How to Use Olive Oil for Head Lice Treatment – TOP 6 Proven Methods


How You Can Use Olive Oil for Head Lice Treatment:

More than 12 to 15 million children are infested with head lice in the US each year. It is a fact that by school sharing, hugging, sleepovers, sharing clothes, and lying in bed with a person who has it can get infected using it since lice unfold brief. You do not have to take pressure over it there is a long lasting remedy which can to make sure, forestall them is via choosing Olive Oil for Head Lice the reason for it is straightforward it’s far feasible, and guarantee to see its tremendous consequences to Head Lice.

A lot of people suffer from pain, itchiness, red bumps, on hair and scalp they reproduce quite fast, and it gets harder to remove them. You will feel frustrated and embarrass both, but you can certainly cure it before it’s too late.

In which you are looking for a natural remedy, at that factor, it is very advised that you select for something sharp and herbal as OLIVE OIL that might be ordinary but has brilliant possibility to put off lice and reduce them in numbers.

Is Olive Oil for Head Lice useful to remove HEAD LICE?

6 Home Ingredients that can be beneficial with Olive Oil for Head Lice Removal:

OLIVE OIL can use in different shapes. By itself, it could show significant impacts, but after you consolidate it with any domestic ingredients, at that factor, it could give positive results approximately swiftly and furthermore guide in right direction. The folks that are experiencing it have inquiries concerning ”olive oil lice treatment at home” you may find out your answer beneath with all proven factors and determine according to your preference

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1) Use Simple Olive Oil for Head Lice:use simple olive oil for head lice

  • First, take sufficient amount of OLIVE OIL
  • Directly apply it to scalp and back rub it on hair
  • leave for one night time and wash in the morning with water
  • Now brush hair to evacuate useless lice
  • Repeat twice for one week

2) Use CONDITIONER and Olive Oil for Head Lice:conditioner and olive oil for head lice

  • Take one cup OLIVE OIL and add it in any branded conditioner stir well
  • follow on hair and scalp
  • massage it properly and depart for one hour
  • Rinse it using water
  • Comb to removes most Lice
  • Wash it all over again
  • Reapply it one time in week

3) Use TEA TREE OI and Olive Oil for Head Lice:tea tree oil and olive oil for head lice

Do not pour TTO alone on scalp otherwise, it will lead to burning sensation, and you will feel discomfort for a very long time.

  • Take three tbsp olive oil and one tbsp TTO
  • mix nicely and apply gently on scalp and hair
  • Wait for 2 hours to get dry
  • Wash utilizing any mild shampoo and water
  • When your hair is wet brush to expel all dead Lice from head
  • follow doing it two times for 14 days

4) Use Essential Oils and Olive Oil for Head Lice:essential oils and olive oil for head lice

Essential oils have proven to remove head lice effectively. You can pick any of them you like and combine it with Olive Oil for Head Lice to stop their reproduction and kill them at the same time.

  • First, take 10 drops of peppermint and jojoba oils and 2 tbsp olive oil
  • mix properly and apply on scalp
  • Rubdown for some minutes and waits for 10 hours
  • After that wash utilizing any cleanser and water
  • At the same, time as hair is wet brush hair to expel lice
  • comply with this remedy one time for many weeks

5) Use VINEGAR and Olive Oil for Head Lice:vinegar and olive oil for head lice

Vinegar in nature is acetic that can eliminate nits and Lice.

  • Take equal amount of vinegar and olive oil
  • Mix well and apply on hair and scalp all over
  • Massage carefully and wait for one hour
  • Rinse it using shampoo and conditioner
  • Reapply it three times for two weeks

6) Use KEROSENE and Olive Oil for Head Lice:kerosene and olive oil for head lice

Kerosene can help to eradicate head Lice and also great for kids hair. Those of you who have not found any solution regarding ‘’how long to leave olive oil in hair for lice’’ this remedy will help you find the perfect solution.

  • First, take equal amount of kerosene and olive oil
  • Stir well and apply on scalp and hair
  • Leave for three hours
  • Wash using herbal shampoo and water
  • Comb hair to remove dead Lice from head
  • Repeat one time on regularly

Easy precautions to follow while using Olive Oil for Head Lice:

  • For above treatments, pick any cheaper olive oil but in organic form
  • Daily apply these methods to get rid of Lice completely
  • avoid any person to person contact
  • stop sharing your things with other people like combs, hair brushes and much more
  • cover your head while going in a public place
  • If any man or woman in circle of relatives has head lice at that point start taking these medicines to stop Lice invasions right away

So you want to try any of the above treatments of Olive Oil for Head Lice then it is a suitable time you begin at this second and say goodbye to head lice for a very long time. This association is certified, genuine, and extremely useful to give fantastic consequences. Likewise, share your suggestion if you have one.

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