How to Use Mayonnaise for Head Lice to Kill them Effectively


How you Can Use Mayonnaise for Head Lice Treatment:

According to a medical survey of disease control, there is approximately more than 14 million head lice infestation occurs each year among kids from the age of 4 to 16. It only happens because by sharing personal things, head to head contact, any person can get infected by it because lice spread very fast. You don’t need to worry about it there is a permanent solution that can indeed, stop them is by choosing Mayonnaise for Head Lice the reason behind it is simple it is effective, and parents will be surprised to see its positive results by utilizing it.

One main discomfort that head lice cause is scratching and doing it constantly can lead to scalp infections and open sores. The worst part is that head lice will become more resistant to remove even if you choose any counter solution. The toxic in the human will not affect them at all.

If you are looking for a natural treatment, then it is highly recommended that you go for something reliable and organic in the form of Mayonnaise that may be common but has great chance to get rid of lice in the first place.

How Mayonnaise for Head Lice works to remove Head Lice permanently?

Mayonnaise has the juice of lemon, egg yolk, vinegar, and essential oil. When you combine all, it makes a creamy shape that can work perfectly for any infestations.

  • Mayonnaise can help to suffocate head lice
  • It makes combing hair very easy to remove them
  • It also controls hair from losing
  • It can penetrate head deeply to kill Lice but can’t destroy layer of eggs

Four most used ways of Mayonnaise for Head Lice that can help to kill Head Lice:

Mayonnaise can use in various forms. Alone it can prove high, but once you combine it with any home ingredient, then it can give results very quickly and also boost the level of treatments. Those who are suffering from it has questions about ‘’how long do you keep mayonnaise in your hair for lice’’ you can find your answer below with complete details and choose for your convenience to treat lice.

1) Use Simple Mayonnaise for Head Lice:use simple mayonnaise for head lice

  • First, take enough amount of mayonnaise
  • Apply it on scalp and massage it carefully
  • Leave for one night and wash in morning with regular water
  • Now comb hair to remove dead lice
  • Repeat three times for one week

2) Use COCONUT OIL and Mayonnaise for Head Lice:coconut oil and mayonnaise for head lice

Coconut oil can easily suffocate head lice and makes hard for them to remove freely on the head.

  • Take one cup mayonnaise and some drops coconut oil
  • Combine and apply on hair and scalp
  • Massage it well and leave for one night
  • Rinse it using shampoo and water
  • Comb hair to remove all of the lice
  • Wash it again
  • Reapply it four times for seven days

3) Use VINEGAR and Mayonnaise for Head Lice:vinegar and mayonnaise for head lice

Vinegar has an enormous amount of acetic acid that can kill Lice and dissolve nits which are attached to shafts of hair. It is one of the best ways of Mayonnaise for Head Lice to give you results.

  • Take one bowl and add 3 tbsp vinegar and one cup mayonnaise
  • Mix well and apply on scalp and hair
  • Wait for 2 hours to get dry
  • Wash using any shampoo and water
  • While your hair is wet comb to remove all dead Lice from head
  • Continue doing it two times for ten days

4) Use TEA TREE OIL and Mayonnaise for Head Lice:tea tree oil and mayonnaise for head lice

Tea tree oil looked like the perfect treatment for treating head lice. It has pesticide properties that can remove them in an instant. Usually, people have their doubts related to ‘’what kills lice eggs naturally’’ you can get your answer in this remedy.

  • First, take 15 drops of TTO and one cup mayonnaise
  • Mix well and apply on scalp
  • Massage for 2 minutes and leave for one hour
  • After that wash using any shampoo and fresh water
  • While hair is still wet comb hair to remove lice
  • Follow this procedure four times for two weeks

Recommended Warnings and TIPS that you need to follow while using Mayonnaise for Head Lice:

  • Do not use any plastic bag to cover hair because they are toxic and can damage hair
  • Keep plastic wrap away from kids
  • You can use shower cap to get a tight fitting
  • Avoid having head to head contact with anyone who has head lice
  • Educate children about it
  • Regularly clean all your combs and hair accessories
  • If any person in family has head lice then start taking these treatments to prevent infestations immediately
  • Once you bought any hats or scarves first wash them in hot water to remove signs of head lice

Have to try any of the above remedies of Mayonnaise for Head Lice then it is the right time you start right now and say good bye to head lice forever. This solution is genuine, pure, and very useful to provide excellent results. Also, share your valuable experience with me so I can know which one worked best for you.

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