How to treat a blister on feet using TOP 7 DIY Home Remedies


Blisters are usually caused by the continuous rubbing or repeated friction in one area and are often recognized as tiny fluid-filled bumps in the upper layer of the skin. Most of the time, these swellings do not need medical attention, and can heal on their own; but in other cases, they will require you to do something about them, as they are incredibly annoying and painful. That’s where learning how to treat a blister becomes essential.

The blisters often appear after running or walking long distances, wearing poorly fitting or old shoes, performing repetitive motions during an exercise. Moreover, they develop even more quickly in a moist environment. Other potential reasons that can lead to the formation of such bumps include chemical exposure, sunburn, aggressive squeezing, and allergic reactions. Depending on the location and cause, you can get rid of them with the help of a few home remedies.

How long does it take for blisters to heal?

The healing time of blisters depends on several factors. Most of the time, blisters get inactive after five to seven days and don’t need medical attention; while in other cases, they might a longer time than you expect. Simply put, the smaller the blister, the less time it will need to heal. But whatever you do, try your best to avoid bursting it, because it could slow down the healing and can lead to infection.

How to treat a blister with 7 DIY home remedies?

It is better to leave a blister intact unless it is causing a lot of discomfort and pain. You might be tempted to burst or pick at a blister; however, if you leave it alone, it will disappear after hardening. Until this happens, it may cause a lot of discomforts depending on the size. You can get relief from this uncomfortable situation using home remedies.

  1. Aloe Vera

Thanks to the natural healing capabilities of Aloe Vera, it is incredibly useful open blister treatment. It also possesses potent anti-inflammatory properties that can assist in the relieving the person, of the swelling and redness. Moreover, it boosts the healing process by keeping the skin hydrated and decreases the infection risks.

  • Take a fresh piece of Aloe Vera and remove its gel
  • Directly apply this gel on the blister
  • Use lukewarm water to wash off the application

Alternative method:

  • To a small quantity of Aloe Vera gel, add equal amounts of vitamin E oil
  • Mix both of the ingredients well
  • Apply the mixture on the blister
  • Wash it off using warm water
  • Repeat this process thrice a day
  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory capabilities assist in reducing the inflammation and pain, caused by blisters. It can also prevent infection, and thus, is an excellent treatment for dealing with blisters.

  • Take a small amount of ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar)
  • Mix it with equal quantity of water to dilute it
  • Dip a little piece of cotton in the solution
  • Around the affected area on the skin, swab with the wet cotton piece
  • Let the application dry

Alternative procedure:

Directly apply a mixture of one TBSP of apple cider vinegar and a half TBSP of onion on the blister. Keep it there and let it dry. Then, wash the mixture off with the help of fresh water. Repeat either of these treatments twice every day.

  1. Green Tea

Just like apple cider vinegar, green tea contains huge quantities of anti-inflammatory components. Furthermore, due to the presence of several antioxidants and vitamins, it protects the skin against the action of free radicals, and speed up the healing process.

  • Take some fresh, drinking water in a bowl
  • Place this pot on flame
  • Bring it to boil
  • Steep a bag of green tea, after removing the water from heat
  • Keep it there for about five minutes
  • Take out the bag, and let it cool down
  • For a few minutes, place the bag on the blister
  • For best results, perform the same procedure for four to five times daily
  1. Epsom Salt

The Epsom salt, also known as magnesium sulfate, is a safe and secure way to get rid of foot blisters. It assists in drying out un-popped blisters and forces it to drain. As a rich source of magnesium, it helps in reducing the swelling, pain, and inflammation.

  • Fill a foot tub with warm water
  • Add two TBSP of Epsom salt to it
  • Stir it till it gets dissolved completely
  • For about 15 minutes, soak your feet in it
  • Pat dry them, after removing them from the water
  • Apply a layer of vitamin E oil or petroleum jelly
  • Repeat this procedure once every day

Note: They Epsom salt may sting once the blister pops, so it is better to discontinue its use.

  1. Tea Tree Oil

The potent antibacterial and astringent properties of tea tree oil make it able to help in treating the foot blisters. If you don’t know how to treat a blister using tea tree oil, then follow this procedure:

  • In three parts of plain water or vegetable oil, add one part of tea tree oil
  • Mix both of the ingredients well
  • Apply the mixture on the blisters with the help of a cotton ball
  • For about 10 minutes, keep it there untouched
  • Use cold water to rinse off the mixture
  • Repeat this procedure twice or thrice daily
  1. Vitamin E oil

The vitamin E oil moisturizes the skin and relieves the person of the itchiness caused by the blisters. Moreover, it helps in healing and stops scarring.

  • Take a vitamin E capsule, and slice it
  • Mix the oil extracted from it with an equal amount of calendula oil or olive oil
  • On the blister, smear this mixture and leave it there for about 30 minutes
  1. White Toothpaste

Toothpaste is exceptionally beneficial in dealing with blisters, as it contains several useful ingredients, i.e., hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, menthol, and alcohol. It can provide quick relief from the associated symptoms.

  • On your clean finger, put a small amount of toothpaste
  • Use it on the blister affected area of the skin
  • Keep it there for about two hours
  • Use a damp washcloth to remove it
  • Also, apply some petroleum jelly or foot cream
  • Repeat this procedure twice a day

How to treat a blister on feet using castor oil?

The direct application of castor oil on the affected foot is the simplest and one of the most effective treatments for anyone who is looking for how to get rid of a blister. However, you can enhance the beneficial effects of this remedy by mixing three TBSP of castor oil in a half cup white vinegar, and by rubbing with this solution on the blister bubbles on feet. The castor oil will keep the itchiness away, moisturize the affected area, and will boost the healing process.

How to treat a blister with topical creams?

Once you remove any debris or dirt present around the blister, you will want to apply an antibacterial cream, such as polysporin. An antiseptic gel-style cream can be a good option, particularly if it provides cooling effects. Cover it with a bandage, gel dressing or clean gauze, after sterilizing it with a hygienic-wipe.

Now that you know how to treat a blister, there are a few points that you must keep in mind to prevent it from reappearing. Always wear properly fitting shoes to reduce friction, and stop the development of blisters. Wear moisture-absorbing socks to reduce the sweating and keep your feet dry.

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