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What Does The Left Side Of The Brain Do – Mystery Revealed


The human brain is divided into two parts or sides: the left side and the right side. These sides are also known as the left and right hemispheres. The human brain is one of the most complicated things in the world. Scientists have studied the function of the brain hard. Today the scientists and biologists utilize the latest technology and perform various experiments to know its function. There has been yet not a 100% answer to how to do the brain function and what lets it control and think. The scientists may have come to a conclusion as to what function it performs and what does the left side of the brain do or what does the right side do.

Both these sides have a different function and control various parts of the body. The list of left and right brain functions is huge. There have been a lot of studies which involve left and right brain test to know what each side does. There are endless possibilities of the human brain. But there are a few important things that today scientists know. Here is the answer to what does the left side of the brain do?What does the left side of the brain do

The basic working of the brain

It will be wrong to say that both these sides of the brain work independently. Although the functions of each side are different, yet both sides have to work simultaneously. The most obvious purpose of the sides of the brain is to control the opposite side of the body. The left hemisphere controls the right side of the body, and the right hemisphere controls the left side of the body. To make it more clearly, what an individual sees from his right eye is controlled, managed and processed by the left hemisphere. It is an essential function and answers to the question what does the left side of the brain do. There have been many studies all across the globe in different countries. All these studies prove that the left hemisphere has the following functions.

The analytical thought

It is responsible for the analytical thought. It means whenever a human is thinking logically he is thinking and processing the data from the left side. The left side controls manage and process the most basic and the most complex logical thoughts. It is why whenever there is the left side of brain pain the people feel a bit dizzy. The person who has a pain in the left side tends to sleep more and cannot think correctly. Those people who are considered mad or insane have severe left hemisphere brain damage. In simple words, the left brain thinks verbally and analytically. On the other hand, the right side of the brain is not intuitive.

Language and reasoning

Another function that the left side of the brain performs is the language and logic. Whenever a person tries to learn a new language, it means his left side is working. Whenever a person speaks, or hears something or gives an answer to a question, the left brain is in action. The left part of the brain is also responsible for reasoning. The sense of judgment is controlled by the left hemisphere.

Which side of the brain is more creative?

It is not possible to tell which is more creative by knowing what does the left side of the brain do. One of the most important primary functions of the left hemisphere is the writing ability. Whenever a person is about to write something, the thoughts and reasoning from the left side help him write. Whenever a person writes on paper or types on the computer or a phone, it is the left side which is active. The right side provides the intuition, creativity, and imagination for writing. One may wonder which side of the brain is creative. Without the help of the right side, the left side cannot work. It is why the right side of the brain is more creative.

The right brain function list is much more creative than the left side. The left side may depend more on the right side. It is why the right side is more creative. Another reason for right side being creative is the holistic thought. It is an excellent ability of thinking and analyzing. It is why the right side is superior to the left side.

Science and math also comes from left side

Another important function of the left hemisphere is mathematics and science. All those grades that a person gets in science or math’s in the school or college are the gift of the left side. Now if a person wonders what does the left side of the brain do? It performs excellent maths and scientific work. It is because of the left hemisphere that today humans know so much about the brain itself.

The right side control

So, what does the left side of the brain do? In simple words, it controls the right side. It is true that most of the people in the world are right handed. Thanks to the left side of their brains! It is true, the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body muscles. If a person is right-handed, it means the left side of the brain controls his or her right hand. It means if the left side of the brain hurts it will affect the right body parts. If the right side of brain hurts, it will influence the left body parts or muscles.

The numbers and skills

What does the left side of the brain do what other functions does it perform? There are thousands of duties that the left side of the brain performs. One of them is to enhance the skills of the human beings and do calculations. The numbers and skills of a person are because of the left side of the brain. If a person is weak in calculating figures and in learning skills, it means his left hemisphere may be damaged or hurt.

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