How Do You Get Mono – What Is Real Reason Behind This


How do you get mono and what are the symptoms?

As the exposure to the internet, social media and television have been increased to a greater extent. Therefore the problem of mono or the kissing disease has started getting common too, the reason of this particular will be discussed throughout the article, especially under the heading how do you get mono. A virus named Epstein – Barr virus or EBV is found among those people, who suffer from mononucleosis or mono.

Almost everyone can suffer from the mono infection, but it is particularly common among the teenagers and those who age from 15 to 25. This does not mean that the people of other age groups are unlikely to suffer from this infection as this infection can also target the younger children and adults. This infection or problem is caused by the saliva, which usually exchanges or transfers during the kissing, therefore, it is also known as the kissing disease.

Define infectious mononucleosis

The mononucleosis is also declared as a contagious disease, as it can spread from one affected person to the other. Moreover, the infectious mononucleosis is also known as the glandular fever, and apart from the Epstein – Barr virus, some other viruses can also result in this infection. Back in the year 1889, this infection or disease was also named as Drusenfieber, along with the other name glandular fever.How do you get mono

Why is mononucleosis particularly common among the younger adults?

The fundamental question that how do you get mono from someone is pretty useless when it comes to the young adults or teenagers. It is because the reason is quite obvious, as these days, the younger adults are more involved in the whole kissing thing. The younger adults or the teenagers of today’s century are more exposed to the concept of dating and kissing. Therefore, this infection is getting much common these days. The school was going and college going students are more likely to catch this infection, because the teenage era is all about dating, kissing and experimenting the concept of dating with almost every other college fellow.

Moreover, the younger adults are the ones, who mostly go to the night clubs and end up having dates from every background and they do not even feel the urge to know each others history of sufferings or diseases. Therefore, they often end up kissing such people, who might be suffering from the mononucleosis or any other mono rash disease.

What are the common reasons of mononucleosis?

As mentioned earlier, the exchange of saliva or spit from kissing can cause the mononucleosis, but there are some other factors too, which can contribute to the glandular fever. Also, apart from the Epstein-Barr virus, the cytomegalovirus (CMV) can also cause the infectious mono. As the mono is a contagious disease, therefore, it can also be caused by the sharing of contaminated toothbrushes, spoons, drinking glasses, forks, and straws. The exchange of all these things can result in the spreading of the infection. There are some of the common reasons of the mononucleosis, which can never be considered as the causes.

The symptoms of mono

Once you start noticing the symptoms of mono, the point of thinking how do you get mono twice becomes useless, unless you would like to take certain safety precautions for the next time. Some of the common symptoms of the infectious mononucleosis are discussed below. Though almost every symptom of the mono can also be related to the symptoms of other diseases, such as the flu, still, they can prove to be useful for the purpose of early detection. Therefore, if you feel some of the below-mentioned symptoms, then consult the doctor and get the necessary tests done.

  • Night Sweats

The night sweats are one of the common symptoms of the infectious mononucleosis. People who suffer from the mono disease often complain about the night sweats. The night sweats end up soaking the clothes and bedding, especially if the room’s atmosphere is warm or the person is wearing multiple layers.

  • Swollen Lymph Glands

The swollen lymph glands of the neck and armpits can also mean the mono infection, because as per a research this particular infection targets every lymph glands, such as of the armpits, neck, and head. They are swollen because of a sore throat, especially if we talk about the mono infection.

  • Muscle Weakness

A person can experience weakness due to any reason, such as the workload, lack of appetite and not enough sleep. Well, the muscle weakness can also be caused by the infectious mononucleosis. Most of the people do complain about the muscle weakness, because of all the other factors or causes of the mono infection.

  • Fatigue

It can also be considered as one of the reasons for the mono disease. Fatigue can make a person feel totally helpless, when it comes to the doing of any chores, along with the demotivation and lack of energy.

  • Fever

Another common symptom of the mono-infection is the fever as it attacks the body sooner than any other symptom.

These are some of the symptoms, which can help in confirming the infectious mononucleosis. Some of the other common symptoms include frequent headaches, swollen neck, soft and swollen spleen and skin rashes. If a person has three to four symptoms from the list mentioned above, then it is better to get tested for the mono disease,

How do you get mono?

Well, the question that how do you get mono disease is quite anticipated, and some of the points related to this heading are already discussed above, so let’s start talking how do kids get mono. As the mono disease is contagious in nature, therefore, it can spread very quickly. If we talk about kids, then getting mono from the pets is one of the top reasons. The research can further back this fact that pets, especially dogs, can cause the mono disease. Kids these days do no take any safety measures while playing with their pets. Therefore, they often end up kissing them or getting licked by the pets. It can result in the infectious mononucleosis among the kids.

The other possibilities are that kids can also get the mono disease from their parents, relatives or nanny. As per the fact, mono can spread very quickly, so, if any member of the family is affected by the mono, then the chances are higher that the kids around them might also get this disease. It is because, a child’s immune system is weaker than the adults, which takes time in fighting with such infections to guard the body against these viral diseases.

The symptoms of mono in a kid

Mono is less common among the kids. Therefore, its symptoms are also less visible among them. It is believed that the symptoms of mono are not easily detected when it comes to the kids. It can be due to some reasons, such as the fact that children are exposed to many other harmful infections. Therefore, the doctors and parents often consider the symptoms of mono as the symptoms of any other infection and also, because kids are very unlikely to suffer from the kissing disease.

How to diagnose the infectious mononucleosis?

Two of the most discussed topics on the internet are that how do you get mono from kissing and what are the possible ways to diagnose a mono.

Apart from the symptoms of the mono, there are few other more reliable methods, through which a person or a doctor can diagnose a mono disease.

  • The mono spot test

The mono spot test, also known as the EBV antibodies, is used to detect the mono illness. It is one of the common ways of identifying the infectious mononucleosis. However, at times, this test is not able to exactly detect the presence of mono, and it might take a few days for the test to show the positive results especially if the person never suffered from a mono before. Therefore, the doctor suggests retaking the test after ten to fourteen days.

  • Complete White Blood Cell Count

If a person is suffering from the infectious mononucleosis, then the body starts developing a lot more white blood cells than the average amount. The reason behind the overproduction of the white blood cells is that as they are responsible for fighting against the diseases, therefore, when they detect an unusual activity or infection in the body, they automatically start increasing in numbers. So, the doctors carry out this test, which involves the complete count of white blood cells. If the amount is higher than the average, then the chances are high that a person is suffering from a mono or kissing disease.

The complication caused by the kissing disease

Few of the common symptoms are already mentioned and discussed above. Now, it’s time to address some dangerous causes and complications of a mono or kissing disease. The enlargement of the spleen is one of the dangerous complications resulting from the kissing disease.

The spleen is responsible for carrying out some of the major functions in a body, such as it helps in filtering the blood, by removing old and damaged red blood cells from the body, along with the various infections and bacteria.

It also helps in the production of the white blood cells in the body, also known as the antibodies, which assist in fighting against the diseases. If a spleen increase in the size, because of the mono illness, then it is unable to carry out its functions effectively.

Moreover, the mono disease can also affect the respiratory system of a person, which results in the breathing problems. The breathing problems can cause some serious issue for a person, if not treated on time. Also, the mono disease causes a cough, which can get irritating at times and can prove to be quite harmful.

An infectious mononucleosis can also result in low appetite, which is not a good thins, especially if a person is already weak.

Less hunger means the body will not have enough strength to cope up or fight with the disease, which will linger on the whole infectious disease. The other problems are white patches, nausea, aches, reddening, malaise and seizures, and arrhythmias.

how to get rid of mono with natural treatment

Nature has a solution to almost everything, that too without any side effects. Always choose natural methods and treatments over the modern medicines, which often end up causing more harm than the benefit. Of course, do consult your doctor before and with his or her permission, you can use the natural remedies to treat diseases such as the mono. Honey is an excellent source of treating viral infections, such as a cough and flu. The use of honey has also proved to be very beneficial for the patients, who are suffering from the kissing disease. It also gives relief from a sore throat and tonsils. Take a teaspoon of honey in a cup of tea or warm milk on a regular basis. Ginger is another good source of treating infections, therefore, make sure that you are consuming ginger in your daily meals, a ginger tea would do wonders.

Substitute the junk with the healthy food and avoid having too much oil in your diet. Make sure that you are drinking a lot of water and fluids, also do not forget to gargle with some salt water. It is one of the best remedies to treat a sore throat and other infections.

The precautions

The topic is actually how do you get mono and is it contagious has already been covered in detail, it’s better to get aware of some necessary precautions.

Never kiss any person, who do you think is suffering from mono, as it is a viral disease, you will quickly catch the infection. Try to avoid eating with those people, who are suffering from mono, because the germs can easily attack. Avoid sharing drinking glasses, spoons and straws with the infected person. If you are the one suffering, then avoid playing any sports. Always wash your hands before and after eating something. Try to wear a mask on your mouth, if you do not want others, especially the kids to get infected.

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