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How to Stop Colic in Babies with 11 DIY Home Remedies – TOP 11 Ways


11 DIY Home Remedies to Stop Colic in Babies:

Does your child cry a lot for hours and no matter what you do all your efforts go in vain then it is probably called colic? It likewise called an infection that can be extremely aggravating and makes your baby’s abdomen disturbed for a very long time, loaded with rankles, and bothersome. You have to prevent them from spreading into the whole body, and an ideal way you can do it is to go for Home Remedies to Stop Colic in Babies that can demonstrate profoundly impeccable to cure it. On the off chance, you need to know the symptoms of it like, crying, cramps, pain, moaning, and finicky behaviors.

You don’t generally need to spend significant measure of cash on supplements, or whatever other propelled medicinal treatment however rather you can be your specialist since no one knows your well-being superior to you so you can pick home cures which are very sheltered and dependable in treating colic and mend it so rapidly in just a few weeks. Beneath you will figure out how to discover all the available cures you can utilize.

What number of home remedies can you use to mend COLIC rapidly?

Regardless of whether your baby is experiencing it for quite a while or just got it new you don’t have to stress over because every one of those Cures you will see is clear and in particular precise in treating this medical issue. Infants under one year of age can turn into the casualty of this disease, yet now you can cure it. A few people have their questions about ”how to calm a baby with colic” we should begin so you can save from bad parenting.


  •  First, fill the tub with hot water
  •  add some drops of lavender oil
  •  let your baby play in it and massage gently in his tummy
  •  Leave him or her for 10 minutes and wash it
  •  Perform this cure just one time in one day


Utilizing chamomile can work as a sedative to give relief to the intestines.

  •  First, take one measure of chamomile
  •  Add it in the water
  •  boil for a few minutes and afterward give to the baby
  •  Let her or him drink it
  •  Repeat this cure on routine

3) Use a WARM Compress:

A warm compress can relieve the discomfort and soothe the pain.

  •  Take a soft towel
  •  soak it in the warm water
  •  Massage it on the belly of baby
  •  Repeat this cure two times routinely

4) Use MINT:

MINT can enhance the insusceptible framework and advance the development of release the gas and furthermore adjust pain.

  •  First, take one dried tbsp of mint and put it in a cup
  •  steep for 14 minutes and strain it
  •  Let it remain cool for a few minutes
  •  pour into a bottle and feed to the baby
  •  Follow this procedure ordinarily one time every day


OIL MASSAGE can mitigate the tingling and stop disturbance and is one of the top Home Remedies to Stop Colic in Babies to prevent it correctly.

  •  Take 2 tbsp of hot olive oil in hands
  •  Now gently massage it on the tummy of baby
  •  do this on the entire body
  •  Leave it for 4 minutes to absorb
  •  Now give him or her nice warm bath
  •  Use this cure on three times a day

6) Use BASIL:

  •  Take one tbsp of basil dried
  •  Now include it in the boiling water
  •  steep it for 10 minutes and strain it
  •  Now put it in the bottle and feed to baby
  •  Do this cure on everyday schedule


Peppermint has unsaturated fats and calcium that can accelerate the mending procedure of colic.

  •  Take some drops oil of peppermint and mix with any essential oil
  •  Put it on the body of a baby, massage on stomach, legs, and chest.
  •  Let it absorb for a few minutes and wash
  •  Repeat this cure one time every day


Asafetida has numerous hostile to oxidant properties that can mend colic splendidly and furthermore stop the harmful microorganisms entering the body. Many individuals who feel a casualty of it likes to pick as ”old home remedies for colic” however their belongings last minimal longer.

  •  Take one tbsp water
  •  add some powder of asafetida in it
  •  mix well and make a thick paste
  •  Massage it with delicate way on baby
  •  Leave it for a few minutes and after that washes it
  •  Do this cure three times in one day

9) Use FENNEL:

  •  First, take one cup of water in hot form and 2 tbsp seeds of fennel
  •  cover them and steep for 8 minutes
  •  strain it and feed it to the baby
  •  Repeat it on daily basis


Mustard oil has hostile to parasitic and sterile properties to cure colic and recuperate intestine rapidly. It likewise keeps any disease away in the baby.

  •  First, boil some drops of mustard oil and add some cloves of garlic in it
  •  Now let the oil cool down for some minutes
  •  strain it and massage on the feet and chest of a baby
  •  Repeat it two times on regular schedule


  •  Take two measures of gripe water 
  •  Mix it with some water
  •  give it to your baby
  •  Continue doing this until the point when colic stopped

Few of the important precautions you need to follow while using Home Remedies to Stop Colic in Babies:

  • give your child to have some physical exercise to improve the digestion system
  •  use cow milk instead of typical milk that can prevent colic as well
  •  add fiber to the baby’s food
  •  use remedies instead of using medicines
  •  help him or her out by sucking the ingredients thoroughly
  •  make sure your child was in an upright position when he fed


I hope you find all the information related to all these Home Remedies to Stop Colic in Babies is useful for you. You can give me any recommendations you need to identify so others can learn it from it.

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