How to Get Rid of Fleas on Cats Quickly – Best 7 Easy Methods


A flea infestation in cats is not something that you should ignore, even if it is in its earlier stages. If left untreated, then it can lead to anemia and various other skin conditions, along with medical ailments in cats. Research proves that cats are usually more sensitive to chemical treatments that are used to treat flea infestations. So it is better to know how to get rid of fleas on cats with the help of natural remedies, as they are safer for you and your cats.

Don’t forget to perform a flea check

The rule of thumb, for fleas on cats symptoms, is that a who chews her skin, scratches it and seems restless for almost all of the time, then there is a high probability that she has got fleas on her. You can relieve her itching (and also protect yourself at the same time) by knowing how to get rid of fleas on cats and in your house. But before you go and start spending money on the treatment ingredients or chemical treatments, make sure that the insects have settled on your cat or not. For the purpose, you can:

  • Keep an eye on any of the minor movements in the fur of your cat. It’s time to fight off the fleas if you spot small pests bouncing off her coat.
  • Use a fine-toothed comb for your cat. Metal combs work better than the traditional ones. Comb from head to tail for at least once a day. This will help in skimming off the adults and eggs of these pests.
  • Then, to kill the fleas, take a metal comb and dip it in a mixture of liquid dish detergent and water.

How to Get Rid of Fleas on Cats – Top 7 Easy Steps

Even if they are large in numbers, due to their small size, they are easy to take down. With a proper cat fleas treatment method, they will not only stop bugging your cat but will run and never look behind. For the purpose, you can follow this step-by-step procedure of how to get rid of cat fleas in the house:

  • Step 1:

To eliminate the existing insects, wash your cat thoroughly. You can also use a lemon-scented dish soap for cleaning the cat, as the fleas hate the scent of the citrus. Rinse it and repeat the whole procedure unless you are sure that all of the insects are out of the fur.

  • Step 2:

Purchase a good quality flea comb for your cat and use it to comb your cat after washing her. Do so at least once a day, and every time your cat comes in from outside of the house. This helps in preventing the future infestations.

  • Step 3:

Use hot water to wash the cat’s bedding. You may also want to add a cup of fresh vinegar in your laundry to assist in the elimination of fleas. Regularly clean the cat’s bedding, even if you have gotten rid of the fleas that were present previously, to avoid getting infected in future.

  • Step 4:

Don’t forget to vacuum your entire home once in daily. Before you start cleaning, pour a TBSP of diatomaceous earth in the bag of your vacuum cleaner. You can purchase diatomaceous earth in garden and lawn stores. It kills these pests suffocating them. Also sprinkle some of this diatomaceous soil around your home, after vacuuming it. This will keep the fleas out of your house and your cat.

  • Step 5:

Take a fresh lemon and cut it into equal halves. Take some water in a pot and put it on fire. Let it heat until it starts boiling. Now, place the lemon halves in this bowl and let it steep. Cool it down to the room temperature. Get yourself a good quality spray bottle and pour the freshly prepared mixture into it. Spray with this mixture on your cat daily, as we have mentioned before that the scent of the citrus repels the fleas.

  • Step 6:

Prepare a mixture of half vinegar and half water in a pot. Now, put the mix in a bottle that can be used for spraying. Every time your cat goes out, mist her with this combination. As the vinegar is acidic, it plays a significant role in the killing and the repulsion of the fleas.

  • Step 7:

You can give your cat a supplement that contains the brewer’s yeast. Just like the scent of lemons, the fleas can also be repelled with the help of yeast’s taste. Therefore, it will be profoundly less likely that the pests stay on your cat for too long, particularly if you add yeast to her diet. For the purpose, you can sprinkle a TBSP of the yeast on the food of your cat daily.

How to Get Rid of Fleas on Cats – Prevention Measures

Fleas love the warm, furry coats of the cats, as they are getting an unending supply of the blood for their nourishment. One can say that it is the dream home for all of the fleas. Now that you know how to get rid of fleas on cats fast, you must learn how you can protect your pet with an unbreakable flea barrier to prevent the fleas from settling in.

Commercial treatments

Apart from several home remedies, you can also purchase commercial treatments. Spot-on treatments are usually more convenient, safer and much more efficient than traditional sprays, shampoos, and dust. You can buy them online or from your vet. If you don’t know how to use a particular product, then it is better to ask the vet about how much should you use the medication and how often.

If you are purchasing a product for your cat without getting help from a vet, then don’t forget to read the label of the product to ensure that it is safe for cats. Some common active brands and ingredients include:

  • Imidacloprid (Advantage)
  • Fipronil (Frontline Plus)
  • Selamectin (Revolution / Stronghold)

Consumable medicines

The pill Capstar (nitenpyram) can quickly kill the matured fleas on the cats. Furthermore, it doesn’t possess any long-lasting effects. Comfortis (Spinosad) is a chewable medicine and works pretty fast. In fact, it kills the fleas even before they can lay their eggs. So, it can provide a whole month free of insects and prevents the eggs from hatching.

Make your home flea-free

According to research, a female flea can lay at least 40 eggs a day. These eggs, being tiny, can quickly roll of your cat and get inside your couch, comforter or the carpet of your room. Let them stay there, and you will find yourself fighting against a massive army of fleas. You can prevent such a situation by a thorough cleaning of your home.

How to get rid of fleas on cats – The stubborn ones

In case, if fleas continue to stick to your cat or your surroundings despite different treatments, then this might be a call for countermeasures. Make sure that all of your pets are getting flea treatment. Take all of your family members and pets out of the house. Coat the surface of carpets and other things with flea sprays. The best working sprays usually include pyriproxyfen or methoprene, as their primary ingredient. You might also want to address the problem of how to get rid of fleas on cats by calling an exterminator.

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