Tonsil Stones Treatment – 5 Ways To Prevent Tonsillolith


The kidney is not the only place where the formation of stones takes place. There are a variety of different organs and human body parts where the development of stones is possible. However, at the back of the throat tonsil stones are present. They are the lymph nodes or glands. The glands fight and prevent the human body from getting the serious infection. Tonsils are made up of tissues and cells and protect the immune system from catching the harmful particles. Therefore, it you are suffering from tonsil stones then get to know tonsil stones removal through natural ways.

What are tonsil stones?

If you are unaware of the tonsil stones or haven`t seen them, then it is important to recognize the patterns. Tonsil stones symptoms are clearly visible. It is common for people to get affected by this problem. In most of the cases, these stones are not visible and range from rice size to pea size. However, they even get bigger if your condition is serious. Most of the times they grow of large size because of swelling.

You can view tonsil stones pictures for better understanding.

Causes of Tonsil stones

Tonsils forms because of tunnels, tonsil crypts, and crevices. They are available I different types such as mucus, saliva and even by food which traps and build the pockets. These stones emit a distinct odor. However, the main causes of tonsil stones includes

  • Bad or poor dental hygiene
  • large tonsil
  • Constant chronic issues.

Remember that tonsils contain dead cells, bacteria, and a variety of another virus. The critical condition will develop the white formation. The possible reasons for the formation for the tonsils are inflammation.

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Symptoms of tonsil stones

However, it is easy to recognize the symptoms of tonsil stones, but if some of the symptoms are visible, then you can quickly identify it. You cannot understand the small stones. CT scan and X-rays detects them. Following are the symptoms, which lets you determine that you suffer from tonsil problem.Tonsil Stones

  • Bad breath is one of the possible and significant symptoms of tonsils. The breath can be bad enough and is accompany with infection or bacteria.
  • A sore throat may cause disease and pain. The presence of tonsil will surely create discomfort while eating food or swallowing liquid. Coughing up tonsil stones makes the condition more disturbing.
  • Inflammation is the formation of tonsil stones, which causes and results in stones.
  • Ear pain is not common if you suffer from tonsil stones. However, the severe pain will surely indicate the development of tonsils. You won’t be able to touch your ear from the area where tonsils are present.
Ways to prevent tonsil stones

Tonsil stone removal tool may prove to be very painful. It is best to avoid the formation by using the natural ways. Make sure to use these natural methods and prevent from getting them. However, a serious condition of tonsillitis is harmful and may cause discomfort. So try out the quick remedies.

Remember that the treatment of tonsil depends on the size of the stones. Once you notice or identify the symptoms, just make sure to remove them by using these quick home remedies. Large stones need proper medical care. Make sure to tell your doctor about the holistic approach you are following.

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  • Gargle with salty water

Gargling with salty water is a common way to cure tonsil. It is best to use the method regularly. Make sure to use the non-alcoholic mouthwash, which will prevent accumulation of stones. This will also eliminate the foul smell. If you have a sore throat then gargling will water will help to get rid of pain and tonsil with time. Remember that saltwater will flush the debris and the food particles stick with the tonsils

  • Drink more water

The simple yet effective remedy to kill tonsils is to drink more water. Water helps to keep the body hydrated and removes the bacteria present in your body. Drinking water regularly will clean the materials such as cavity stick to the teeth. It stops the formation of the stones. Tonsils are an essential part of the immune system, so it is important to keep the lymphatic system healthy by drinking lots of water.

  • Use cotton swabs

Have you ever considered using cotton swabs to get rid of tonsil stones? Then yes, the natural remedy is effective. Tonsil stones NHS told that you could quickly push off the tonsils away from walls. Before using, the cotton swabs make sure to wet the ends and make them gentle. Stand in front of the mirror and use a flashlight. The wet swabs will loose the stones and helps to remove them quickly. Once you complete the process just gargle with salt water. It may be possible you will feel itchiness. The method is useful. Tonsil stones youtube video will surely help you out.

  • Drink lemon juice

Lemon juice contains vitamin C and is very effective to remove tonsil stones. Mix at least 3 tablespoons of lemon water in luke water. You can also add the flavor of your choice. Just mix it well and gargle to remove stones. However, you can drink it as well.

  • Eating garlic cloves and onion

Garlic owns the anti-bacterial properties. It is very helpful to remove bacteria. Tonsil stones do have bacteria in them. Therefore, garlic will provide perfect remedy especially for the tonsil stone blood borne you can only chew the raw garlic cloves twice or thrice times in a day. It will limit its formation and helps to remove it effectively.

Raw onions also have anti-bacterial properties and are helpful in maintain oral health. It is very beneficial to prevent the oral infections. So eat raw onion at least 3 times daily. Onions will help to get rid of the odor due to the tonsil stones.

Use the effective ways now

Remember that there are many medical treatments for tonsils. It is great o use the natural ways for a soothing effect. Make sure to mention the remedies to doctor. In severe cases, it is important to remove the tonsil stones. Just maintain the proper hygiene and good habits to prevent the formation of tonsil stones.

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