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Is Tramadol a Narcotic? – Top Secret Revealed With Proofs


What is a Tramadol?

The debate Is Tramadol a Narcotic or just an ordinary painkiller will continue forever. It seems like it is a never ending topic. A tramadol is an opiate or narcotic, analgesic pain killer, which is used to treat some moderate or a less severe type of pain in the body. The Tramadol is also known as the Ultram, Ryzolt, and Ultracet in the United States of America, whereas, in Canada, it is known as the Ralivia.

During the past few years, the use of Tramadol has vividly increased and it can be because of several factors, such as the people who have little or no knowledge about the product tend to use it, just because they might have overheard some doctor or other person talking about the advantages of Tramadol and its properties. Such things mostly happen in the rural areas, where people are not educated at all.

The tramadol is also prescribed to those, who either are cancer patients or have joint pains. It is because of the rapid pain relieving properties of the tramadol and cancer patients or those with the joint pains need some instant recovery. Moreover, it is commonly used to treat the restless leg syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, sore muscles and other such pain-causing diseases.

is tramadol a narcotic
Is tramadol a narcotic Yes Or No. Top secret revealed.

The disadvantages of Tramadol

Just because is tramadol stronger than Vicodin or is a rapid painkiller, it does not mean that it is free from any problems. Almost everything or any drug, which is over consumed, can lead to terrible problems and certain diseases too. Some of the most serious side effects of the tramadol are muscular seizures, difficulty in swallowing, swelling of the throat, hoarseness, swollen eyes, swollen tongue, skin rashes, and hives.

Hallucinations, seizures, and difficulty in breathing are three of the most dangerous side effects. The illusions can make people completely unaware of their acts and surroundings. Focusing becomes tough for these people. On the other hand, the difficulty in breathing can even lead to a heart stroke or death; therefore, it can prove to be very dangerous.

The other common side effects of the tramadol include insomnia, headache, sweating, chills weakness, nausea, heartburn, constipation, tremors, diarrhea, indigestion, drowsiness, lower legs swelling, palpitation and a lot more.

Is Tramadol a Narcotic and Not for Everyone

The Tramadol is a medicine or drug, which is not for every other person. Just like any other medication, it is also limited to those people, who do not suffer from any severe disease, which might end up causing any reaction. If you have severe asthma or breathing problems, then the question “will tramadol show up on a drug test? “As its side effects include breathing problems. Similarly, if a person has any blockage in the intestine or stomach, then taking Tramadol is not a good option, because of its side effects. If a person has a history of drug addiction or any other type of dependency, then Tramadol can cause problems.

It is because; the tramadol does contain some variants, which can result in addiction if consumed regularly. The other possible patients, who cannot take tramadol, at East without consulting their doctors, include pregnant woman, mothers who breastfeed their infants, epilepsy patients, thyroid patients, low blood pressure patients, and those who either have kidney or liver problems or are on dialysis, such patients should never be prescribed to take tramadol, else it can cause severe damage to the patients consuming it.

What is Narcotic?

Narcotic is one of the very common types of drugs, which are used in many things and can prove to be quite addictive, depending on the dosage. The narcotic analgesics can cause numbness too; therefore, people also use it to get rid of any pain. It is one of the reasons that some people consider does tramadol get you high?. The Greek word ‘narkos’ mean sleep, therefore, the word narcotic means sleep too, as it is derived from the Greek word marks.

A narcotic drug can be discussed with the opium or morphine, as all of them somehow have the same characteristics. The narcotic is popular among those people, who either are suffering from any depression and anxiety or face serious problems while sleeping. Also, some of the drug addicts also become dependent on the narcotic, because of soothing and relaxing properties. There are different types of narcotics, such as the meperidine, hydrocodone, fentanyl, and codeine.

The disadvantages of Narcotic

Just like every other drug have some drawbacks; the use of narcotic can also result in many difficulties. One of the very common defects or a side effect of narcotic is the addiction, which it brings along. People who take some dose of tramadol on a daily basis can cause some serious problems of addiction. Not only this, people start becoming dependent on such drugs, which can later lead to many long term problems such as constant depression and reliability on the addiction causing drugs.

The overdose of such drugs can cause severe damage to the liver, brain, kidneys, stomach and heart. Not only this, it can result in the death too, which is surely the worst disadvantage. Most of the times people, who consume narcotic related medications can harm themselves with the overdose as one of the disadvantages of narcotic is the blurred memory. Therefore, people often end up forgetting about when they took their last dose of narcotic medicine, which can later result in the overdose. Even if patients take narcotics medications as per the prescription of a doctor, it can still prove to be harmful.

The other common disadvantages or side effects of narcotic include dizziness, respiratory problems, kidney failure, liver problems, weakness, vomiting, hallucinations, itching and rashes on the skin, constipation and a lot more. People who consume such drugs leave a negative impact on the society. Such people tend to have a violent behavior, cannot contribute towards the welfare of the community, and face immense poverty because of not working due to lack of concentration. Lower self-esteem is another problem faced by such people.

Some of the advantages of narcotic

It would be unfair to declare that the consumption of narcotic only has disadvantages because it does have some advantages too. As mentioned above, this drug can be used in making the patients numb, especially before any surgery. It is an excellent source of anesthesia, but it cannot be considered as an anesthesia. Moreover, it is also an excellent pain reliever for the cancer patients, because they go through immense pain and any narcotic containing medicine, such as tramadol can provide them instant relief. Also, those patients who suffer from any chronic or joint pains can also use the tramadol, but it certainly does not prove that is tramadol a narcotic now? Though it does have some similar addiction causing properties.

Why should tramadol be considered as a narcotic?

Nowadays, some of the doctors and pharmacists have started a new topic of discussion that is tramadol a controlled substance and should be officially considered as a narcotic. There are certainly a few reasons, which can are backing up this demand, such as an excessive use of the medicine or drug. As per an addictive drug’s definition, anything which is a mix of both advantages and disadvantages and becomes an addiction should be eventually considered as a drug.

From last few years, the consumption of tramadol has increased a lot, because most of the doctors have started suggesting this as a most common painkiller. Not only this, it is very popular in the United States of America, which has a huge population. It would be wrong, if we say that a tramadol does not cause any addiction at all, because some of the people do become addicted to it, after its regular consumption. All these assumptions make people question that, whether is tramadol a narcotic like Vicodin or not.

Moreover, the misuse of tramadol has also increased from over the last few years. The reason for the higher rate of abuse can be due to the medicine’s easy availability, selling, and distribution. Apart from all these reasons and concerns, the tramadol is still not considered or declared as a narcotic because of its importance and effectiveness as a painkiller. It can reduce the pain within an hour, which is appreciated by the patients or consumers.

Does the tramadol show up on a drug test?

No, the tramadol does not show up on any drug tests. One of the most frequent drug tests, which are used to check the presence of any drug, is a urine rapid screening test. This test is mostly used to check the presence of morphine. The urine quick screening test can also be used to monitor the presence of tramadol, but tramadol does not appear on a drug test. It is because, it is considered as a synthetic drug, unlike the most of the other drugs, which can prove to be addictive and harmful.

Can tramadol be considered as a narcotic like Vicodin?

As mentioned earlier, tramadol narcotic class, but still people continue to relate and compare it with the other narcotic products, such as the Vicodin. The tramadol attaches with the receptors of the brain, which later help in changing the perception of the pain. Therefore, it is considered as one of the best and most used painkillers. On the other hand, Vicodin contains hydrocodone, which was banned in the year 2014, because of its overdose and the abuse caused by this particular drug. Vicodin is also one of the best pain killers, together with that; it also helps in reducing the fever.

The Tramadol is considered as a controlled substance, which is unlikely to be one of the features of a narcotic containing product. The disadvantages of both the drugs are almost same, but Vicodin is a little more dangerous, because of the reason discussed above. Moreover, Tramadol is considered as a weaker product, while comparing it with the Vicodin, apart from the fact that both of these medications are used to treat pain. The Vicodin is considered as a narcotic medication, because of its strength, the presence of hydrocodone and addictive properties.

Some of the typical disadvantages of a Vicodin medication include vomiting, nausea, constipation, diarrhea, hallucinations, weak memory, indigestion problems, fatigue, weakness, breathing and respiratory problems, itchiness and redness on the skin, severe addiction, headaches and a lot more. These reasons can also be considered as a factor, due to which the usage of Vicodin drug was limited to the general public. Also, as it is a narcotic containing product, therefore, it is also another reason due to which the product’s usage was restricted.

Can tramadol get you high?

Most of the people question that Is Tramadol a Narcotic and get you high like any opiates or not; this article will certainly provide the answer. Every person has a different body and surely a different immune system so that a tramadol will affect every other person in a different way. The answer to this particular concern is that yes, a tramadol can get you high at times. Again, it all depends on the dosage of the medicine. A high dose of tramadol will certainly get you high, but it can prove to be dangerous. Dangerous is a small word because it can even result in the death of any person.

The whole process of getting high from the tramadol also includes hallucinations, blurred vision, and loss of memory. All these problems can be witnessed by the patients, who either consume a lot of tramadols or try to leave it, because of the little addiction it starts causing. A person trying to get high from the overdosing of tramadol tend to lose their memory as it causes dizziness and hallucinations. Also, such people can keep on sleeping for days, just like an individual in a coma. It is because a tramadol helps in sleeping. Therefore, the overdosing can result in a coma.

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