Lyme Disease Bulls Eye Rashes Symptoms and Care


What Is The Bulls Eye Rashes Or Ringworm?

You are having a Bulls eye rashes or ring worm’s disease, how you are going to tell that? This article will help you finding the difference. When a red circle appears, it is hard to say if it is eye rashes or ringworm and decision will be more complicated if you don not remember being bitten by a tick. When I had my first bulls rashes on my eyes, I knew that Lyme is the possibility. And in my research, I found that only two conditions could cause such red circle and ringworms.There are many similarities in ringworms and Lyme, but there are also differences which I am going to discuss here.

Lyme disease bullseye rash

Bull rashes caused by infection with bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi. An infected deer tick is carrying a bacterium called spirochete, and it can inject these bacteria in humans or animals while it bites. An untreated bacterium then runs through vein and bloodstream and cause infection in various body tissues and some symptoms. The first symptom is not always a circle or EM rash, some infected people never see a bull’s eyes rash, and it differs from body to body what symptoms appear and what not.

Bulls eye rashes

Bulls eye rash causes and Symptoms

A standard sign of bulls eye rash is that a red spot will appear with clear skin on sides and then again the red circle of rashes. It looks like a big eye that why it is called bulls eye rashes because it is the size or bulls eye.

  • It is not painful usually or itchy, but if ant other insect experts spirochete, then it may cause infection, pain, and itching
  • bulls eye rash tick bite: It is not necessary that rashes will appear where tick has bitten you. Rash radiates as it wants. Maybe stick bites you on neck or shoulder, and you get stars rash on arms, leg or back. Mostly these rashes appear on arms legs and back.
  • Spot only stays for two weeks or more average. But it has been seen for a month, or long so we cannot say how much time you have to wait to get rid of it
  • The EM rash will never react to any fungal or hydrocortisone The level of the rashes will be equal to your skin they would not pop up like ringworms.
  • The bulls eye rash has an average diameter of four to six inches, but it may spread inch longer or lesser.
  • Other symptoms are a headache, fatigue, cognitive painful, and many other symptoms will arise as the disease grows. These symptoms can appear at the same time, sooner or later.

Do not hesitate to visit a doctor:

If you suspect you have Lyme disease rash itchy, do not hesitate to visit a doctor. This guide is not to replicate a physician it was just for your knowledge and to educate you. Meany doctors do not know the severeness of this disease as if it would not be treated; it can spread from days to weeks, weeks to month and month to year may be. You need to be careful, and you must visit a doctor as soon as you feel you have Lyme disease or erythema migrans rash.

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