may have to stay hospitalized for some time because constant observation by the specialist is necessary. You need eternal rest for the healing process. Multiple methods that are used to cure this disease are as follows.

Change in your diet

This is the conventional treatment for the treatment of pancreatitis. Because of the direct involvement of pancreas in the digestion of your food, the changes in your diet are necessary. The low-fat food should be taken that should be equally healthy and beneficial for the system and healing process of your body.


If the problem is large, surgery is needed. Some people may worry here about can you live without a pancreas. So, it is known that the pancreas is not removed from your body, they are just cured in the right manner.

The proper treatment of this disease is necessary after knowing on what side is the pancreas on. Otherwise, serious illness will cause problems in your future life.

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