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5 Commonly Used Essential Oils For Muscle Pain Relief


Muscle pain is a common health problem. There are several reasons why a person might experience muscle pain in his or her lifetime. While the most common cause of muscle pain is aging, several other factors can result in severe muscle pain as well such as injury, trauma, and post works out stress or muscle tear. Whatever the case might be, there are several essential oils for muscle pain relief that are readily available for quick results and efficient treatment.

Essential oils for muscle pain of different body parts

There are several muscles in the human body. Every muscle pain is different in nature and may vary in intensity. There are many essential oils for muscle pain of various body parts. While some essential oils can be commonly used to treat muscle pain of all body parts, there are others that are specified for only a particular body part. For instance, the Doterra essential oils for muscle pain are also correctly used as the Doterra essential oils for knee pain. This means that this particular oil can be utilized for the treatment of all body muscle pains but is more specifically designed for the knee joint and muscle pain relief.

Benefits of essential oils for muscle pain

Everyone knows that essential oils for muscle knots and pain relief are very fast acting and effective. However, little do people know that there are several other benefits of using essential oils for nerve pain and muscle pain relief! Below is an overview of the advantages of these essential oils other than muscle pain relief and cure.

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  • Decongestant

These essential oils can also be used as a decongestant. These oils can help for drainage during the flu or severe cold. It will also contribute to relieving pain and headaches due to nasal congestions and flu.

  • Sedative

There are several causes of muscle pain and tear. This includes muscle pain and strain post workout. There are essential oils for sore muscles after the workout, and this acts as a sedative as well. It will instantly act to relieve discomfort and ease the pain.Essential Oils For Muscle Pain

  • Anti-inflammatory

Pain in the lower back can result in severe swelling and bloat on the back and the abdominal region as well. However, there are essential oils for lower back pain available that are not only helpful to cure back pain but also play an important anti-inflammatory role.

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5 essential oils for muscle pain relief

If you are looking for essential oils for knee pain and swelling or essential oils for sore muscles bath, the following are the 5 best essential oils that are readily available in the markets.

  1. Chamomile Essential Oil

Chamomile essential oil is a very common type of essential oil. This is used to relieve muscle pain, joint pain, muscle soreness and swelling as well. In addition to muscle pain relief, this oil can also be used to treat abdominal gas. Hence, in addition to muscle pain relief, this oil is also very effective to treat digestive issues. It plays a significant role in regulating bowel movement and also facilitates many other functions of the digestive system.

  1. Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint oil is one such type of essential oil that was most traditionally used for healing and medical purposes. This oil is a hybrid of water mint and spearmint. Not only does it have several medical benefits but this essential oil has a lovely fragrance as well. It is very refreshing. This oil is most commonly rubbed on the affected body part for instant soothing and pain relief. However, in addition to muscle pain relief, this oil is very helpful to cure muscle stiffness and soreness. It is also commonly used by people who are suffering from nasal congestion and severe chest infection. Peppermint oil instantly heals the infected patient and provides immediate relief.

  1. Ginger Essential Oil

Ginger essential oil can be very easily made at home as well by extracting ginger juice. However, it is best to purchase pure ginger essential oils from the markets as it is very readily available. Ginger is very a beneficial natural ingredient that is known for having tremendous health benefits. It has several advantages for the digestive system and aids weight loss as well. In addition to all this, ginger essential oil is very helpful for quick relief muscle pain. There are multiple ways in which ginger essential oils can be used as well. You do not have to necessarily rub this oil on the muscles or body parts for useful results. This oil can also be inhaled or used as a drink with milk or any other milder ingredient.

  1. Clove Essential Oil

Cloves are a natural spice that is used for everyday cooking. Clove itself is a spicy ingredient and can cause irritation on the skin. Therefore, clove essential oil is diluted to make it milder inconsistency. This oil is not a very popular choice of essential oils for muscle relief because it has a very pungent smell. However, using this oil with warm water is magical for muscle soreness and pain. It instantly heals body pain.

  1. Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil is very popular oil that is bound to no introductions. This oil has the very sweet smell and some amazing medical benefits as well. Most commonly this oil is used for a headache and tension relief. Lavender is a flower that smells very sweet and flowery. People admire the flower and are very keen when it comes to using its essential oils for health and medical purposes. It also acts as a mild anti-depressant and is very useful because of its natural healing properties. A few drops of lavender oil are very helpful to relieve muscle soreness, stiffness, and swelling. It can also be used in combination with coconut oil or castor oil for smoother and better results.

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