Headache Behind The Left Eye : 7 Causes of Worse Headache


Reasons for Having Headache Behind Left Eye

People experience constant headaches every day, but having a headache behind the left eye is not as common as a normal headache. There can be multiple serious reasons behind this issue. This problem may arise because of anything such as due to head pain or the eye pain. You may have some problem in your head that is causing some pain in your eye or some issues with your eye may influence the head.

Usually, it is considered that a headache behind the left eye is faced because of the weakening of the muscles and tissues in the eye. Your eyeball may be facing difficulty in the movement. Mostly, it is also observed that although you are having pain in your eye, still there can be problems that do not have any link with your eye. There can be many factors contributing towards pain behind left eye, but the key fact is to determine and diagnose the issue on time and take the necessary treatment to avoid any repercussions in future. Here are some of the reasons that may be contributing towards the pain behind your eye.

Glaucoma problems

When you experience a headache behind left eye specifically, this is the indication of glaucoma. This is the problem in which there is pressure on the internal side of your eye that will cause the pain. Eventually, the damage will be due to your optic nerve that can consequently result in permanent blindness. The research shows that this disease is common in the African Americans, they show the signs of this disease when they reach the age of 40 or above.Headache Behind The Left Eye


It is a pain in the head that do not have any definite cause. It is a severe kind of pain the half side of your head. The standard assumption is that a headache behind eyes and temples occurs when the blood do not reach the critical positions, the abruption in the flow of blood can be because of multiple reasons including the lack of sleep, changes in your hormones, any stress and the changes in your eating habits. When these patients have a headache behind left eye, they also complain that the eyes become more sensitive to light and have difficulty in seeing when move navigated in low and high light areas.

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Injury on Head

Whenever you have an injury on your head, there are multiple outcomes. You may experience the fracture on the skull, the pressure in your brain increases, as well as swelling and bleeding, is involved in this scenario. A headache behind eyes and forehead is common in the people who are participating in the motor vehicle accidents and the ones who are fallen from the large heights. In the case of these injuries, proper medication and treatment should be conducted. All the injuries related to sports should be taken seriously.

Cluster headache

It is also a kind of a headache just like a migraine, but it is less familiar to the general people. In this problem, there is constant stabbing and throbbing felt on the back side of your head. The problems persist for hours, days and even weeks. The interval between the occurrences of pain can also be months. The pain occurs at irregular intervals, and it is not necessary to have a headache on right side of the head only, you can have the pain of the entire head or a headache behind left eye only.

But, the important thing is that the pain does not travel from one part to another. The frequency of occurrence can be from one time to almost eight times in a single day. The similar symptoms in this disease include the tearing from eyes, sweating, nose running and the eyelid will fell droopy. The reasons of this can be the dysfunction of the hypothalamus and the changes in your hormones.

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Optic neuropathy

In this condition, there can be any damage to your optic nerve. The issue may result in the permanent loss of your eyesight. The person may also suffer from the blindness. The reasons behind all these problems can be any toxic exposure to the eye, problems with the nutrition, hereditary issues, any neurological disease or infection in the eye. Another reason may be the presence of sinus infection. A headache behind right eye and temple may increase when the person tries to move the eye. A headache behind the left eye is also common in these conditions. This kind of disturbance is uncomfortable for the bearer.


It is one of the most common problems that causes a headache behind left eye. This is a kind of allergy that will generate the infection. The tissues in your eye are damaged and experience swelling, pain, inflammation, and lead to further severe symptoms. The location of the pain is not visible and should be observed carefully. Sometimes people have frontal sinuses in which there is a headache above right eye whereas some of the people experience a headache above the left eye. There are various kinds of sinusitis in which the maxillary sinusitis involves the pain the cheek.


The damage in your blood vessels of the eye will lead you to an aneurysm in which there can be a headache behind left eye. The blood vessel in the brain that is damaged will start to leak or bursts completely. This problem may also lead to the brain hemorrhage. The bleeding in the brain tissues will generate many issues. The location of a headache is not clear, and the severity is rally high.

Along with these reasons, there can be many other issues including the tumor or the infection on the brain. Proper checkup should be scheduled with your doctor to get to the bottom of the problem. There is a whole list of the reasons behind a headache behind left eye. Sometimes the issue in the eye is not the problem itself, and there can also be some of the problems in the head. So, the treatment and diagnosis should be done properly.

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