How To Pop Your Shoulder – Best Way To Fix It


It is not uncommon for the human bones and joints to crack and pop! There are hundreds of people who experience this every single day or maybe right now as we talk about it. However, this is something that frequently happens with the knees, elbows, wrists or finger joints. It is easier to crack or pop these joints too. However, popping your shoulder is another story! Several people wonder how to pop your shoulder joint when needed. You can also be one of the people who want to know how to pop your shoulder back in place. If you have wondered about it more often than ever and wanted to know what are the best ways to do it – keep reading! In this article, we talk about many things like

  • Why you feel like popping your shoulder?
  • Which might other body parts need occasional popping and cracking?
  • How to pop your shoulder like a chiropractor?

Popping and Cracking the Shoulder

It is not uncommon for you to feel that the shoulder feels like it needs to pop but won’t. However, it is not an easy task to pop the shoulder. While many people wonder how to pop your shoulder, there are others who think it is effortless to do so. However, the latter is highly mistaken. The shoulder is not a joint like the knuckles or the elbows. The human shoulder is a combination of various bones joint together. It forms a complex joint that is therefore not easy to crack or pop on will. It requires an in-depth understanding of some of the necessary tactics that will help you master the skill and teach you how to crack your shoulder to pop your shoulder

Understanding Shoulder Joint

The shoulder is a very sensitive part of the human body. It connects the head to the lower body part. There are also many sensitive nerve endings inside the neck and shoulder. The shoulder itself is a blade-like structure that is horizontal in position. The shoulder consists of two bones. The upper bone is known as the humerus, and the lower bone is known as scapula. The shoulder is not two bones joint together but rather a ball and socket joint. It facilitates the movement of arms as well. Owing to the complex structure of the bone it is not uncommon for you to wonder, how to crack your shoulder and neck!How To Pop Your Shoulder

How to pop your shoulder?

If you wonder how to crack your elbow and how to pop your shoulder – know that popping the elbow is multiple times easier and more straightforward than popping the shoulder! However, with proper knowledge and mastering the right skills you can pop your shoulder very quickly. We tend to overcomplicate things. It is relatively easy to pop the shoulder if you know the perfect way to do it. The following are quick and easy steps that will teach you how to pop your shoulder out of place!

  • Begin by raising your arm and taking your wrist to the back of your head.
  • Once you reach this static position, start making progressive movements in the opposite direction by pulling the raised wrist away from the head with the other hand.
  • Continue this movement back and fro for a few times but make sure to do it very slowly without causing any strain or pressure on your shoulder or neck.
  • After repeating the gesture for a few times, lower your arm to your side and then pull it behind your back. Remember to continue this gesture very slowly.
  • Repeat this raised arm and pulling arm behind the back motion multiple times until you feel it is enough for one session.
  • It is vital to remain precautions while popping the shoulder. Even the slightest carelessness or swiftness can lead to permanent damage to the shoulder muscles. It can also lead to dislocation of the shoulder ball and socket joint.

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How to pop your dislocated shoulder?

Dislocation of the joints is as common as a fracture of the bones. However, fracture of the spinal disc and displacement of the shoulder joint can be very painful. Cracking the dislocated shoulder is a tough task that requires a lot of attention. It is said that if you want to know how to crack someone else’s shoulder, you should learn to pop your dislocated shoulder first! The reason for believing so is because both tasks are equally tricky. You can easily disrupt your shoulder while trying to pop it carelessly. However, it does not take a long time to crack it back into the right position; might hardly take 10 to 15 minutes to do so. However, be ready for the pain you might experience while doing so because popping a dislocating shoulder will hurt a lot!

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Precautionary measures
  • To learn how to pop your shoulder, the first thing you need to do to start popping a dislocated shoulder is to ensure that your shoulder is disrupted or not. This you can only find out after a proper medical examination.
  • There are obvious symptoms that will also make dislocation of the shoulder visible such as deformed shoulder, extreme pain or swelling.
  • Make sure you get immediate medical help if the pain is unbearable or if the cracking process goes wrong anyhow.
How to crack it up?

To pop your dislocated shoulder like a pro, you follow the below-mentioned steps, but precision and care is vital throughout the process.

  • Lie back straight on your back and allow your mind as well as body to relax. You must be in a lot of pain, but there is no other way but to deal with it at the moment.
  • Once your body is in a comfortable position, you can lift your arm up your head and stretch it to the opposite direction.
  • Pull away the lifted arm with the other hands until you feel like the shoulder has shifted back into its original position.

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How to pop your shoulder without a doctor at home

Mastering the art of popping a dislocated shoulder is not an easy task, but if you wonder how to pop your shoulder at home without doing more than right, then this article is really for you. Grabbing a limb of a tree while falling down a hill is an excellent way to stop the fall but is also an incredibly great way to dislocate your shoulder. The shoulder dislocations are pretty common when you try to grab onto something over your head, while your body is getting pulled down by its weight.

How to pop your shoulder – Basics

According to medical studies, the shoulder is a type of joint known by the name of “ball-and-socket.” And just as its name suggests, the ball of the shoulder bone attaches itself the socket present on your main body. The shoulder blade consists of your shoulder blade, also called “Scapula,” and the upper bone, which is better known by the name of “Humerus.”

So, if the ball of your shoulder gets jerked out and isn’t ready to get back in, then you should ligaments and muscles tightly pull it back against the side of the socket lip. And so, it gets stuck. You can think of popping back a shoulder as trying to put a ball in a cup, which is stuck on the outside part of the cup, for which there’s no possible method to get it in without having to break the cup or unsticking the ball. And in case of the dislocated shoulder, you don’t want to break the container.

How to pop your shoulder – Diagnosis

Most often, a dislocation isn’t evident, even if you are trying to compare the non-injured side of your body to the injured one. But if someone’s shoulder is hard to move and is hurting him, then the reason of the injury can quickly give you a clue about dislocation. Moreover, there can be cases where the symptoms, like the pain in your forearm, sudden pain around your shoulder blade, deformity of the shoulder, etc. may appear.

If the pain you (or the victim) are feeling, then you should better seek medical attention. If you are still unsure, then ask the victim to try to touch the non-injured shoulder with the fingers of the hand present on the injured shoulder. As a dislocated shoulder won’t allow such kind of movement, and if the victim can do it, then there’s no dislocation.

However, it is usually better to go with an X-ray report than directly going for a method of “how to crack your shoulder and neck,” as it lets you get the minor details about the injury. Dislocation or not, there’s no other way to tell if the bone is broken or not, and if it is then how badly. It is essential to keep in mind the first and primary axiom of this treatment: Never force anything, or you can be in big trouble.

How to pop your shoulder like a chiropractor – Methods

The most suitable method of trying to get the joint back in its place is to find a way to relax the ligaments and muscles enough so that the humerus’ head slips over the rim of the cup of shoulder and gets into its place. But that indeed is easier said than done. As the muscles of the human body, when get injured, tend to spasm, which means that they can stiffen and swell even more with the passage of time. The same goes for your shoulder muscles, too. Simply put, the earlier you do it, the less effort it will need to get back to its socket.

First treatment method for dislocated shoulder: Arm Hang

This technique is the simplest and easiest of all “how to pop your shoulder” and “how to pop someone else’s shoulder” methods, with the minimum chances of any additional injury. For this treatment, follow these steps:

  • Lie down the injured person on a bed, or table, or something that’s high enough for the injured arm to hang off without touching the ground. Make sure to hang down the entire arm straight down.
  • Wrap or tape a weight to your lower arm or hand. The pressure should ideally be of approximately 15 pounds, which means that you will need a maximum of 1.95 gallons of water (as the one gallon of water weighs about 8 pounds). Compared to gripping an object, holding down the hand of the victim doesn’t work nearly as well because in the case as mentioned earlier, you have to tense the muscles.

As soon as the victim starts feeling the relaxation, this means that the process isn’t causing him any additional pain. The muscles will begin to relax, and the humerus head will move below the socket rim, enough to switch back to its place. The victim hears or feels a soft pop and experiences a sudden reduction in pain. But sometimes, it can be too gradual to sense. To ensure that the treatment worked perfectly, take off the weight after 20 minutes and check if the victim can touch the opposite shoulder with his fingers. The joint is back in place if he can do it.

   Second treatment method for dislocated shoulder: Arm Pull

  • Just like the first method, if the victim’s shoulder feels like it needs to pop but won’t, then lie him down on a flat surface. But this time, he should lie on his back.
  • Guide the arm of the arm on the injured side in a horizontal manner and away from the body, until it reaches an angle of forty-five degrees from the side of the body. Make sure not to force this, or you will make the situation even worse.
  • Now grab the hand of the victim and pull it to yourself steadily and firmly, while keeping it at the 45 degrees’ angle. In case if you need leverage, then push against the side of the victim using your foot.

Third treatment method for dislocated shoulder: Arm Rotation

In this technique, you will need to employ extremely strong torques, which is forced irresponsibly, then they can break the bone pretty easily. We recommend going through this method if any expert help is unavailable for days.

  • Lie down the victim on his back with his injured arm present close to his body.
  • Gently and slowly rotate the forearm, until the hand reaches the position of face up.
  • Bend the arm while keeping the upper arm close to the body. Now, turn the forearm to the body side and keep it there until there’s a 90-degree angle compared to the upper part of the arm. Make sure that it remains on the table or ground (or close to it).
  • Once you are done with the above steps, move the humerus away from the body while keeping the elbow at this angle. The movement should be such that the angle between the arm and chest is also 90 degrees. In short, it should look like as if the victim is trying to pitch in a baseball.
  • Continue the above procedure to keep the elbow locked and flexed.

How to pop your shoulder – Safety Precautions and Tips

  • Slow down a little, if the victim is feeling pain while following any of the above procedures.
  • Never force the methods, as it will do more harm than good.
  • Try using some pain medicine to relieve the victim of the pain.
  • Some people claim that going all Rambo, and hitting and banging your shoulder against a tree or a wall works. But we wouldn’t recommend this method, as you are likely to break your bone, even if it hasn’t already.
  • The clicking and snapping of your shoulder is a pretty common occurrence, and you don’t need to worry about it. But if you feel pain along with the clicking sound, then get yourself checked by a doctor, immediately.
  • For the patients with arthritis and 60+ years ago, the confusion between the pain caused by the Arthritis and that of the popped shoulder can be dealt with an appropriate X-ray report.

Which of the methods mentioned above proved useful to you or anyone close to you? It is essential to gather all of the critical information about the procedure of “how to pop your shoulder back in place” before trying to treat one.

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