9 Perfect Home Remedies for Hickeys You Can Use to Get Rid of It


How you can use Best 9 Home Remedies for Hickeys:

Hickeys are also known as that love bites that usually caused by Biting, kissing, or sucking skin too much hard. The pressure you put on veins and blood clot can appear in a red bruise. Fortunately, hickeys commonly heal in one or two week’s times by themselves and don’t leave any scar behind on the skin. In many cases, people with sexual intercourse could lead to hickeys that won’t heal early for that you can use Home Remedies for Hickeys that are effective, natural, and reliable in so many ways.

Hickeys are not life-threatening or dangerous, but they can be annoying and embarrassing. So instead of using chemical based lotions and creams, you can reduce their appearances with some best home ingredients that hold great value for treating many health problems.

9 Natural Home Remedies for Hickeys that can give relief from Hickeys Fast:

It is essential to react to heal hickeys. If you leave its appearance untreated and wait for a long time then it can take a considerable amount of time to recover. Many people have their question over ‘’how to make a hickey go away overnight’’ well you can find your answer below in home remedies that can reduce swelling and redness as well.

1) Use CHILLED SPOON for Hickeys:chilled spoon for hickeys

It works same as cold compress using a chilled spoon can give you instant relief from hickeys and all its symptoms.

  • Take one metallic stainless steel spoon and freeze it for 20 minutes
  • Apply on the affected areas of hickeys and put little pressure
  • When spoon gets warm then put it back to refrigerator to freeze
  • Repeat it many times each day

2) Use ICE for Hickeys:ice for hickeys

Using ice can reduce hickeys efficiently and very soon than expected. It can rupture vessels of blood and allow circulation of blood to function in right way.

  • Take some cubes of ice and wrap it in a clean cloth or towel
  • Apply it on the affected areas of hickeys
  • Leave for 25 minutes and start again
  • Repeat it many times every day

3) Use PEPPERMINT for Hickeys:peppermint for hickeys

Peppermint has stimulating effects that can stimulate circulation of blood and prevent blood clotting in the skin.

  • Take some drops oil of peppermint and put them on a cotton ball
  • Apply it directly on affected areas of hickeys
  • Leave it to dry for 15 minutes
  • Rinse with water
  • Follow this procedure 3 times whole day

4) Use BANANA for Hickeys:banana for hickeys

Banana has vitamin E that can help to heal hickeys very quickly and stop too much formation of blood under the skin.

  • Take one banana and cut it into little pieces
  • Now apply on the hickeys area and wrap with a tape
  • Leave for 20 minutes and rinse
  • Stick to this remedy 2 times on daily basis

5) Use ALCOHOL for Hickeys:alchohol for hickeys

If there have been just some hours since you get a hickey then you can use alcohol to cure it. It is one of the best Home Remedies for Hickeys that is antiseptic and provide cooling effects to reduce their appearance.

  • Take one clean cotton ball and pour some drops of alcohol on it
  • Soak well and apply gently on the hickeys and rub for 4 minutes
  • Leave for dry entirely
  • Repeat it many times regularly

6) Use COCOA BUTTER for Hickeys:cocoa butter for hickeys

Cocoa butter can moisturize the skin and also helps to grow skin tissues. It is instrumental in treating hickeys as well.

  • First, clean the hickey area with a warm cloth
  • Now take cocoa butter and massage on the affected area of it
  • Leave for 8 minutes and wash
  • Keep doing this for 4 times on everyday basis

7) Use ALOE VERA for Hickeys:aloe vera for hickeys

Using ALOE VERA can repair damaged vessels of blood and reduce swelling and pain caused by hickeys.

  • Take leaf of ALOE VERA and extract GEL from it
  • Now apply fresh GEL on affected areas of hickeys using fingers
  • Massage well and leave for some minutes to dry
  • Rinse it with water
  • You can perform this remedy many times when it is necessary

8) Use COIN for Hickeys:coin for hickeys

It may sound and look very strange but using Coin is the most successful method to cure hickeys. It can easily break clots of blood and stimulate it on the right direction. Those who get affected by it have their doubts about ‘’how to get rid of love bites in 24 hours’’ this remedy is the right solution you need to comply with.

  • First, use two fingers and pull the affected area of skin
  • Now use the edge of coin and scrape it upwards and backward on hickeys
  • Repeat one time regularly

9) Use CHAMOMILE for Hickeys:chamomile for hickeys

  • First, take some drops oil of chamomile and little bit of carrier oil
  • Mix and apply on the affected areas of hickeys
  • Massage in gentle position and leave for dry
  • Repeat 3 times each day

Extra TIPS that can prove valuable while using Home Remedies for Hickeys:

  • Take a patch test before using these treatments
  • To hide hickeys you can also use Concealed items
  • You can also use tea bags to heal hickeys quickly
  • Massage the skin properly so it won’t make any blood clot
  • Avoid to rub or scratch on hickey area or it can become even worse
  • Consult with your doctor if hickeys do not go away in three weeks time

If you are suffering from this type of skin issue, then I suggest you begin using above Home Remedies for Hickeys because they are easy and simple and won’t have any side effects. Also, share your valuable experience with me so I can know how much these methods worked for you.

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