How To Make Cramps Go Away Six Useful Tips


How To Make Cramps Go Away And His use Full Tips

If you don’t like cramps and feel that it is affecting your productivity, then you must follow the below mentioned six effective Hacks on how to make cramps go away

How to stop period cramps fast without medicine

  1. Drink tea or hot liquids

    how to make cramps go away

So the first thing we need to talk about is hot liquids. You need to stay hydrated to avoid blotting which causes pain. And hot liquids relief pain so first thing is you can drink water or hot water. Yes, hot water is not that appetizing, so another thing you can drink is tea. Yes, tea relieves pain but avoid tea with caffeine’s so you can drink Ginger tea and cinnamon tea or mint tea. The next thing you can drink is hot chocolate. It contains the calcium which is good for you when you are bearing the cramps because they reduce muscle cramping.

  1. Heat up your abdomen;

We all know that Heat is best for relieving the pain. So you can use a sock for this purpose but how to get rid of period cramps fast? Just fill the sock with the rice and tie the end with yarn and microwave it for 30 seconds it turn boiling. Put it on your belly trust me; you will feel right. It is the Maxine remedy, and I do it.  According to me, it is the best thing ever. If you don’t have the time for that just purchase heat pads from the store or if you don’t feel like doing anything, just take a hot shower or bath, and you will feel much better.

  1. Does walking help cramps?

You can also do exercise because it can help you to lessen the cramps. You can do regular exercise, but some girls hate working out during these days, so you can make it into some fun to dance, go out with your boyfriend or some walk. If you don’t want to do any extreme exercise, just go and do some yoga to make yourself better.

  1. Diet;

We have to have a healthy diet to reduce bloating and water retention so, avoids fatty, oily disgusting fast food like a cheeseburger, fried chicken, and fries. Apart from the fast food, you also avoid the carbonated drinks like beer.

  1. Eat a banana;

Why you have to eat the banana because it contains the potassium which reduces the cramping. According to me, it works.

  1. Book magic;

The last tip is strange, but it works for me every time. My mom told me this when I was younger, but I keep doing it till yet. Just grab the book which has a hard cover. The harder and thicker the book the better it will be. Now place the book on the bed underneath your stomach and laid down on it. The book applies constant impression to the area ultimately dulling the pain like no matter how pain for my cramps are this works every time and allowing me to sleep comfortably.

So those are my personal favorite hacks on how to make period cramps stop. I’m sure that it would be defiantly helpful for you.

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