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Does Drinking Kill Brain Cells? Here is what you should believe! 


If you have ever got the chance to research or study about what kills brain cells, the first thing that you will most likely find on top of the list is ‘alcohol.’ There are very few people who wonder does drinking kill brain cells  because it is believed that it does! However, allow us to break the ice – drinking does NOT kill brain cells. It has never been medically reported or scientifically proven that alcohol consumption can kill brain cells.

Brain cell death is not reported

Of course, damage to the different extent is possible, but the death of brain cells is not real. This brings us to the question that if drinking does not kill brain cells then why is it believed to do so? The answer lies in this article. In this article, we talk about many things. We will talk about does drinking kill brain cells? If it does not kill, it must damage the brain just like all other body parts. We will look at how does alcohol damage the brain?

Mild use of alcohol is not damaging

Amongst the ‘alcohol kills brain cells myth’ lies a truth – mild consumption of alcohol does not damage the human brain. In fact, soft drinking habits have a positive impact on the brain health. Scientific studies reveal that drinking lightly can boost the cognitive functions and improve brain functioning. This makes one wonder about the alcohol kills brain cells snopes that have become so popular over the internet in the recent days. Why is it believed that drinking could kill brains cells when it does not!

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Excessive alcohol consumption damages human brain

When people ask does drinking kill brain cells, the answer is yes it does. However, this is not true. Alcohol and brain cells Wikipedia page has a lot of information regarding what impact alcohol consumption has on the human brain. It will be wrong to say that there is no damage that excessive use of alcohol can cause to the brain. Excessive drinking can damage different brain parts and cause a serious halt in the cognitive as well as mental functions. This is why it is held true by non-experts that drinking can kill the brain cells when in reality it may damage the brain cells a lot but will never result in cell death.Does drinking kill brain cells

What do the ordinary people think?

In a recent survey, the ordinary people were asked does drinking kill brain cells? The response was very amusing and in fact, very surprising as well! The majority of citizens believed that brain cells die due to heavy drinking. Some people were asked to elaborate why they thought so. One person revealed that he thought alcohol kills brain cells reducing brain mass and making a person mentally retarded. That was incredible to see a false fact having become so true amongst the ordinary people!

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Brain cell death is a myth

Over the years, the internet has exploded with data and information. In such a scenario, it becomes tough to differentiate between the genuine and false facts. This is one of the reasons why people who wondered does drinking kill brain cells were led to believe that it does. In reality, brain cell death is a complete myth and has absolutely no truth to it. The amount of alcohol that can cause brain cell death can never be consumed by a living person. This makes it clear that it is only a false rumor circulating the internet that alcohol can cause cell death. It causes brain damage and in some cases, can severely damage the brain as well. However, damage does not translate into cell death in any case.

How does alcohol consumption damage brain?

Heavy drinking and overconsumption of alcohol does damage the brain cells. It may affect different parts of the human brain and cause many physical, emotional and psychological disturbances. However, the same cannot be said for light drinking. The truth is that mild and light drinking has no harmful effects on the human brain. In fact, soft drinking has been proven to impact the human mind positively.

What brain problems can heavy drinking lead to?

For all those wonderings does drinking kill brain cells, you have your answer. But this makes one wonder about the brain damage and resulting problems that might arise as a result of heavy drinking.

People have become very smart lately. They are curious and want to know a lot of things. When you tell them that drinking does not kill the brain cells, it makes them ask many other things like

  • Does alcohol cause dementia?
  • Will drinking result in brain tumors?
  • In what part of the brain do you get brain tumors?

It is critical to address these questions not only to enlighten people but also to put all false rumors like drinking causes brain cell death to rest!

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Common brain problems as a result of drinking

Heavy drinking leads to many mental health concerns. The most commonly reported ones are the following.

  • Heavy drinking leads to impaired and blurred vision. People who drink a lot of damage the brain neurons that are responsible for carrying messages from the brain to all other parts of the human body.
  • Alcohol consumption can slow down brain reflexes. The human mind’s functionality suffers as the reaction time of the brain becomes very slow.
  • Alcohol consumption has a direct impact on the memory. Memory loss as a result of heavy drinking, in the long run, is commonly reported.

In addition to mental problems, many other physical problems are also associated with excessive drinking. It is no secret that heavy drinking and alcohol intake can damage all other body organs internally.

Final Words

Hence, for all those wonderings does drinking kill brain cells, the answer is no, it does not! In fact, the amount of alcohol that is required to kill the brain cells would not only kill the brain cells but the person himself!

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