Top 9 Most Effective Home Remedies To Treat Outer Ear Infection


Studies prove the outer ear infection is highly common among children, compared to adults. And there can be several behind that, including build-up of wax, bacterial or viral infections, allergies, and many others. This infection is also known by the name of “otitis externa” or “swimmer’s ear,” and involves the infections of an ear canal and the outer part of the ear.

Even though, there are several commercially available medications to treat such a condition; but experts prefer going with home based remedies. The natural treatments for ear infections are safe, beneficial, and have almost no side effects.

Symptoms and Signs of Outer Ear Infection

The patient with an outer ear infection usually experiences different symptoms, depending on the severity of the condition. But the most common of the signs include an earache, diarrhea, vomiting, and the patient feels ill, dull, and also a strange feeling of fullness in the affected ear. There is also a chance that you might notice swelling in your ear.

Contact your doctor immediately, if you feel dizziness, difficulty in balance, or problems with hearing and vision, along with the symptoms mentioned above. In case of adults, the situation might be solved before it gets too late, as they can express their problems easily. But when it comes to children, toddlers, and infants, finding the real problem can be a challenging part.

Best 9 Superb Home Remedies To Treat Outer Ear Infection

Even though, it is the accumulation of bacteria and the moisture, which is related to the swimmer’s ear. But that’s half true, as the diet of the patient might also be linked with it. So with some changes to your diet, and with one or two natural remedies, you can get rid of it.

  1. Sweet Oil for Outer Ear Infection

Just as we mentioned above, the manifestation of wax in the ears can get them infected, and it can also cause a blockage to the Eustachian tubes. You can quickly remove this blockage by putting sweet oil to use. The oil will soften the dirt or wax, present in the ear, which then can be removed with the help of a small piece of a cotton swab.

  • Take a few drops of fresh sweet oil in a cup
  • Place the pot on flame, and let it warm up lightly
  • Lie on your side in such a way that the infected ear is facing in the upward direction
  • Pour three drops of the lukewarm oil in the affected ear
  • Stay in the same position for about 15 minutes
  • Clean any overflowing oil with the help of a cotton ball
  • Repeat this procedure after every few hours to get rid of the pain
  1. Garlic Oil for Outer Ear Infection

Garlic oil possesses excellent antimicrobial properties and helps in the elimination of fungus and bacteria. Moreover, the oil, in the warm state, is capable of melting away the built up of wax in the ear.

  • Pour two or three drops of warm garlic oil in infected
  • Ensure that you are lying in a position with your affected ear upwards
  • Stay in the same position for at least 15 minutes
  • Repeat the process at least two times every day
  1. Hydrogen Peroxide for Outer Ear Infection

Thanks to the earwax-degradation abilities of the hydrogen peroxide, it is usually used for relieving the earache. It also possesses potent antifungal and antibacterial properties, which make it suitable for dealing with microbial infections.

  • Take some water in a cup and warm it
  • Mix this water with equal amount of hydrogen peroxide
  • Lie down while keeping the infected ear upwards, and pour a few drops of the mixture in it
  • Let it stay there for about 12 minutes
  • Then clear the application using a piece of cotton
  • Repeat on as required basis
  1. Coconut oil for Outer Ear Infection

Liposomal lauric acid, a component found in enormous quantities in coconut oil, exhibits fantastic antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, thus making it a perfect home treatment to relieve the patient of the symptoms associated with outer ear infection jaw pain.

  • Take a small quantity of coconut oil (a couple of drops will do)
  • Pour them in your affected ear
  • Let the oil get to all of the corners of your ear canal by opening and closing your jaw
  • Prevent the leakage of the oil out of the ear by placing a small piece of cotton ball
  • Keep it there for at least 15 minutes
  • Repeat this procedure two times every day
  1. ACV for outer ear infection treatment

ACV (more commonly known by the name of Apple Cider Vinegar) is an excellent anti-infective compound. Therefore, its topical application will eliminate any microorganism that is causing your outer ear pain when touched.

  • Mix equal quantities of water and vinegar in a cup
  • Take a piece of cotton ball of suitable size
  • Soak this cotton in the freshly prepared mixture
  • Remove the excess solution from it by wringing
  • Use this cotton ball as a plug for your ear
  • Let it stay there for about seven minutes
  • Carefully clean your ear after removing the cotton
  • Dry your ear canal with the help of hair dryer

Note: If the infection has reached the Eustachian tubes, then you can gargle with diluted apple cider vinegar.

  1. Rubbing alcohol for Outer Ear Infection

Alcohol dries the excess water and kills the microbes, responsible for the outer ear infection pain. Simply put, this remedy works perfectly for swimmer’s ear diseases. For the treatment, all you have got to do is soak a cotton piece in rubbing alcohol and pour four drops of it in your ear. If you are feeling a burning sensation after the usage of rubbing alcohol, then consult your doctor immediately.

  1. Oregano Oil for Outer Ear Infection

Oregano oil treats the swelling, pain, and inflammation which happens due to the infections. It also possesses antimicrobial properties.

  • On the outer part of the ear, rub a few drops of oregano oil
  • Keep it there for some time
  • Reapply it after every few hours

Note: Don’t let the oregano oil reach the internals of the ear. Moreover, if you are using blood-thinning medications, then avoid using this remedy.

  1. Onion Juice for Outer Ear Infection

Not everyone is a big fan of onion, and it is because it stings in eyes. But the fact that it plays an extensive role in a significant number of medicines can never be denied. The onion juice, when warm, can assist in getting rid of the ear swelling and infections. It also helps in drawing the fluid out and boosts the healing process.

  • Take a small fresh onion
  • Place it in an oven to heat it a little, till it gets warm
  • Now take it out and strain its juice
  • Pour a few drops of this fluid in the infected ear
  • Let the liquid flow out of your ear by slightly tilting your head downwards
  1. Castor Oil for Outer Ear Infection

Thanks to the potent antimicrobial properties of castor oil, it destroys any harmful fungus or bacteria. The warmth of the castor oil soothes the inflammation and pain; it also helps in the dissolution of the wax built-up in the ear.

  • Warm up a few drops of castor oil
  • Pour these drops in your ear before you get to bed
  • Use a cotton ball to plug up your ear
  • Lie and sleep in a position with your ear directed upwards
  • In the following morning, clean off the application with the help of a cotton bud

How long does an outer ear infection last?

Depending on the severity of the outer ear infection, the condition may last several days to weeks. The pain might be temporary, but the situation might be persistent. Therefore, it is essential to take proper care and make use of medications or home remedies to deal with the underlying condition before it starts getting serious.

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