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Can You Regrow Teeth? Here is all you should know about tooth care!


Who doesn’t like a smile that is picture perfect? However, lack of proper oral and dental care can lead to many teeth problems. Due to lack of tooth care, you can end up having a chipped tooth or may completely lose one! These are the times when you wonder how to make your teeth grow back faster! Whatever the case might be, this any teeth damage calls for an immediate trip to the doctor. We think that just like nails, hair, and bones our teeth can also grow back on their own once damaged or broken. In this article, we talk about whether it is possible to grow back the broken tooth? Keep reading to find out what is the truth about the hot topic of regrow teeth 2016 that has been trending on the web lately!

Wish to regrow teeth?

Many reasons make you want to regrow teeth with coconut oil or stupid little tricks like these. Let’s first find out what the reasons are that become the basis for a person wishing that his or her teeth regrow on their own.

  • Eating sweets or anything sticky before you go to bed
  • Forgetting to floss for months
  • Not brushing your teeth twice a day or after meals
  • Bad dentist treatment
  • Oral infection

Whatever the case might be, if any of these reasons result in a person losing his or her teeth; it will automatically mean a visit to the dentist. Without professional help, the pain will only increase, and condition will continue to worsen. A visit to the dentist means that you will most probably be getting metal fillings to fill in the cavities. These metal fillings are in fact 50 percent mercury, and nobody wants that for sure! This is when one wishes to the dear Lord for the teeth to grow back and repair damage on their own like other human body parts.

Basic dental procedures for tooth care

In the case of any tooth damage, the professional help from a dentist or oral expert is the must. There are a few basic dental procedures that are used to provide basic tooth care to the people who are suffering from dental pain. These methods include

  • Fillings
  • Implants
  • Veneers
  • Dentures

However, no matter which dental procedure you chose to have for tooth care, it all will include placing something artificial into your mouth or using technological methods to help you with your dental problem. This is why it is mostly advised to look after your oral health and try out home remedies as long as you can to prevent any worse conditions. In a case of that, it becomes imperative to seek professional help with no other option. To save one’s self from this pain, it is normal to wish to regrow tooth enamel naturally.regrow teeth

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Developmental history of teeth

As far as the natural developmental history of teeth is concerned, every person has two sets of teeth. The first round of teeth begins to develop when the baby is growing and developing inside the mother’s womb. At the time of birth, a baby has 20 teeth that are hidden inside the gums. These teeth begin to pop out as the child grows older. This is the first primary set for a person and is known as the ‘milk teeth.’ A person has milk teeth up till the age of 12 or 13 years. The last milk teeth break around this age. However, the milk teeth can break down, but this is not permanent as this marks the onset of the adult teeth development. The adult teeth are permanent, and a person has minimally 28 and maximum 32 of them.

Is it possible to regrow teeth?

The permanent teeth also known as the adult teeth do no regrow of they are lost. Therefore, it is strongly advised to care for the adult teeth because, in the case of loss, they cannot be recovered. However, the one case in which the teeth seem to grow back is when they remineralise. However, this exactly is not re-growth but in fact the natural recovery of the slight enamel erosion! Hence it can be said that it is possible to regrow teeth eggshells, but the same cannot be said for the completely lost teeth.

Is it possible to remineralize teeth?

Remineralising the teeth is naturally working to bring back all the lost mineral values of the teeth. In this way, the missing enamel of the teeth can be recovered. Remineralising the teeth on a natural diet is possible. Any diet that contains considerable amounts of phytic acid will help the enamel of the teeth to heal. This diet will include foods like nuts, whole grains, and seeds. It is important to avoid the consumption of sugar completely during the phytic diet intake. Secondly, there are many dental products such as tooth floss; toothpaste and teeth creams can also help.

Myths about teeth regrowth

While up till now it is clear that it is NOT possible to regrow broken or lost teeth and can only be remineralised; there are several myths about teeth regrowth that interestingly are popular on the internet in the recent days. Let’s have a quick look at all the popular myths that surround teeth regrowth.

Myth # 1

The first rumor or myth about this idea is that by eating an eggshell every day, it is possible to regrow the teeth naturally. This sounds at absurd, painful and disgusting as it really could be in real life. These claims are made on the basis that the eggshells contain high amounts of calcium and other precious minerals that are beneficial for the teeth. Hence, consuming these minerals will also be helpful for the teeth to grow back on their own.

Myth # 2

The next myth regarding this idea is that there is herb called the ‘comfrey’ that helps to grow back the teeth naturally. This false belief is on the basis that this herb is used to regrow bones post a fracture. This makes one believe it will work for the natural regrowth of teeth as well.

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