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Anal Leakage Treatment – Types And Symtoms Of Leake Anus


Why is My Bottom Leaking? Let’s Find out

Every human is born with the ability to control any passing out of the anal hole. The anal hole is designed to eliminate toxic feces and urine from the body to keep the body clean of all waste materials. Though this is a natural ability, every child needs to be toilet trained after he or she reaches a certain age. Nevertheless, every person has the control over their urine and stool and can expel it only with intention. Anal leakage is a common problem that results in a person losing control over his/her anal hole. Bottom leaking fluid this is a common problem, experienced by every 1 out of 8 people. Several factors can result in anal leakage.

What is anal leakage? | Is it Treatable?

Anal leakage refers to uncontrolled discharge from the anal hole. People also refer to it a leaky anus. In this condition, there is a continuous discharge from the anal hole. This discharge can be in the form of fluid, blood, urine or feces as well. There is always a causal factor behind leakage from the anus. It might be a minor causal factor that is treatable, or it might be some major diseases that seek immediate medical help. In worse cases, the condition might result in complete loss and control over the bowel movement.

What are the worst Consequences of anal leakage?

Leakage or discharge from the anal hole is very troublesome. People who experience it go through several difficulties in their daily life routine alike poop leaks out after wiping. The discharge from the anal hole is either feces or some fluid. The fluid could be some mucus or blood. Whatever the case, the odor of this discharge is downright nasty and unbearable. However, the patient has no other option but to deal with the pain, discomfort as well as the bad odor of anal leakage. The treatment of leaky anus varies widely too. Though it is treatable and not always serious, this condition can result in extreme public embarrassment for the person. In case that the state does not cure over time, it is important that the person seeks immediate medical help.Anal Leakage Treatment - Types And Symtoms Of Leake Anus

3 Most Common Types of anal leakage and Treatments

There are varying conditions of anal discharge and leakage. It depends on the severity of the condition for what kind of treatment is required. Moreover, different factors collectively result in a particular type of anal discharge from the anal hole. Below are some of the most common types of anal discharge and leakage that are discussed and highlighted briefly. These three are the most commonly reported leakages from the anal hole. All three categories can be minor or severe in condition. Treatment should be provided accordingly.

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1# Fecal incontinence – Ist Type of Anal Leakage

The first and most common type of discharge from the anal hole is in the form of feces. This is the most commonly reported leakage. This condition can vary in intensity and severity as well. Patients might experience only rare leakage from the anus. In severe cases, you should clear discharge from bum after a poo, it can also result in complete loss of control over the bowel movements. This is why a person who suffers from fecal incontinence might end up filling up their underwear with feces because he will have no control over his impulse to pass out leaking of stool whatsoever. This type of discharge from the anus can be very embarrassing on a public level as well. There are several causal factors of fecal incontinence.

  • Chronic constipation
  • Severe gastroenteritis
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Injuries to the anal hole or pelvic region
  • Nerve disorders
  • passing clear liquid from bowel

2# Fluid and Mucus –  Second Type of Anal Leakage

The second type of anal discharge is in the form of fluid or mucus. This originates from the genitalia. This is the rarest type of leakage from the anus and is least commonly reported. However, in a case of leakage from the anal hole, you should know that there are some leading causes behind it. Therefore, if the discharge from your anus is in the form of any fluid or mucus, you need to seek medical help immediately. A few common causes of this kind of discharge are

  • Anal cancer
  • Celiac disease
  • Anal fissures
  • Food intolerance
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Rectal ulcers
  • keriorrhea

3# Blood – Third Type of Anal Leakage

The most dangerous and alarming leakage from the anal hole is blood. If you see blood coming out of your anal hole or if stools are accompanied with blood; this is a matter of grave health concern, and you need to visit a professional doctor immediately. If left unattended to, this condition can only worsen with time and be fatal in the long run as well. While there are many causes of blood leakage from the anus, there are a few cases that are reported more commonly than others. By far, hemorrhoids or internal piles is one of the most common reasons behind blood leakage from the anal hole.

5 Most Common Symptoms of Anal Leakage that tells you to go to the Doctor

While the exact symptoms of leaky anus will vary according to the severity and intensity of the condition, few symptoms are common. These symptoms include

  • Itchiness around or inside the anal hole. This is one of the most common symptoms of anal discharge but is mostly overlooked by the people.
  • Itchiness on the buttocks is another symptom. It is a little absurd that a health condition that is relevant to the anal hole can cause discomfort on the buttocks. However, it is the leakage that results in this irritation and discomfort.
  • Burning sensations inside the anal hole is also another symptom of leakage from the anal hole. This burning sensation might vary in intensity depending on the severity of the condition. For immediate relief, ice packs can be used on the anal hole.
  • The person who suffers from this condition might also experience the repeated urge to go to the bathroom. This might be due to the build-up pressure in the anal hole.
  • The stool texture might also start to change and demonstrate inconsistency. This is another common symptom of the leaky anus. You might pass stool that is too runny i.e. loose motions or starts experiencing constipation for days on end.

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