Manuka Honey Benefits and Uses


Manuka honey is a special kind of honey that is generated in New Zealand with the help of bees pollinating the manuka tree. The unique feature of this honey is considered to be its healing power. There is a significant role of the components of manuka honey in the treatment of wounds as a medication.

Since ages, the honey is being used for the treatment of multiple diseases. The scientific research has shown that the Manuka honey contains many antibacterial components that help in killing the bacterial germs in our body. The unique benefit is that some cells are built by using honey, and those cells play a considerable role in the repair of the tissues that are damaged due to the infections. Another benefit of Manuka honey Tesco is that it acts as an anti-inflammation agent that will help in reducing the pain. Some of the other details about this amazing kind of honey are presented here.

Components present in Manuka Honey

The antibacterial quality of Manuka Honey is present because of the presence of hydrogen peroxide in it. In addition to hydrogen peroxide, many other components add up to the quality of the antibacterial action. One other constituent of Manuka honey and is the methylglyoxal also known as MG. this is the component that is also present in many other kinds of honey, but the presence is only in small amount. The existence of this element is because of the nectar that is collected by the bees from the special Manuka Tree.


There is also UMF which is the Unique Manuka Factor, especially present in Manuka honey. This is a scale to rate the effectiveness in manuka honey. It is because it is not necessary that all the honey with the same name have an equal amount of antibacterial agents in it. The minimum rating of about 10 UMF is required in the honey to consider it an Active or Manuka Honey UMF. UMF is the global scale to rate the quality of manuka honey.Manuka Honey Benefits and Uses

The important fact that should be known is that it is not necessary that the UMF factor is present in all nectar collected from the manuka tree. Mostly the nectar just contains hydrogen peroxide for the antibacterial effect, which is most common in all types of honey, so it does not make it much different. The important thing to notice is the presence of hydrogen peroxide as well as the UMF antibacterial quality to guarantee the original worth of honey.

Nutrients present in Manuka Honey

The profile of manuka honey is nutrition rich, and it has multiple factors that contribute to the benefits it provides to our body. The ability of Manuka honey Holland and Barrett to boost our immune system and healing power is already famous. The form of the honey which is raw and not filtered has more nutrients in it. Some of the highly beneficial elements are iron, calcium, amino acids, vitamin B, sodium, zinc, potassium and much more. It is an interesting fact that the presence of nutritional element on manuka honey is almost 4 times more than that of the regular honey. This is all because of the UMF present in it.

 Aid in curing Eczema and Acne

As it is clear that Manuka Honey works best in curing the infections and allergies, it is equally beneficial for the acne as well as eczema. You can look at the internet where innumerable testimonials are verifying the effectiveness of this special kind of honey on eczema and acne patients. There is no medical research on this, but it is pretty obvious because of the antibacterial and healing power of Manuka honey. This honey can do miracles in improving your skin. You can just apply it on the skin or infected area and after some time rinse it off. You will surely notice the results and betterment in your skin.

Benefits against tooth decay

Not only the tooth decay but one other common problem of teeth known as gingivitis is cured effectively by the use of manuka honey. The usage is easy. You just have to chew or suck this honey, and it will do the trick. The benefit is amazing in the form of reduced plaque and healing in bleeding gums. The healing power of this honey also does its work over here. You can surely notice a great cure of your teeth problems by the components of phosphorus, zinc, calcium and other healthy nutrients in rebuilding your teeth. Manuka a honey sore throat is also really useful. The bacteria simulating the sore throat will be killed quickly by the routine use of manuka honey.

Wounds, burns, and ulcer

When you are suffering from an acute burn, ulcer or injuries, the use of manuka honey will do wonders. The pain will be decreased a lot, and the inflammation will also go away in no time. The presence of anti-inflammation, antibacterial and antioxidant agents will prevent you from the effects of all kinds of allergic and infectious reactions. Manuka honey comvita is no doubt an effective solution of all these problems.

Boost your health and beautify skin

Not only your health is improved, but it will also help in enhancing your skin in various manners. Your quality of life will be enhanced. The skin tone and the texture of your skin will boost up, and it will become more glowing and shine by the use of manuka honey. You can look at multiple benefits from the Manuka honey wiki that will ensure you the vital role played by it in the quality enhancement of not only your skin but also your hair and eyes. Countless benefits can be achieved by the use of this powerful nutrient in your routine life.

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