How Long Does Molly Stay in Your System? – How to detect it


After taking any kind of drug including molly you may wonder about your drug test that will directly lead you to the question of how long does molly stay in your system. There can be many ways through which it can be detected from your system and there are different time intervals for which it stays in your body. Normally, molly is considered to be the mixture of many other drugs. It is actually impossible to answer the question how long does it take for molly to wear off because of the various factors affecting its presence in the system. Here are some of the acts that will make it easy for you to understand the procedure of wearing off.

Is it a detectable drug in the blood test?

When you are taking the molly that is the pure form of MDMA, it cannot be detected by the standard test used for drug testing. However, in some kind of tests when the test is performed specifically to find out the presence, it can be detected. So, you should have proper knowledge of how to get molly out of your system to stay tension free. When we talk about the modern molly, there are some products in the ingredients that can say positive in your drug test. But, that may not be the case sometimes. You should be prepared in every condition and know about how long does molly stay in your system.

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How can you pass the drug test?

There are certain ways through which you can get away from the danger of being caught. The usage of detox drinks is the best solution in these situations. You just have to take the drink almost an hour before taking the test and it will make your urine test molly free. With this solution, you do not have to worry about how long in ecstasy detectable in urine because these drinks work effectively on all kinds of drugs. All kinds of toxins are flushed out from your kidney and system and there will be no traces left. There will be no chances of positive results because of the decrease in the drug metabolism.How Long Does Molly Stay in Your System

Drug tests to detect molly in your system

You can take certain measures about how to get molly out of your system for a drug test, but before that, you should have the right knowledge. Following are some of the tests that are normally conducted to detect the presence of molly in your system. The time period for which it stays in your system is also mentioned.

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Detection through blood test

One way of drug test is through a blood test. When you are looking for a solution to how to get molly out of your system in 24 hours, a blood test is a right solution. When you take a single dose of molly it will not be detected in your blood after the 12 hours of usage while in the case of multiple doses, it is possible to detect the drug from your system after the 24 hours.

Detection through Urine

The most common type of drug test is through urine and it makes you worried about how long does molly stay in your system. In the case of molly, the detection in your urine can be done within one to three days of drug intake. When you take a single dose it will not show any signs in your urine after three days while when you take multiple doses of the molly, the results will show positive after even 2 to 5 days of intake.

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Saliva test

In looking for how long does molly stay in your system mouth swab, you should know the appropriate timing for which the signs are shown in your saliva. When you take just a single dose it will be detected from your saliva after 1 to 3 days of intake. However, the intake of multiple dosages will be detected positive even after the 5 days of use. So, you should take necessary measures to minimize the time period of how long does molly stay in your system.

Hair test

The answer to the question of how long does molly stay in your hair is three months. No matter how much dosage you take, either single or multiple, the time of wearing off through hair will be the same. This is the longest time period for which the traces of the drug remains in your body. So, you can also say that it is the right answer of how long does molly stay in your system. However, the results may also vary according to the situation.

Side effects of using molly

After knowing about for how long does molly high last, you should also know about the effects it has on your body. The side effects can be many because of the stimulation taking place in your body by the usage of molly. After some time of using this drug, you will feel the normal symptoms experienced by taking any kind of drug. The feeling of anxiety, confusion, depression, tension in muscles, craving for more drug and nausea are the normal side effects. These side effects will last for a certain period of time, however, there are some of the signs that have an impact on your body after a certain period of time. You may have kidney failure, cardiovascular issues, the damage in certain portions of your brain etc. these are some of the chronic side effects that should be avoided by proper medication.

Knowing about how long does molly stay in your system is not just enough. You should take necessary precautions to get rid of the harmful impacts it may have on your body. Avoid the usage of alcohol after taking molly because the severe dehydration will increase your body temperature. The patients of hypertension should strictly avoid the usage of molly because it can prove fatal. So, keep yourself safe from the dangers of taking this drug.

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