8 Unbelievable Health Benefits of Honey You Should Know


Almost everyone like honey on his bread, or mixed with a glass of juice, or a sugar-free drink, as it is one of the best natural sweeteners. But the health benefits of honey are far reaching than its use in the form of a simple eatable, which is exactly why it makes the basis of numerous traditional medicines, as well as modern medicines.

Honey is usually graded by the color of its material. The golden amber colored, clear honey is often sold at much higher price than the darker shades. Moreover, its flavor depends on the types of flowers from which honey bees harvest the nectar. Both pasteurized and raw form of honey is available in the market and can help in dealing with several health-related issues.

8 Amazing Health Benefits of Honey you should know

Scientists have been studying the effects of honey on different kinds of wounds. But that’s not just it. In fact, experts also recommend using it as an essential ingredient of several home remedies for treating different situations and diseases. Let’s take a closer look at the health benefits of honey.

  1. Acts as a Healthy Sweetener

Several recent studies have linked the consumption of honey with the loss of weight. According to a report put forward by the San Diego University, the use of honey in the place of traditional sugar can assist in preventing the weight gain, and also in lowering the sugar level in blood. Furthermore, it also suggests that honey, when compared to sugar, has been found to possess capabilities to reduce the serum triglycerides.

Another research from the University of Wyoming proved that the regular consumption of honey activates certain hormones. These hormones, then, keep the appetite under control, and the patient feels the need to eat only when it is time to do so.

In another study, a group of 14 non-obese, healthy women were given breakfast containing honey, and their glycemic responses and appetite hormones were monitored. The overall result of that research proved that the consumption of honey produces powerful effects in protecting against obesity.

  1. Ergogenic health benefits of honey

Honey has been proved to be a fantastic ergogenic component in the foods. Therefore, it is usually employed by athletes to improve their performance. It keeps the blood sugar under check, and maintains the glycogen restoration, and muscle recuperation, after a tough workout. Moreover, it regulates the quantities of insulin, present in the body.

Raw honey contains 80% percent of natural sugars in it, with 18 percent of water, and rest of the 2% is proteins, pollen, vitamins, and minerals. It provides plenty of energy in a readily absorbable form and is an excellent powerhouse for energetic morning starts. Honey is also used as an element in the best post-workout means and pre-workout snacks.

  1. Speeds up the healing of wounds

Thanks to the antimicrobial capabilities of honey, it assists in the disinfection of the wounds. It supports the promotion of autolytic debridement and speeds up the process of wounds healing by deodorizing them and stimulating the affected tissues. It also helps in restarting the healing operations of the injuries that have gone dormant.

The healing properties of honey are highly extraordinary. According to BBC, the doctors are trying to implement the health benefits of raw honey for a boost in the recovery of patients after surgery. This goes true, particularly for cancer patients.

  1. Rich in antioxidants

A daily dose of raw honey helps in raising the level of health-friendly antioxidants in the body. These antioxidants are responsible for dealing with free radicals, present in the body. Moreover, it can improve the immune system and thus makes your body resistant to disease. The enormous quantities of phenols in honey make it a powerful antioxidant, and a great aid in fighting off the infections.

Several antioxidants including flavonoids, pinostrobin, pinocembrin, and chyrsin are present in honey. Pinocembrin induces the apoptosis of cancerous cells and supports the activity of enzymes. Laboratory researchers prove that chrysin helps in improving the bodybuilding effects, and increases the amount of testosterone (male hormones).

  1. Benefits of honey on skin

The benefits of honey and milk are incredibly beneficial in treating several skin infections. This combination is also useful in making the skin beautiful and smooth and gives it a glow. Therefore, the regular consumption of this mixture is a pretty common practice performed in a large number of countries.

  1. Treats acid reflux

According to professor Mahantayya V. Math, the density of honey is much higher as compared to drinking water. Experiments prove that it is 125.9 times more viscous at 37 degrees Celsius than distilled water at the same temperature. And due to the presence of specific components, it is helpful in preventing the Gastroesophageal reflux (GERD).

  1. Prevents allergies

A study involving more than 30 people with different allergies suggests that honey can also be used to minimize seasonal infections and allergies. A report put forward by The Guardian says that honey is useful in alleviating the symptoms of a cough and reducing its frequency.

  1. Aids in diabetes

Incorporating raw honey in the diet reduces the chances of developing diabetes. It can also assist in treating the patients with diabetes. And for the treatment purposes, the mixture of honey and cinnamon is advantageous. Compared to sucrose and dextrose, the elevation of plasma glucose levels is lower in case of honey.

The best thing about the mixture mentioned above is that the cinnamon can counter this minute elevation caused by honey, and makes the combination more beneficial due to the low glycemic index. As the intake of raw honey decreases hyperglycemia and increases insulin, you can try consuming it in small quantities at a time to test how the blood sugar level of your body reacts to it. You can also add the combination of cinnamon and raw honey to your diet plan.

Long-term health benefits of honey

Honey is an excellent promoter of sleep, and it does so in two ways. Its consumption before going to bed restocks the glycogen supply of liver and stops the brain from initiating the crisis search for energy and fuel. Furthermore, eating raw honey assists in releasing the melatonin in the brain, by creating a tiny spike in the levels of insulin. This leads to better sleep and helps the body in avoiding stroke, arthritis, type 2 diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and many other health-related problems.

Potential risks involved in the usage of honey

Well! We wouldn’t say these points to be the disadvantages of honey, but rather as the risks which come with its increased consumptions, or in particular cases. Keep in mind that being a natural sweetener, it contains a specific type of sugar. So, it is better to keep its intake at a moderate level.

According to AHA (American Heart Association), women should not consume more than a hundred calories per day from the sugars added to the diet. Regarding honey, that counts up to no more than 2 TBSP of it for women and 3 TBSP for men.

The presence of botulinum endospores in honey can lead to infant botulism, a severe and rare type of food poisoning. Such a condition can cause paralysis. Despite the health benefits of honey, doctors recommend not to give honey to the infants under the age of 1 year, even if it is in purified form.

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