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What Are the Side Effects of Simvastatin? – Best Review



What are the side effects of Simvastatin: Review And Treatment

Simvastatin is a medical drug or rather a group of medicines that is popularly used to treat patients suffering from high cholesterol. Undoubtedly, it is a very effective drug that helps to reduce the levels of triglycerides and bad lipoproteins in the bloodstream. As a result of the reduced amounts of bad cholesterol in the blood flow, this drug encourages good cholesterol in the body. However, Simvastatin is more famous for having several severe side effects rather than benefits. In case you are wondering what are the side effects of Simvastatin, this article holds all answers for you.

About Simvastatin

Simvastatin is a popular group of drugs that is used to treat patients suffering from high cholesterol levels. Medically, it is referred to as Zocor. In addition to reducing the body’s cholesterol levels, Simvastatin or Zocor is also used to

  • Lower risk of heart attack
  • Decrease chances of stroke
  • Deal with diabetic complications in the body
  • Reduce risks of coronary heart problems

Simvastatin and other medications

Since Simvastatin is such a popular drug that is effective to treat some health problems, it is often compared to other medicines as well. For instance, you will often see comparisons for Simvastatin vs. Lipitor. However, no matter how many benefits this medicine has for human health, one cannot deny the adverse health effects it has as well. In fact, a very common question asked in relevance to this pharmaceutical drug is what are the side effects of Simvastatin?What are the side effects of Simvastatin

It is often also usually speculated that Simvastatin side effects in men are more common in comparison to women. Further ahead in this article, we take a look at what are the side effects of Simvastatin and also specify which are long-term vs. short-term effects.

Side Effects of Simvastatin

Unfortunately, Simvastatin or Zocor has more side effects in comparison to its benefits. This is a major reason why this drug is not openly accessible to the people, and patients need a prescription to get access to this medicine. Secondly, the ‘mg’ of the drug also makes a difference as to what the adverse impacts of the drug are. For instance, the Simvastatin 20 mg side effects will be more severe and long-lasting as compared to side effects of Simvastatin 10 mg.

Common side effects of Simvastatin include the following.
  1. Eczema

While other medicines have side effects like fever and flu, such is not the case for Simvastatin. In fact, the commonest side effect for this pharmaceutical drug is Eczema. Eczema is a skin condition in which the person gets severe rashes over the skin. This side effect is not only common for Zocor but can get serious as well.

  1. Digestive Problems

Digestive problems are also a common side effect that can result due to the excessive or persistent use of this medicine. This will include bloating, gas, loose motions, vomiting, constipations, loss of appetite and stomach pain.

  1. Muscle and Joint Pain

Another common side effect of Simvastatin is muscle and joint pain. This is not a short-term side effect and is likely to last for a long time. Simvastatin side effect muscle pain is going to be around for a long time as it is relatively permanent one!

  1. Irregular heart rate

Excess use of Zocor results in the irregular heartbeat. This, however, is not worrying since the drug helps to control cholesterol levels in the body and is not damaging for the heart.

  1. Breathing problems

Simvastatin can also cause breathing problems. A person might find it difficult to breathe or will feel short of breath more commonly. Coughing is also common as a result of it.

  1. Sensory impairments

A temporary side effect of this drug also includes minor visual impairments. However, this is not something too major or dangerous, and the side effect is also not long-term. The side effect is temporary and likely to cease over time. Sensory impairments will include memory loss, weakened eyesight or hearing problems.

  1. Impotence

There are a few side effects that are not very obvious but are going to happen with the persistent use of this drug. Simvastatin side effects impotence is one of them. The sexual side effects are more common in men. Their sperms will lose the power, or they might find it difficult to become erect during sex.

  1. Reduced sexual drive

Along with impotence and difficulty in erection comes the reduced sexual drive in the body. People who regularly use Zocor will experience a drastic fall in their sex drive and the urge to engage in physical intercourse.

  1. Skin discoloration

Skin discoloration is a long-term side effect and might go unnoticed at first. However, people who are consistently using this drug are likely to experience skin discoloration or will have two-toned skin.

  1. Hair loss

Men might also experience early aging or balding. Hair loss is not a common side effect but is not exactly very rare as well.

How to prevent Simvastatin drug abuse?

The side effects of Simvastatin can be controlled, and its substance abuse can be avoided; given that certain precautionary measures are observed.

  • The patient is likely to develop the dependency on the drug and overdose on it. It is important that the patient is only given the medicine in controlled quantities to prevent drug abuse.
  • Simvastatin and diabetes have a close link as the drug helps to control diabetic complications. However, in no case should the medicine be used without prescription from the doctor.
  • Simvastatin is available in different ‘mg.’ It is strongly discouraging to use the wrong mg of medicine. You should openly ask the pharmacist what is Simvastatin 20 mg used for before purchasing it.

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