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In this article, you are going to get most of the information related to Chills without fever. You suffer from fever when your body has abnormal high body temperature. As we all know that the regular body temperature is 36.5 degrees centigrade. You can’t say that fever is a real illness, but it can be a common symptom of an infection. When the bacteria attack your body, the brain sends signals to raise the temperature of the body to stop bacteria from spreading. The rest of the body tries to regulate the temperature which can lead to chills.

Mechanism of Chills without Fever

Here we will tell you what causes random chills? When exposed to cold temperature the body tries to regulate the body temperature by producing the amount of heat that is necessary to increase the internal temperature of the body. This causes the muscles to contract and because of this contraction the person experience uncontrollable shaking and chills. This term is also known as Goosebumps. A person can experience chills, but no fever and body ache.

What are the Common Signs of Chills without Fever?chills without fever infographic

It is common to observe that chills can remain constant for some period and they can go and come repeatedly.

Some of the common sign of chills without fever are as below.

  • The Continuous Chattering of Teeth

When the body experiences cold temperature, the brain sends signals to the body to generate more heat. Shivering just occur when the muscles of the body contract and it causes the body to produce more heat. The chattering of teeth is also accompanied by chills.

  • The Appearance of Goosebumps

It is not a common symptom of chills, but when a person feels cold, it appears on his skin.

  • A lot of SweatingChills without Fever

Sometimes a person experience chills sweat without fever. In some cases, when the body is exposed to cold some parts of the body like armpits start producing more sweat. The moisture evaporates slowly because of the low temperature outside. It makes your skin sweaty.

  • Shaking and Shivering

Continuous shaking and shivering occur when the muscles of the body contract.

Some Common Causes of Chills without Fever

There can be many reasons when a person experience chills without a fever. Some of them are listed as below.

  • The main reason is exposure to cold temperatures. In this regard, the body shows goosebumps. It can be a viral infection.
  • It can be experienced if a person is suffering from gastroenteritis. The most commons symptom can be chills and nausea along with vomiting, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea.
  • Chills without fever can be because of the common cold. It can be viral, and the person can have a runny nose and cough.
  • Glandular fever or “kissing disease” is also the primary cause of chills without the fever. It is a viral infection.
  • During pneumonia, the person feels inflammation in the lungs along with fever, cough, chills, and difficulty in breathing.
  • During the deficiency of vitamin B and B12 people have chills without a fever. It can be treated with proper diet.
  • Food poisoning is another main cause of chills without the fever. Other symptoms are diarrhea, abdominal cramps, etc.
  • Sometimes the level of sugar decreases in blood and the person experience chills. He can also have sweating, fever, chills and body aches.
  • Sometimes medication shows a side effect or reaction in the form of chills.
  • Sometimes thyroid is unable to produce sufficient amount of hormones which can lead to chill without fever and sore throat.

Treatment of Chills without Fever

For problems mentioned above which are the main cause of chills can be treated in some ways. Many antibiotics are available to treat bacterial infection. They can be prescribed for bladder infections as well. Flu cannot be treated with medicines all the time. The patient is advised to have proper rest, and he can take a lot of warm drinks to feel better. Anti-inflammatory medications and nasal decongestants are also used to treat pneumonia. You can treat the deficiency of vitamin B12 with many food supplements. Medical care is necessary to treat food poisoning. All these methods are helpful in treating the diseases that cause chills without fever.

Some Common Ways to Control Chills

Here you will find some recommendations on how to control chills without a fever. If you want to get rid of these problems, then you must follow them.

  1. When the body is exposed to cold temperature, then it is necessary to wear proper clothes. Make sure that head, hands, and feet are properly covered and insulated from the cold environment.
  2. Wear soft pajamas before going to bed at night. It should be made of any fabric that can keep you warm. Cover your body with blanket properly.
  3. Taking hot tea or coffee is the best idea to keep you warm and protected from chills. It also helps your body to be hydrated. Choose the type of tea according to time like it is not suitable to take black and green tea at night.
  4. Some doctors recommend moderate exercises to keep your body warm. They keep the temperature of the body warm and hence you can avoid chills.
  5. Taking warm shower can give your body a soothing effect. You can take a steam bath. It will relax your muscles and increase the temperature of the body to prevent chills without a fever.
  6. Healthy eating is more important to cure any disease. With the proper diet, you can improve the deficiency of vitamin B12 in your body, and it can further keep the chills under control.
  7. Proper sleep is also necessary. If you work a lot and do not provide proper rest to your body, then there are chances that you can experience chills without fever again after some time.

Hope you have got enough information regarding chills without a fever. The best way is to improve your diet as many diseases can be cured with the help of proper diet.

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