6 DIY Home Remedies Garlic for Abscess Tooth


For many of you who don’t know that garlic for abscess tooth is beneficial for highly painful infection that develops when individual bacteria get into the root of your tooth from cavities. These cavities only formed when a foreign substance has entered into your weak or cracked enamel. Also known as swelling and redness of gums, the sensitivity of teeth to cold or hot, and most importantly foul smell are some of the symptoms that show the sign of tooth abscess.

Garlic for Abscess Tooth with Best Ways

This throbbing pain caused by the abscessed tooth can be very annoying and unbearable that you can’t simply ignore it. It can lead to a life-threatening problem, so it is imperative that you consult with your doctor to remove this infection. So meantime you should try to reduce the swelling, and pain and other things using a natural remedy in the form of garlic.

Is garlic considered very useful to cure tooth abscess?

I will try to explain in most simple and efficient way about garlic for abscess tooth so you can take full advantage of treating it.

  • Garlic is the unique combination of sulfur and other nutrients that can heal the inflammation which is caused by the infections.
  • The sulfur contains amino acid also called ALLICIN in garlic that provides a powerful natural antibiotic which can destroy infections caused by the bacteria. It can also stop bacteria from developing more.
  • Garlic also looked like a natural anesthetic that offers instant relief from tooth pain by reducing the pain and numbing the infected area as well.

How many ways can you use garlic for an abscessed tooth?

Who would have thought garlic was just used in recipes to cook food. Don’t just take garlic as a vegetable but something more. ‘’garlic treatment for tooth abscess’’ can indeed be used alone or sometimes can be mixed with some natural ingredients to treat abscess tooth. Let’s take a look at them that I have made very accurate and convenient for you.

Below you will be able to find all the garlic for abscess tooth home remedies Step by step including with complete guideline.

Top 6 Effective Home Remedies for Garlic Abscess toothgarlic for abscess tooth infographic

 1) Try making garlic powder for Abscess Tooth:

garlic powder for abscess tooth

You can make powder of garlic and use it by directly applying it to an abscessed tooth. All you have to do is to follow some steps like,

  • First, dip a clean cotton cloth in water and moisten it
  • Now roll it around in garlic powder and apply it on the area of abscessed tooth
  • Leave this until the pain gets over
  • Now rinse your mouth with warm water
Some additional note: you can also try to dip a wet cloth in garlic oil instead of powder and apply it on the affected area on your mouth.

2) Use garlic clove Abscess Tooth:

Garlic is considered very potent in its clove form, and you can place it directly on the infected area. Garlic for abscess tooth is very beneficial to provide instant relief from severe pain.

  • First, take a fresh garlic clove and placed it on your affected tooth
  • Now try crushing the garlic clove with teeth so the juice can get into abscess
  • Spit out garlic clove and rinse your mouth with salty warm water
  • Repeat this procedure for two times in one day

3) Make salt and garlic paste for Abscess Tooth:

salt and garlic paste for abscess tooth

The ‘’garlic salt for abscess tooth’’ has the natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties that can reduce the inflammation and heal pain very effectively. The great thing about is that it can also prevent the infection spreading to the entire mouth.

  • First, crush the 3 to 4 cloves of garlic and sprinkle little amount of salt over it
  • Now mix them well and make a mixture
  • Apply the mixture on the infected tooth
  • Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes and then rinse it with water
  • Repeat this remedy for two times in one day

4) Peppermint and garlic juice mixture for Abscess Tooth:

Peppermint and garlic juice for abscess tooth

The peppermint contains natural antibacterial properties that can kill bacteria which are causing infections and prevent it from spreading. If you combine it with garlic, then it can prove extremely well to heal swelling quickly.

  • Take some fresh peppermint leaves in your hands and crush them
  • Now extract the juice from crushed leaves and add one tablespoon of garlic juice
  • Soak a cotton ball in the mixture and hold it on the affected tooth for 8 minutes
  • After 8 minutes discard the cotton ball and wash your mouth with lukewarm water

5) Apple cider vinegar (ACV) and garlic rinse for Abscess Tooth:

Apple cider vinegar and garlic rinse for abscess tooth

To, use garlic for abscess tooth, there are so many ingredients you can use and most popular one of the apple cider vinegar that restore and creates an unfavorable environment for bacteria to lose its grip and reduce the pain.

  • Add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and garlic juice on cup of water
  • Now swish this into your mouth for few minutes and spit it out
  • Repeat this solution for 3 to 4 times in one day
The main point to notice: you have to use only unfiltered, organic and raw apple cider vinegar for using this natural remedy.

6) Black tea and garlic drink for Abscess Tooth:

black tea and garlic for abscess tooth

Tea is a very popular source for ‘’garlic mouth infection’’ it contains tannins that can help to clean out the toxins and also heal diseases very soon. You will be surprised to see the properties of tea using with garlic can reduce the inflammation and swelling.

  • First, prepare black tea by boiling the tea leaves in one cup of water
  • Now cover the tea for five minutes
  • Take small sip of the tea and swish it in your mouth and slowly swallow it
  • Repeat this remedy for on daily basis

Are there any precautions and tips you need to follow while using Garlic for Abscess Tooth?

It is critical that before you use any remedy that includes garlic for abscess tooth there some precautions and tips, you need to follow so you can prevent anything bad happening in your mouth such as,

  • Using raw garlic can cause stinging and burning in the mouth. So always wash your mouth with salty water after using garlic remedies to relieve the burning periods
  • Garlic can only be used for internal to deal with infection you can add 4 to 5 crushed cloves of garlic with yogurt and consume it regularly
  • People who are about to undergo surgery should avoid using garlic
  • You have to maintain proper hygiene and brush your teeth three times in one day to clean gums

You can try out these effective and easy garlic remedies to get rid of abscess tooth, and you can gladly tell us which one you found the best in use. If you think that there is garlic for abscess tooth remedy which I have not included, then you can tell me about it, and I will try to cover them as well.

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