10 Home Remedies for Head Lice you can use to stop them Immediately


What are the best Home Remedies for Head Lice – TOP 10 Best Methods?

For many of you who don’t know that head lice are parasites that survive and lives on the human scalp. These days they are common to be found which can ultimately lead to many hair troubles. They usually feed on blood five times in one day. You fear being losing hair as often as viable, at that point you need to pick out proper cure as Home Remedies for Head Lice which are notably ordinary and is additionally natural therapy that could deal with head lice troubles correctly. They mostly found in ears, neck, scalp, and hair.

Head lice spread very fast from person to person contact, sharing things and hats, pillows, and mostly combs, whether you go for commercial enterprise hair products that guarantee to eliminate head lice forever.

The results have regarded inverse because each one of these chemical compounds has influenced scalp and anxious it even to overcome it again. Anyhow, there are reliable and gifted preparations to pick in home ingredients now you probably thinking about how a primary home component may be any such extraordinary amount of beneficial in curing head lice problems you may find out your answer below that surely want to check them out.

Ten powerful remedies that may deliver outstanding results of Home Remedies for Head Lice:

Home remedies can be utilized directly in unique methods; you could execute for head lice. Those who revel in of it have their questions recognized with ”how to remove lice from hair permanently” you may discover once you choose to make use of them. You can select any of them in your benefit and try them to get results without any side effects.

1) Use GARLIC for Head Lice:garlic for head lice

Garlic can quickly kill lice having a strong fragrance.

  • Take eight cloves of garlic and grind them
  • Now include little bit of coconut oil and blend nicely
  • Use cotton ball to apply on scalp
  • wait for 30 minutes and wash it utilizing any cleanser
  • Repeat 3 times in one day

2) Use OLIVE OIL for Head Lice:olive oil for head lice

  • First, take 2 tbsp of olive oil
  • apply on hair and scalp
  • watch for it to dry one night
  • Wash it utilizing water and any herbal shampoo
  • perform this therapy four times regularly

3) Use TEA TREE OIL for Head Lice:tea tree oil for head lice

Tea tree oil can cure head lice and makes hair shiny again.

  • Take one tbsp tea tree oil
  • Now consist little bit of coconut oil and mix
  • follow on hair and scalp for the maximum element on uncovered zone
  • leave for 30 minutes and wash utilizing any purifier and water
  • Repeat it two times for nine days

4) Use NEEM for Head lice:neem for head lice

  • Take some handful leaves of NEEM and boil them for 15 minutes
  • add water to it and mix
  • apply on hair and scalp using fingertips
  • Rinse utilizing any shampoo and water
  • Use this procedure two times for one week

5) Use SALT and VINEGAR:salt and vinegar for head lice

Salt can eradicate head lice for a very long time and create a shield with the help of vinegar to protect the scalp. It is one of the best Home Remedies for Head Lice that people of any age can use.

  • First, take one cup of salt and one cup of vinegar
  • mix them and add in a spray bottle
  • Now spritz it on the head
  • look forward to 2 hours to get it dry
  • Rinse it with water
  • continue doing it three times in one month

6) Use COCONUT OIL for Head Lice:coconut oil for head lice

Coconut oil is naturally a lubricating agent that can stop lice to become multiple.

  • Take one tbsp coconut oil and one tbsp ACV
  • Now mix well
  • apply it on the scalp
  • Wait for one night and wash next morning
  • Repeat for one week daily

7) Use WHITE VINEGAR for Head Lice:white vinegar for head lice

White vinegar has acetic acid that can safely kill lice without harming scalp.

  • Take one cup of water and 3 tbsp white vinegar
  • stir utilizing spoon
  • Use cotton ball to apply on scalp
  • leave for 3 hours and wash it making use of any conditioner
  • repeat it on a daily basis for one week

8) Use MAYONNAISE:mayonnaise for head lice

Mayonnaise has the essential oils that can suffocate lice and keep scalp in healthy condition. Many people have their doubts about ‘’how to get rid of lice eggs in hair’’ this remedy will give you enough reason to try and get benefits.

  • First, take half cup of mayonnaise full fat
  • Apply on scalp carefully
  • leave for one night and wash it using water next morning
  • Repeat 2 times each day for one week

9) SESAME OIL:sesame oil for head lice

Sesame oil is antibacterial and can be great to cure head lice entirely.

  • Take one cup of sesame oil and one tbsp tea tree oil
  • Mix well and apply on the scalp
  • Leave for one night and wash using cold water in morning
  • Repeat it daily for two weeks

10) Use ORANGE JUICE for Head Lice:orange juice for head lice

  • First, wet your hair
  • Now pour orange juice on scalp
  • Leave it for 45 minutes
  • Now comb to remove lice
  • Wash it with hot water
  • Repeat for two weeks regularly

Crucial precautions that may be effective while utilizing Home Remedies for Head Lice:

  • Always wash your sheets, towels, and clothes in hot water to kill lice
  • use long toothed combs
  • Regularly shampoo your hair it will help to prevent head lice
  • wear a hat whenever you are going outside
  • do not get near to lice affected people
  • soak combs, head bands, and rubber bands in herbal shampoo to destroy lice

It is up to you to decide which you want to present and try to above healing procedures of Home Remedies for Head Lice they truly perceive the quantity they’re best for you. They are comfortable and less harmful. Do not forget to leave your best possible reaction about them so I can know which one worked best for you.

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