5 Best Pressure Points For Headaches You Should Know


A complete guide to pressure points for headaches

Headaches are one of the most common sorts of pain, which is merely experienced in all age groups. 8 out of 10 people are seen complaining about headaches for various reasons. With a headache, you are unable to do any routine task, so it becomes necessary to relieve it to continue the regular jobs. Have you ever listened about the pressure about for headaches? If not, you are at the right place for the reason that in this guide, pressure points for headaches are discussed in detail.

Headache points and what they mean?

The pressure points of headaches are identified for the sake of affecting the flow of chemicals and energy inside your body. What is the reason behind? Exerting pressure on all points after its identification relieves pain, for sure. For instance, you are at work. You find no time for you to treat your headache if you are suffering from. So, if you know about the pressure points for headaches, you only exert pressure and headache gone merely within few seconds. It works like magic, and this is true and a proven for relieving the headaches within the very short period. The people who don’t know about this will wonder reading that, but for the next time, whenever you suffer from a headache, you can apply this method of pressure points for headaches.

A list of acupressure points for headaches:

As mentioned above, finding the pressure points for headaches and exerting the pressure on those points is one of the easiest as well as the practical methods for a headache reliever. You need to know about Acupressure points for a headache in Hindi for the reason that this relieving therapy was originated there. What does it say? It says that you need to locate the most sensitive parts of your body and merely by applying pressure on them, you can get relieved from pain.

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So, you need to fight with your headaches with this straightforward and effective way and don’t let it disturb you in your daily tasks. The method is very simple and doesn’t contain any hard and fast rules to follow.Pressure Points For Headaches

Following is the list of 5 acupressure points for headaches:


The forehead is for sure one of the sensitive parts of the body. The area of your forehead between both of your eyebrows is very critical in this regard. With the help of thumb, you need to exert pressure and move your thumb upward using pressure for a few seconds and repeat this for 3 to 4 times. You will feel much better within very short period.


The area at the back of your neck is considered as the sensitive portion of your body. All you need to do is catch all of your hairs and find a hollow right there at the ending of the hairline. You need to place both of your thumbs here and exert pressure merely for a few seconds. You can continue exerting pressure until you feel somewhat better.

Hand and feet:

You need to find the pressure points for headaches on your hands and feet as both are very critical part of your body. On your thumb, the area between your thumb and palm is important in this regard. How to locate the specific region is discussed in union valley pressure point region. You need to exert pressure at that point on your hands.

In the case of feet, you need to know Pressure point for a headache on feet? There are four essential points on feet which are considered as the pressure point for a headache on feet.

  1. The area below your last toe, in parallel to the area mentioned in 4, in the opposite direction.
  2. The area between the first two toe of your feet.
  3. The area above the first toe of feet
  4. The area adjacent to the bone near the ending of the first toe
Pressure point for headache relief diagramPressure Points For Headaches


How to locate the pressure points for headaches on your head? Draw two imaginary lines in this regard to finding this point. The first between both ears, and the second between your skull and eyebrows. The meeting point of both the lines is the exact point where you need to exert force for relieving the headache.

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In the case of a migraine, migraine pressure points ear is also proved effective in relieving the headaches.

Pressure points tension headaches

When you are stressed, in most common cases, you suffer from a headache. Have you heard about union valley pressure point? It helps you to fight against your severe headache, which is caused by tension or worry, within a few seconds. Where is it located? Union Valley pressure point is the point at the lower portion of your thumb i.e. at the base of it. How can you locate that? The method is simple. To find this point, all you need to do is merely stretch all of your fingers of a hand.

The portion of your hand that constitutes majorly of flesh is the union valley pressure point. In more simple terms, it is the area of your hand where the thumb of your hand meets the palm.  After you have successfully found this point, all you need to do is exert pressure on this area, with the help of thumb and index finger of your second hand. Breathe deeply and slowly while holding it for t least 20 to 30 seconds. You need to repeat the process for at least two times, and then you are advised to switch the hand. In this simple manner, you will feel a sudden relieve your headache.

Pressure points for sinus headaches:

Want to learn about how you can relieve sinus pressure? Following are several most important pressure points that you should focus on. Here is the list of sinus pressure point on the face.

  • Between the eyes
  • Any side of your nostrils
  • Bridge of your nose
  • Eyebrows
  • Under your cheeks
  • The philtrum area (The area between your nose and lips)

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