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What Are The Side Effects of Xarelto – How To Get Rid Of It


Uses and side effects of Xarelto

Blood thinner medicine that is used to reduce the clogging of the blood is known as Xarelto. The most common type of disease that is known as DVT that is deep vein thrombosis. Due to the presence of clots in the blood the chances of having a heart attack increase a lot and to reduce this issues, this medicine is used and recommended by most of the doctors. But it should be utilized according to proper prescription because you do not typically know what are the side effects of Xarelto

Most importantly, the use of Xarelto is prohibited if you have an artificial valve in your heart. Also, the patients with diabetes who have the problem of uncontrollable bleeding should avoid the use of this medicine. Serious concerns can arise by the utilization of this medication. The patients with any issue in their spinal cord are also prohibited to use the Xarelto. So, doctors take special care and know about the medical background of the patient before recommending this medicine to the patients. Otherwise, they may face Xarelto side effects lawsuit, in the case of any issue. So, you should consult your doctor immediately if you suffer any of these problems by the use of Xarelto.What Are The Side Effects of Xarelto

In case of overdose or missing the dose

If you miss a dose, take the dose as soon as you remember about it. Do not take the extra medicine to compensate for the missed one; this will raise more issues. If you suffer from the overdose of this medication, then be sure to run into the emergency because the over dosage of this medicine is highly injurious to the health. Typically people do not know what Xarelto 20 mg used for is? It is used to get a little thinning in your blood. If you have thick blood and small clots in it, a small amount of this medicine is taken to take it to the regular level. When you compare Xarelto vs. Pradaxa, you can see varying opinions of the doctor, and they will recommend you differently depending upon your condition.

Small side effects of using Xarelto

You can know about the minimal effects that you will encounter after the use of Xarelto in your routine. These side effects can be best known by Xarelto side effects mayo clinic because they have the better research done on this issue. The common side effects observed in this situation are

  • Pain in the muscles. You will also experience weakness, headache, and dizziness in this situation. The pain in the muscles of your arms and legs is normal in this situation because of the changes your body goes through in the process of thinning your blood.
  • Itching, bleeding and bruising are also the symptoms of side effects seen after the use of Xarelto. If you observe the bleeding in your nose, gums, or there is an increase in your menstrual bleeding cycle, then these are the dangerous situations, and you should consult your doctor immediately.
  • Change in the color of your urine is also a sign of this. Xarelto side effects liver may cause this in return. Your liver is highly effected by the use of this medication, especially in the case of overdosage. So, the color of the urine may turn into brown, pink or red, depending on the severity of the issue.
  • Due to the bruising and blisters, you can experience Xarelto side effects rash. Rashes are pretty common due to the itching effect and irritation. Some people also observe paralysis for a small amount of time after continuous usage of this medication. The rashes occur from the continued bleeding that takes place from your wounds.
  • You can also observe a small amount of blood in the vomiting you have. There is somewhat similarity in the side effects of Xarelto and alcohol. You will experience fatigue and nausea. The same signs will be felt like a headache and dizziness.
Serious issues

Some of the serious side effects that are frequently seen in the patients using Xarelto for thinning of the blood are here. You can visit Xarelto side effects forum, where there are multiple side effects categorized according to the severity of those side effects. The most common type of side effect that is severe is pain and inflammation in the stomach. Some people also see the blurred vision and another issue with the eyesight. Diarrhea is also a standard problem mostly seen. People lose their appetite that will result in the serious problems subsequently. One must know what are the side effects of Xarelto to treat them effectively. Get rid of these issues as soon as possible.

It is recommended to contact your doctor in an emergency if you face any of these symptoms on a larger scale because they can prove fatal in their extended state. Some side effects like weakness and headache are normal, but make sure that they do not remain for an extended period.

Some of the side effects that are rare

By the use of Xarelto, even if you know what the side effects of Xarelto are, there are still some of the side effects that are not known by the general people. These side effects include bleeding inside the abdomen, blockage in your bile flow, a significant decrease of your blood platelets and hemiparesis. These are side effects that are severe as well as they are rarely seen among the use of Xarelto, so all these points should be kept in mind while the medication.

Including all the side effects that are mentioned in this article, there are some of the medicines that can be harmful if they are used parallel to Xarelto. So, make it sure that your doctor knows completely about all the medications you are suing along with Xarelto. After knowing what are the side effects of Xarelto take all the necessary precautions to prevent yourself from these risks and complications.

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