Top 5 Tips to Help You Curb Drinking Alcohol


Overcoming the habit of drinking can be one serious bumpy road and a real struggle on daily basis. Even sometimes it may seem impossible to you but it is not impossible. You just need to find the right courage and strength to do it. Addiction to alcohol can lead you to some serious health issues and liver disease is one of them. If you are looking forward to quitting or restrain from alcohol, you are not the only one. Many people around the World are struggling with the same problem.

Here are some of the tips which are going to help to limit the alcohol craving and make it easier to restrain from alcohol.

CBD oil to limit the alcohol consumption

The use of CBD oil can help you to limit the use of alcohol or it can make you have no craving for alcohol at all. CBD oil stimulates the CB receptors in the brain which gives the feeling of reward and satisfaction to the mind and mind does not crave for the alcohol anymore. To combat the alcoholism, a sufficient amount of CBD oil is needed. Almost 500mg of CBD oil is enough to reduce the alcohol cravings. This is the most natural way of treating alcoholism; it does not have any side effects on the body.

Keep a drinking diary

Another tip that can help you to quit drinking is to make a diary which especially logs all the activities of your drinking and mention the time and amount of alcohol you drink. This habit will make you analyze the situation in a better way and you can control the habit of excessive drinking.

Get your friends onboard

Another trick which can work for you to restrain from drinking is to include your friends with this plan. If someone else is having the same problem then invites him and start quitting together. If you do not find a person who could join you in your plan then start alone and still include your friends in your plan. Give them updates on the progress. The appreciation and support from your friends will keep you going on the same road.

Manage your stress

It is a common phenomenon that a person drinks alcohol when he feels depress or stressed. So do not push yourself too hard at the point where you feel more depressed and anxious. Look out for the triggers which make you drink alcohol and avoid that situation.

Find alternatives

Instead of alcohol find the substitute drink and another activity for that time which you spend for drinking. Have a soda or tapped water on parties. Save the money which you spend on alcohol and spend it in a more productive way. In this way, you will feel better about yourself.


Alcoholism can lead you to disturbed social life and also can be threatening to your health. Do not wait for the right moment to quit. Stop drinking today; it would be a lot easier than tomorrow. Good luck!



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